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W.H. [William Henry] Basnight
Jan. 2, 1919 - no probate attached
Will Book 1; pg. 26

North Carolina}
  Dare County }

I W.H. Basnight, of Dare County, North Carolina being of sound mind and memory , do hereby make, publish and declare this my last will and Testament, revoking all contrary hereto that may have been previously made.

Item One.  It is my will and desire that at my death my body be given a decent burial and that my executor herein after named shall pay all my just debts and obligations out of the first money that may come into the hands of my said executor belonging to my estate.

Item Two.  I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Nancy J. Basnight for the term of her natural life and during her widowhood all the real and personal property of any nature whatsoever of which I may die seized or possessed, with the full use and control of the same for her own benefit so long as she may live and remain unmarried with her privilege of selling any of the personal property of which I may die possessed for her support and benefit, and with the privilege of selling wood from any of the land of which I may die seized for like purposes, it being my will and desire that my said beloved wife Nancy J. Basnight have the full use, benefit and enjoyment of the same and for maintenance and support during her life or long as she remain unmarried after my death.

Item three.  It is my will and desire that at the death of both myself and wife Nancy J. Basnight, my son Benjamin Basnight, my daughter Rennie R. Rogers, and my grandson Leon Basnight shall each have one of the best feather beds, one of the best mattresses made of cotton, two pillows, two quilts and one sheet, it being my desire that each of the above named shall receive as nearly as possible the same value in giving to each a feather bed, a cotton mattress, 2 pillows, 2 quilts, and one sheet.

It is my will and desire that after the death of both myself and wife Nancy J. Basnight, all of my real and personal property, consisting of land, houses, boats, horses, cattle, hogs, poultry, stock in incorporated companies and all the other property of any description owned by me at my death, and at the death of my said wife Nancy J. Basnight be sold by my executor hereinafter named, upon such terms and under such conditions as may be decided upon by my daughter Rennie R. Rogers and my grandson Leon Basnight, it being my wish that it be left to my Said daughter and grandson to determine whether or not said property shall be sold for cash or upon terms and if upon other terms and if upon other terms for them to determine said terms for best advantage to all concerned said that the proceeds shall be equally divided according the following: my son Benjamin Basnight one fourth of said of sale of all said property proceeds of said Sale, my daughter Rennie R. Rogers one fourth of the same, my grandson Leon Basnight one fourth of the same and the remaining fourth of the proceeds of the sale of all my said property to be given to the surviving children of my daughter Lucinda Everton, deceased, it is my will and desire that the one fourth of the proceeds of said Sale of my property being directed to be given to same shall be equally divided among Benjamin Basnight, Rennie R. Rogers, and Leon Basnight, or their surviving children.

I hereby constitute and appoint Samuel L. Doshier my executor to carry unto effect the provisions of this last will and testament, be give the bond as such that is required by law for administrators.

Signed and sealed, this the 2nd , day of January 1919.
    /s/ W.H. Basnight   ( Seal )

North Carolina}
  Dare County }
    The attached paper writing, it being the last will and testament of W.H. Basnight, was this day signed by the said W.H. Basnight in the presence of the undersigned who at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other hereto signed our names as subscribing witnesses to said last will and testament.
     And we further certify that said W.H. Basnight at the time of signing last will and testament was in good health and apparently of sound mind and memory and that the said last will and testament, was in good health and apparently of sound mind and memory and that he read said last will and testament carefully before signing the same  and requesting the undersigned to sign the same as subscribing witnesses as above stated.  This the 2nd day of January 1919.
    B.G. Crisp
    Geo. Bailey

Source: Dare Co., NC Record of Accounts (1899-1927) pg. 476, 479 & 517

B.B. Basnight gets letters of adm'n. on the estate of W.H. Basnight who died intestate.  This account was current to March 15, 1921.  The property was valued at about $500.00.  The distributees of the estate were:
1. B.B. Basnight
2. Lewis C. Rogers
3. Renie C.? Rogers
4. Malissa Twiford
5. YakelL Everton
6. Roy Everton
7. Cloy Everton
8. Earl Everton
9. Josephus Everton

Pg. 479 & 517
An inventory of the property belonging to the estate of W.H. Basnight, dec'd., was taken June 11, 1921 by B.B. Basnight, adm'r.

NOTE: William Henry Basnight was born Mar. 16, 1841 in East Lake, Tyrrell Co., NC to William & Patsy (Hooker) Basnight.  He married Nancy Jane Rodgers (1841-1926) circa 1864.  They had 5 children: Lucinda E. Basnight, Benjamin Bascom Basnight, William B. Basnight, Cordeleon Basnight, and Rennie Ray Basnight.  William Henry died on Oct. 22, 1920 and his obituary was cited in the Elizabeth City Independent on Friday, October 29, 1920 as follows:
"BEAR BILL" DIED 2:30 LAST FRIDAY - In the death of William H. Basnight of Roanoke Island, Veteran Nimrod and King of Bear Hunters, N.C. loses an interesting character. Taken seriously ill several days ago supposedly from ptomaine poisoning, he passed away last Friday afternoon at 2:30. Mr. Basnight was born at East Lake, March 25, 1841. His wife was formerly Miss Jane Rogers who was born on the same day as Mr. Basnight and who survives him after about 55 years of uneventful married life. Of there marriage two children are living: a son, B.B. Basnight, and a daughter, Mrs. V.S. Rogers of Manteo. There are also several grandchildren and some great-grandchildren. For many years just prior to his death he was keeper of a hunting club on Durant's Island, Dare County, belonging to Northern millionaires. Mr. Basnight was active and in splendid health almost up to his death and he never lost the accuracy of his aim. In his younger days his bear hunting activities became so successful that Col. Creecy of the old Elizabeth City Economist dubbed him with the sobriquet "Bear Bill" by which nickname his many friends have known him ever since. In fact, Mr. Basnight used to call himself that sometimes. Although born in an isolated section which at that time had no school, he acquired by his own efforts a comprehensive education; and by help of his familiarity with woodcraft easily mastered surveying, which vocation he followed in connection with his hunting for several years and there is barely a square mile of territory in Eastern N.C. which at some time or another he hasn't explored. He had thousands of reminiscences replete with the perils and pleasures of his many years of hunting, from which to draw and could readily entertain for hours anyone who was fortunate enough to hear him relate them. His ability as a reconteur was readily recognized by dozens of northern sportsmen who were glad to get him up north as an after dinner speaker, and his spicy speeches invariably bought the applause of all his hearers. No hunter in this section of Carolina has become more widely known. His genial disposition won for him many friends who deeply regret his death.

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