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Dare Co., N.C. People
From the Nell Wise Wechter Private Collection


Bottom photograph probably made between 1900-1910

The man in the top photo is the same man on the front row second from left in this picture so that would be Oliver O'Neal Midgett and probably his 3rd wife, Colinda C. (Price) Scarborough Scarborough Midgett.

UPDATE 1/11/2011 - Identification of these men are found on the Hatteras Island Genealogy Facebook website.  The are:
Front row l-r: John Howard Midgett (1854-1910), Oliver O'Neal Midgett (1854-1915), Capt. Patrick Henry Etheridge (1851-1920, Urias Blount Williams, Sr. (1865-1933, and Isaac L. Jennette (1857-1913)
Back Row l-r: Bunyon Midgett, Seymore Miller, Edward Blaine Burrus (1874-1951), Edward Farrow Stowe (1869-1950), David William Barnett, Sr. (1851-1927)




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