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Solomon Thomas Midgett Photo Album
[Unless otherwise noted, photographs were submitted by Alma (McIver) Reece, great-granddaughter of Sarah F. Tillett Midgett]


Sarah Frances Tillett Midgett
Feb. 17, 1852 - Oct. 2, 1919

Solomon Thomas Midgett
Nov. 14, 1869 - Jan. 13, 1922

Sarah Frances Tillett was the daughter of Thomas Tillett and Sophia Frances (Daniels) Tillett [see their photos here].  Sarah married Charles Henry Midgett before December 1867 and to them were born at least 7 children:
   1) Margaret A. "Maggie Midgett (1867-1887)
   2) Solomon Thomas Midgett (1869-1922)
   3) Joseph Spencer Midgett (1872-1924)
   4) Sophia Elizabeth "Lizzie" Midgett (1874-1961)
   5) Lanis Lester Midgett (1878-1938)
   6) Leonidas Rosser Midgett (1881-1936)
   7) Charles Henry Midgett, Jr. (1884-1884)

Lanis Lester Midgett        

Lanis Lester Midgett, son of Charles Henry Midgett, Sr. and Sarah Frances Tillett, was born in Manteo, NC on April 1, 1878 and died in Manteo on April 23, 1938.  He married Lucille Mae (Daniels) Cudworth, widow of William Elwood Cudworth, on Feb. 14, 1921.  They had a daughter, Barbara Jeanene Midgett, who was born in 1933.
Girls are unidentified but could be his sisters

Solomon Thomas Midgett, son of Charles Henry Midgett, Sr. and Sarah Frances Tillett, was born in Manteo and died at Norfolk, Va. on Jan. 13, 1922, when he fell two stories from a school building where he had been doing carpentry work. [see obit here]  He married Sabra Ella Hooker on Feb. 13, 1894.  Sabra was born to William S. Hooker & Laura V. Smith on Apr. 27, 1873 and died on Aug. 24, 1950. Solomon and Sabra are buried in the Tillett Cemetery in Wanchese, Dare Co., NC.  Together they had 7 children:
   1) Erma Esmeralda Midgett (1894-1983) [obit]
          married: Loren Edward Tillett, Sr.
   2) Charles Henry "Charlie" Midgett/e (1897-1953) [obit]
          married 1st Margaret G. ???; 2nd Myrtle Anna George
   3) Myrtis O. Midgett (1899-1985)
          married Edward St. Clair Pugh, Sr.
   4) Laura Ann Midgett (1901-1980)
          married Marcellus C. Payne
   5) Lacie Edna Midgett (1903-1943)
          married Clinton Arnold Cheshire
   6) Jessie Mae Midgett (1905-1996) [obit]
          married Joseph D. McIver, Sr.
   7) Herman Hurlburt Midgett (1910-2002) [obit]
          married Mildred Hazel Belle Bowden

Solomon Thomas Midgett (later years)

Children of Solomon T. & Sabra (Hooker) Midgett

Left to right back row: Erma Esmerelda Midgett, Charles Henry Midgett, Myrtis O. Midgett
Middle Row: Lacie Edna Midgett, Laura Ann Midgett
Front Row: Herman Hurlburt Midgett, Jessie Mae Midgett
Boy on porch is unidentified

Lacie Edna Midgett Cheshire                     Herman Hurlburt Midgett

Charles Henry Midgett/e

Hooker siblings

Left to right - Connie Lee (Hooker) Etheridge, Alice E. (Hooker) Self, Joseph B. Hooker, Sabra Ella (Hooker) Midgett
William S. Hooker was born Jan. 1, 1849 & died July 2, 1922.  He married Laura V. Smith on June 4, 1870.  This union produced 6 known children:
   1) Alice E. Hooker (c1872 - ????); married George W. Self in Wanchese, NC on Dec. 4, 1892
   2) Sabra Ella Hooker (1873-1950); married Solomon T. Midgett in Wanchese, NC on Feb. 13, 1894

   3) Connie Lee Hooker (1875-1949); married Emerson Yates Etheridge in Wanchese, NC on Aug. 7, 1893
   4) Joseph Bertilon Hooker (1878-1949); married Isabella Lennon Daniels in Manteo, NC on July 14, 1909
   5) Iantha M. Hooker (1883-1928); married William Zachary Burrus in Wanchese, NC on May 27, 1903
   6) Onslow J. Hooker (1885-1885)






Elizabeth City, North Carolina

Top: George Sly Self (1897-1964)
Middle: Viola (Myers) Self
Left: Myrtis (Midgett) Pugh
Right: Sabra (Hooker) Midgett

Loren Edward Tillett, Sr.

Loren & Esmerelda (Midgett) Tillett

Loren E. Tillet, Sr.

Loren Edward Tillett, Sr., son of Timothy O. Tillett and Calcedonia Daniels, was born on Roanoke Island on Mar. 19, 1891 and died in Norfolk, Va. on Oct. 2, 1959 [see his obit & newspaper article on his 1954 retirement from the Coast Guard].  Loren  married Erma Esmeralda Midgett in Manteo, NC on Jan. 29, 1913.  Both are buried at Rosewood Memorial Park Cemetery in Virginia Beach, Va. [see their double tombstone - Esmeralda close-up; Loren close-up]  The left photo above, as well as those of the rest of this family, were kindly submitted by Catherine Stever, granddaughter of Loren & Esmeralda.
Loren and Esmeralda had 9 children:
   1) Merle Tillett - drowned at the Lower Cedar Point Lighthouse in Maryland at age 6
   2) Vilma Etheline Tillett - (1914 Wanchese, NC - 2002 Norfolk, Va.) Married Charles A. Smith
   3) Corinne Tillett - (1923 Wanchese, NC - living)  Married Wesley J. Forehand Sr. (d. 1980) and Guthrie Sawyer
   4) Anna Mae Tillett - (1924 Corolla, NC - 2005 Norfolk, Va.)  Married William Hickman
   5) Loren Edward Tillett, Jr. - (1925 Corolla, NC - living)  Married Shirley Jean Shaver
   6) Esmeralda Tillett - (1927 Corolla, NC - living)  Married Lester Talley and Donald Watson
   7) Eleazer Adam Tillett - (1929 Wanchese, NC - 2005 Norfolk, Va.)  Married Phyllis Barton
   8) Merle Tillett - (1931 Norfolk, Va. - living)  Married Grover E. Carroll and Charles Hale
   9) Lioma Tillett - (1932 Norfolk, Va. - living)  Married Claude E. Johnston

Two oldest children - Merle (died 1919) & Vilma

Front row (l-r) - Eleazer. Lioma, Merle
Back row (l-r) -
Esmeralda, Loren, Anna Mae, Vilma, Corinne and her husband, Wesley Forehand

Children of Loren & Esmeralda (Midgett) Tillett
Front row (l-r) - Alma V. McIver who is  a cousin; Lioma (mother of our submitter)
Second row (l-r) - Edna Earle McIver who is a cousin; Merle; Eleazer
Back row (l-r) - Vilma, Esmeralda, unknown man, Anna Mae, Corinne & Wesley Forehand

Children of Loren & Esmeralda (Midgett) Tillett as adults circa 1990
Front row (l-r) - Eleazer, Lioma, Vilma, Corinne, Loren Jr.
Back row (l-r) - Merle, Anna Mae, Esmeralda

Marcellus Payne




Marcellus C. Payne was born to Nathaniel O. Payne, Jr. and Josephine E. Midgett on Oct. 2, 1899 and died Jan. 1, 1958. He married Laura Ann Midgett, daughter of Solomon T. & Sabra (Hooker) Midgett, on Feb. 13, 1894.  He and Laura are buried in the Tillett Cemetery in Wanchese, NC.

Left to right: wife of Charles W. Pugh, Jr., Charles Washington Pugh, Jr. (brother of Edward St. Clair Pugh), daughter of Charles W. Pugh, Jr., Mildred Hazel Belle (Bowden) Midgett (in back), Esmerelda (Midgett) Tillett, Edward St. Clair Pugh, Herman Hurlburt Midgett (in back), Myrtis (Midgett) Pugh, Laura (Midgett) Payne, Jessie (Midgett) McIver



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