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Dare County Photographs
[Photograph contributed byAmy Midgett Gamiel]

Edward James Midgett

Edward James Midgett was born in Avon on Sept. 10, 1861 to William Riley Midgett & Mary D. ScarboroughEdward was first married to Alice Barnett (1871-1898) on Oct. 27, 1888 and they had 6 children: Luther G. Midgett (1889-1905), Lovie R. Midgett (1891-1891), Lula May Midgett (1893-1964), Lucy Midgett (1893-1893), John Evans Midgett (1895-1982), and William Oliver Midgett (1897-1897).  Edward married Carrie Christian Midgett (1885-1969 and daughter of Joseph Christian Midgett and Deborah Sarah Farrow) on July 25, 1902 and they had 9 children, the last two being a set of twins born when Edward was age 62!  The children were Don Dosson Midgett (1904-1946), Edward Zingle Midgett (1906-1998), Venus Carrie Midgett (1910-1974), Archie W. Midgett (1911-1911), Artist J. Midgett (1912-1913), Dallas Albin Midgett (1914-???), Carlos Raymond Midgett (1917-2005), Augustus Thompson Midgett (1922-1989), Luther Garland Midgett (1922-1982).  Edward asked the midwife, Mrs. Cynthia Rollinson, what he was going to do with twins. She told him. "the first thing would be to throw away that cane!"



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