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Hogarth Photo Album
[Photographs submitted by
Maureen Ball of Norfolk, UK, Brian Hogarth of Merseyside, UK & George McMillen of California]


Martha Ann (Brothers) Hogarth
& her two youngest children,
Nora Melrose and William Reginald Hogarth
[photo taken c1906 in Nags Head, NC]

David Brothers was born on Roanoke Island, Currituck Co., NC about 1822.  He married Frances E. "Fannie" Brickhouse in Currituck Co. on April 20, 1851.  David & Frances are found in the 1860 census with 3 children. North Carolina Troops states that David Brothers was born in Currituck County where he resided as a mechanic prior to enlisting as a private in Currituck Co. at the age of 39 on Aug. 2, 1861 in Co., B, 8th Regiment of NC Infantry.  He served on the side of the Confederacy and deserted prior to Nov. 2, 1862.  By the time the 1870 census was taken, Frances was the head of the house with two more children.  David was not listed so it is assumed that he had either died or had deserted his family.  Nothing else is known about him.  David & Frances had 5 known children:
  1) Cora A. Brothers - b.1851 - d. 1886; married Thomas W. Quidley on Feb. 2, 1873; buried in the Gaylord/Basnight Cemetery [see her tombstone here]
  2) John D. Brothers - b. Aug.13, 1853 d. Sept. 5, 1918; married Nancy Ann "Nacy" Harris c1882; buried Cudworth Cemetery [see his tombstone here] [Death Certificate]
  3) Sarah Brothers - b. c1858; nothing else known
  4) William Jarvis Brothers - b. Feb. 18, 1861 d. Jan. 26, 1920; married Minnie Lee Walsh c1895; buried Old Hollywood Cemetery in Elizabeth City, Pasquotank Co., NC
  5) Martha Ann Brothers [see above photo] - b. March 1863 d. 1935; married John Martin Hogarth on Nov. 11, 1884 in Colington, Dare Co., NC.  One of Martha's children filed a delayed birth certificate in 1964 and she indicated that her father's name was John Motern Hogarth who was born in Perquimans Co., NC [the marriage certificate between William Reginald Hogarth & Margaret E. Miller indicates the father's name as John Martin Hogarth who was a master mariner].  According to the 1900 Dare County census, Martha Ann Brothers was born in March 1865 but her tombstone indicates that she was born in 1863.  This census  indicated that she had 6 children by 1900 but only four of them were still living.  Martha claims to be a widow in 1900 but two children were born after the census was taken.  We do not know if this was an error on the enumerator's part nor have we found the death date of John Martin Hogarth. John & Martha had 6 known children.  We do not know if the last two children were sired by John M. Hogarth so they are listed here with a question mark.

   1) William Alfred Hogarth b. Mar. 1, 1884   d. 1921; married Mollie Palet In Wanchese, NC on Sept. 7, 1905.  His 1918 Draft Card was taken in Princess Anne, Va. and stated that he was short, had a medium build, blue eyes and light hair.  His occupation was listed as a seaman with the US Lighthouse Service in Portsmouth, Va. Nothing else is known about William or Mollie.

   2) Annie Hogarth b. Jan 1886 d. ???; nothing else known

   3) Cora Levena Hogarth b. Mar. 6, 1890 Wanchese, NC d. April 1972 Virginia Beach, Va.; married 1st Roland Henry Flanagan in Princess Anne Co., Va. on June 29, 1912; married 2nd a Ferguson (first name unk.)

   4) Charles Earl Hogarth b. Dec. 13, 1896 Wanchese, NC d. Oct. 17, 1968; married Rose G. ??? in Norfolk, Va. on May 3, 1924.  Charles and Rose lived in Laconia, NH in 1935 but by 1940 were living in Norfolk, Va.  His 1942 Draft Card taken in Norfolk, Va. stated that he was 51/3 feet tall, had blue eyes, blond hair and wore glasses.  He worked for the Colonna Shipyard in Berkley, Va.

   5?) William Reginald "Willie" Hogarth b. Jan. 12, 1901 NC d. Jan. 13, 1945 San Francisco, California [see his tombstone] [see his obituary which lists his name as William Reginald Hogarth; also the marriage record of his son, Wm. Kenneth Hogart, states his father's middle name was Reginald] ; married Margaret Elizabeth Miller in Liverpool, England in 1927.  William Reginald lived in Norfolk, Va. when the 1940 census was taken.  He was listed as "single" so it is assumed that he was divorced by 1940.

   6?) Nora Melrose Hogarth b. July 24, 1902 NC d. Jan. 15, 1982 Los Angeles, California; married 1st George Thurman McMillen (Sept. 21,1900 Logan Co., Ohio - May 28,1983) in Princess Anne Co., Va. on July 12, 1919 and they had one son, George R. McMillen, who was born in Virginia c1920.  Nora married 2nd Anthony Albert Bernosky in about 1924.  Anthony was born in Pennsylvania on May 15, 1901 and died in San Diego, California on Jan. 19, 1973.  According to the 1940 Princess Anne Co. Va. census they had Frances Ann who was born c1935.

Nora Melrose Hogarth - photo taken c1916

                   George McMillen (b. c1920) and daughter Lavina Ann (b. Jan. 6, 1943) taken in 1944


Photo taken on William's last visit to see his sister, Nora in 1943-'44 

L-R: a neighbor [name unk.], Nora, Wm. R. Hogarth holding the neighbor's child, little girl in the foreground was Frances Ann Bernosky, adopted daughter of Nora & Anthony A. Bernosky




Anthony A. & Nora (Hogarth) McMillen Bernosky in La Mesa, California c1949

William Reginald & Margaret E. (Miller) Hogarth

William Reginald Hogarth was a merchant seaman, as can be seen in his uniform on the day of his marriage to Margaret Elizabeth Miller on Jan. 22, 1927 [see marriage certificate].  [See other marriage photos]

According to ship's records, William had been a merchant seaman since 1917.  He served aboard the American steamship S.S. Finland.  He arrived in the port of New York on April 22, 1925.  The 1925 passenger list for the crew of the S.S. Finland states that William R. Hogarth was age 25, born in NC, was 5 feet 7" tall, was a Master at Arms and his next of kin was listed as his mother, Martha, who resided at 1027 E. Only Rd., Norfolk, Va.  The ship was bound for San Francisco, CA and  arrived back in New York on June 10, 1925.

On Feb. 1, 1927, a little more than a week after William married Margaret, he set sail on the S.S. Kerhonkson [see manifest] from Belfast, Ireland.  He arrived in New York Harbor 20 days later on Feb. 21, 1927.

The 1930 Census of Merchant Seamen was taken on April 7, 1930 which shows William R. Hogarth being a seaman aboard the Madison.  He was age 29, single, was already married at this time], born in NC, a veteran of the World War and his next of kin lived at 310 Franklin Ave. in Norfolk, Va. The 1930 US Federal Census shows this address to be the home of his younger sister, Nora, and her 2nd husband, Anthony Albert Bernosky [see note].  About 6 weeks later on May 16, 1930 another census was taken of the merchant seamen aboard the ship Velma Lykes.  This manifest gives William's age as 29, married, born in NC, a 3rd Officer, veteran of the Navy from 1917-1923, and his next of kin was listed as his wife [no name given] who lived in Liverpool, England. No record has been found that Margaret ever joined him in America.  Margaret was born in England on Dec. 21, 1901 and died there in a traffic accident on Oct. 19, 1985.

[Note: The 1936 Norfolk, Va. City Directory shows that Anthony & Nora lived at 3000 Peronne Street.  Anthony is listed as being in the US Navy.  By 1937 Anthony & Nora have moved to San Diego, California and are living at 4262 Wightman Street.  In 1940 & 1942 they are living at 3733 Van Dyke Ave. where Anthony is still listed as being in the Navy.]

William R. and Margaret (Miller) Hogarth had one child, William Kenneth Hogarth, who was born in Liverpool, England on Mar. 10, 1928.  He is seen below in 1928 being held by his mother and later in life when he worked as a crew member aboard ships coming to America.  He is found on a 1950 manifest & a 1951 manifest aboard the newly renovated passenger ship, Empress of Scotland, where it says he was a waiter, 5 feet 71/4" in height and weighed 140 pounds.  He had scars on his right wrist and left kneecap.  He died in Liverpool, England in Feb. 1988.

William Kenneth Hogarth Seaman's Picture ID Card

William Kenneth Hogarth's Liverpool, England 1950 Marriage License



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