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Anderson, Mavey & Comfort Gray

Comfort Gray & Joyce Gray

Front - Anderson Littleton Gray, Mavey (Meekins) Gray
Back - Comfort Virginia Gray

Photo taken circa December 1931

Anderson Littleton Gray, Jr., son of Anderson & Mary "Polly" Gray, was born in Avon on Nov. 14, 1852 and died Aug. 2, 1908  (see his tombstone here). He was first married to Mavey Christian Meekins 1855-1887 see her tombstone here), daughter of Fields & Rhoda Meekins, on May 14, 1876. To this union were born 3 children:
1) Comfort Virginia Gray - married Shepard Price
2) Missouri D. Gray - died young in a fire
3) Nelson Dameron Gray - married Betty Isabella Scarborough

After Mavey died in 1887 Anderson married Cordelia R. Price (1866-1955) on Feb. 2, 1889 [see her tombstone here] and to them were born 5 children:
1) Willis Brown Gray married Alice Price
2) Missouri C. Gray married Moody Winston Meekins [see their tombstone here]
3) Beulah Urssury Gray married Erskine Scarborough
4) Nichodemus Gray married Martha A. Williams
5) Edward W. Gray (no further information)

Cordelia (Price) Gray on her 80th birthday in 1946

Zenovah G. Scarborough, daughter of Erskine Blucher & Beulah (Gray) Scarborough.  Zenovah was born c1928.

Comfort Virginia Gray was born on Aug. 18, 1877 and died July 28, 1939 [see her tombstone here].  She married Shepard Wilson Price in Avon on July 12, 1896 and to them were born 3 children.

Shepard W. Price & granddaughter, Ola V. Gray - 1940's

1) Anderson Littleton "Buddy" Price (1908-1957).  He married Lucille V. Henley.  He's buried in Hampton National Cemetery in Hampton, Va.

                        Anderson Littleton "Buddy" Price

2) Daisy Louis Price (1914-1997) married Clyde Ernest Gray, Sr. [see their photos below] and they had 5 children, the first of which was Joyce Lee Gray seen in the above picture as a baby.
3) Billy Price (1917-1960)

Billy Price

Clyde Ernest & Daisy (Price) Gray, Sr.

This photograph was made on their wedding day, May 3, 1930, when Clyde was 21 and Daisy was 16.  They eloped to South Mills in Camden County where Daisy told the Justice of the Peace that she was over 21 by putting 2 dimes and a penny in her shoe which made her "over 21".

              This picture was made in the mid-1970's


All photos and information kindly provided by Frances Flick.




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