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Dare County Photographs
[Photographs & information contributed by Marla Beasley]

Gallop Sisters

These women were all daughters of Peter Gregory Gallop & Caroline (Daniels) Gallop.  Not pictured in the above photo was Beatrice Bunch (Gallop) Davis who died at the age of 28.  An artist rendering of Beatrice is seen below.

left to right:
  1) Lillie Wilson Gallop (1879-1969) married William Ethelbert "Tucker" Daniels
  2) Isadora "Dora" Gallop (1868-1960) married Daniel Edward Davis
  3) Colinda Alice "Bom" Gallop (1873-1945) married Willett Mott Tillett
  4) Eliza Gertrude "Leaz" Gallop (1874-1968) married Charles Ketchem "Tink" Tillett, Sr.
  5) Martha Anne Elizabeth "Moth" Gallop (1877-1962) married James Albert Etheridge
  6) Carrie Leland Gallop (1888-1971) married Edward Charles Greene, Jr.
  7) [painting below] Beatrice Bunch Gallop (1870-1898) married Banister Hardy Davis



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