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Dare County Photographs
[Photograph contributed by Marla Beasley]

Ezekiel Roscoe Gallop, Sr.



Ezekiel Roscoe Gallop, son of Peter Gregory Gallop & Caroline Daniels, was born in Wanchese, NC on April 25, 1884 and died Dec. 9, 1968.  He married Eleanor Mattie Payne (1887-1954) in Wanchese on Feb. 4, 1906.  Eleanor was the daughter of Benjamin Sparrow & Bethany Ann Rebecca (Midgett) PayneEzekiel & Eleanor had 11 known children.
   1) Elwood Barton Gallop (1906-1965); married Louise Gwynn
   2) Elton Fuller Gallop (1908-1980); married Iris Williams
   3) Elva Mae Gallop (1911-2005); married Meriest Alexander Simpson, Sr.
   4) Elbert Palmer Gallop (1913-1974); married Alethia Juanita Midgett
   5) Elnora Elizabeth Gallop (1914-????); married Lloyd Wilson Midgett
   6) Eber Damon Gallop (1918-1972)
   7) Eloise Irene Gallop (1920-1996); married Lester Mendell Payne
   8) Ezeta Love Gallop (1922-1984); married Edward H. Reber
   9) Ezekiel Roscoe Gallop, Jr. (1923-still living); married Gilda Stowe
 10) Erb Gallop (1926-2009); married Mary Frances Forbes
 11) Early Filmore Gallop (1927-1981); married Rosalie Austin



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