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[Photograph contributed by Ann Inauario]

Oliver O'Neal Barnett

Oliver O'Neal Barnett, was born in Buxton (Hyde County) in 1829 and died there on April 10, 1892.  He was first married to Margaret A.M. Flowers (c1833-1867) on Aug. 19, 1852 and from this union came 4 children:
   1) Lorenzo C. Barnett (1853-1890); married Elizabeth Abner Gray
   2) Benjamin D. Barnett (c1857-????); nothing else known
   3) Rebecca Barnett (c1859-bef. 1870); nothing else known
   4) Mary McLaurin "Mackie" Barnett (1864-bef. Sept. 1904); married William Daniel Best

At the age of 34 Oliver N. (Neal?) Barnett enlisted in Co. "I" at Hatteras Banks on June 20, 1863.  He mustered out on July 10, 1863 and was discharged on June 27, 1865.  He had a rupture while mounting a gun on a carriage.  He was described as 5 feet 7inches tall, having dark eyes and black hair.

Oliver married his 2nd wife, Mary Louise Fulcher (1846-1922) at Cape Hatteras (Hyde County) on Aug. 27, 1868.  To them were born 7 children:
   1) Elnora C. Barnett (1868-1950) [see her photo here]; married Richard W. Midgett & Capt. Edward C. Manning
   2) Martha Laurette Barnett (1870-1926); married James Monroe Bragg & Christopher Pharrow Midgett
   3) Alice Barnett (1871-1898) [see her photo here]; married Edward James Midgett
   4) Evilena N. Barnett (1874-1879)
   5) Walter Loren Barnett (1876-1944); married Lonie Leigh Jennette [see their photo here]
   6) Olia Barnett (1880-????); nothing else known
   7) John Fulcher Barnett (1881-aft. Feb. 1892); nothing else known

Oliver wrote his will on February 13, 1892.  He gave the house and plantation to his wife, Mary L. Barnett "excepting the graveyard".  The graveyard consisted of 1/4 acre which was given to his daughter Alice.  The eldest son, Walter L. Barnett, received 20 acres "on the west side of the tract I now live on".  John F. Barnett received 20 acres on the east side.  Oliver's eldest daughter (from the 1st marriage), Mary M. Best, received one buffalo cow; Elnora Midgett received 1 cow as did Martha L. Bragg.



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