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Ownership of Roanoke Island
Source:  Hathaway's Register; Apr. 1900; pg. 306 & January 1901; pgs. 101-108

So much interest centers in Roanoke Island as the first white settlement in America, antedating that of James Town in Virginia by about 20 years and that at Plymouth, Mass, by about 33 years, and being the birthplace of Virginia Dare, the first white child born on American soil.  Virginia Dare was the daughter of Ananias Dare and his wife Ellenor, daughter of Gov. White, the Executive of the Colony.  We thought any early records referring to the Island would be interesting to our readers.

Virginia Governor William Berkeley to Joshua Lamb - April 17, 1676

Governor Sam'l. Stevens died in 1669 leaving the Island to his wife, who in 1670 married Sir. Wm. Berkley, Governor of Virginia.  Among the papers in the Courthouse at Edenton, NC, appear the following showing some of the transfers made of the property since that date, the first of which is a deed from Governor Berkley to Joshua Lamb of Roxbury, Mass., and reads as follows [abstract]:
     "Know ye that I Sir William Berkeley, Captain General and Chief Governor of Virginia and one of the Proprietors of Carolina & Albemarle, for and in consideration of the sum of One Hundred pounds Sterling to me in hand already paid or secured to be paid, have sold unto Joshua Lamb of New England, Merchant, the whole Island of Roanoke, situate and being in the County of Albemarle in the Province of Carolina, together with all the Cattle hoggs and other stock with the Marishes houses and buildings thereon....In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Seventeenth Day of April, 1676.   /s/ William Berkeley  [Suffolk Co., Mass. Record of Deeds; Libre 13; folio, 180]

Joshua Lamb to Nicholas Paige - Sept. 19, 1677

Joshua Lamb of Roxbury in the County of Suffolk in New England, merchant, for and in consideration of the sum of One Hundred and fifty pounds sterling by the value thereof received, confirm unto Nicholas Paige of Boston in the County above sd., merchant, one Moiety or a full half part of that Island called Roanock situate and being in the County of Albemarle in the Province of Carolina which I lately purchased of Sr. William Berkeley one of the Proprietors of Carolina and Albemarle according to deed bearing date of 17th of April 1676, with one half part of the Marishes houses and buildings and what is thereon standing growing or being as also the half part of all Cattle Hoggs and other Stock upon the same....In witness whereof I, the said Joshua Lamb, have hereunto put my hand and seal this nineteenth day of September in the 29th year of his Majesties Reign 1677.  /s/ Joshua Lamb  [Suffolk Co., Mass. Record of Deeds; Libre 10; folio, 180]

Will of Nicholas Paige and his wife Anna  - April 14, 1703
[This was a very lengthy will with many bequests.  This is only an abstract pertaining to Roanoke Island.]

In the name of God, Amen.  I Nicholas Paige, sometime of Plymouth in England, merchant, and Anna Paige his wife, being both at present in health & in perfect memory do make & appoint this to be our last Will & Testament in manner & form following, viz:...Item: That in case I, Nicholas Paige do Dye before my beloved wife then I do make & appoint her to be whole & sole Executrix of this my last will & Testament during her life & at the death of my beloved wife then we do both of us with our consent do hereby appoint our beloved Kinswoman, Mrs. Martha Hobbs to be our whole & sole Exer'x. & do hereby give & bequeath unto her all our Estate Real & Personal.  This farm we now live on at Romney Marsh & the farm William Owen now liveth on.  We also give her all our houses & lands lying & being in Boston.  We further & earnestly request our Honored overseers [Gov. Joseph Dudley & Col. Nathaniel Thomas] to advise our Exec'x. in her marriage with any person that she may marry with all we do hereby leave it as a solemn charge upon her & as our Dying request that she do take your advice therein & be very careful how she doth dispose of herself in marriage & that she match unto a good family & with one that feareth God so that the estate be not thrown away in her match....we set our hands & seals in Romney Marsh, the fourteenth day of April, 1703 in the Second year of the Reign of Queen Anne.  /s/ Nicholas Paige, Anna Paige

[Capt. Nathan'll Oliver and Mrs. Martha Hobbs were married by the Rev'd. Mr. Eben'r. Pendleton, Minist'r., Novemb'r the 30th, 1709 in the town of Boston.]

Letter from Nicholas Paige of Boston to the Hon. Governor, Robert Daniel
Sept. 20, 1704

     I have received yours of the 23d Aug't. for which I give you hearty thanks for your kindness in advising me of my interest in Roanoke Island.  The Island was ye Gov. Stephens, he dying [in 1669] left it to his wife.  Sir William Berkeley, then Governor of Virginia, married ye widow and he and his Lady sold ye Island to Mr. Joshua Lamb, father to this Capt. Lamb, and ye one-half which I now own was bought of Mr. Joshua Lamb and so hold it from him.  It cost near three hundred pounds.  Your humble servant to command, /s/ Nicholas Paige

Letter from Joshua Lamb of Roxbury, Mass. to the Hon, Governor of N. Carolina
Roxbury Mass., Dec. 5, 1704

     On the 21st of November I saw a letter from your Honor, sent to Col. Paige wherein you were pleased to acquaint him that our title to Roanoke Island was questioned and that no record could be found of my father's purchasing of it.  I thought meet therefore by the first opportunity to acquaint your Honour that my father bought the island of Sir William Berkeley one of the Proprietors of Carolina, and then Governor of Virginia, on ye 17 of April 1676, which deed was recorded in our records in Boston.  So that our title is legal and substantial.  My father sold one half of ye Island to Col. Paige, and a quarter to Mr. Pardridge, and ye other quarter still remains in my hands.  I intreat your Honour to be so favorable to us, that all needless trouble and charge to us may be prevented.  I purpose ere long to dispose of what part is yet at my dispose to one of the Inhabitants of Carolina, being at such distance that I can't have any advantage by it.  I am your Honour's most humble servant,  /s/ Joshua Lamb

Nathaniel Oliver & wife Martha to Oliver Noyes of Boston - Dec. 30, 1719

Nathaniel Oliver of Boston in the County of Suffolk & providence of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, merchant, & Martha his wife, sole Executrix of the last Will and Testament of Col. Nicholas Paige, late of Romney Marsh within the Township of Boston, and residuary legatee in the said will named, whereas many other things in the said will contained one moiety or full half part of the Island called Roanoke situate & being in the County of Albemarle in the Province of Carolina is, by the said Nicholas Paige, given & bequeathed unto the said Martha which the said Nicholas Paige bought of Joshua Lamb, who purchased of Sir Wm. Berkeley, one of the Proprietors of Carolina & Albemarle, as by a deed for the same bearing date the 14 April 1676.  The said Nathaniel Oliver & Martha Oliver for and in consideration of the sum of 240 pounds in money paid by Oliver Noyes of Boston, confirm unto him the recited moiety or half part of the Island of Roanoke aforesaid together with one half part of the Marishes Houses & Buildings. And the said Nathaniel & Martha Oliver have hereunto set our hands & seals this 30th day of December, 1719.  /s/ Nathaniel Oliver, Martha Oliver [Record in the Secretary's Office in Boston]

Letters of Administration to Katherine Noyes, widow of Oliver Noyes - April 4, 1721

On April 4, 1721 Samuel Sewall, commissioned by Samuel Shute, Gov. of Massachusetts Bay in New England, issued letters of administration to Katharine Noyes of Boston upon the estate of her deceased husband Oliver Noyes.  On April 12, 1721 Jonathan Belcher qualified as guardian of Sarah Noyes, a minor aged about 11 years, and Anna Noyes, a minor aged about 12 years, children of Oliver Noyes of Boston.  [Another child, Belcher Noyes, aged about 12 years was also under the guardianship of Jonathan Belcher [see image here].

Power of Atty. from Katherine Noyes & Jonathan Belcher  to Col. Edward Moseley
Jan. 8, 1727

Power of Attorney from Katharine Noyes to Col. Edward Moseley dated Jan'y. 8, 1727, witnessed by Jona. Belcher & Richard Hubbard, attested by Samuel Tyley, Notary Pub.  Another Power of Attorney from Jona. Belcher to Col. Edward Moseley bearing the same date & witnessed by Katharine Noyes and Rich'd. Hubbard, attested by Samuel Tyley, Notary Pub. to take charge of their interest and estate consisting of one moiety or half part of Roanoke Island.

Power of Atty. from Belcher Noyes of Boston to William Danniels of Roanoke Island
April 12, 1756

Province of the Mafsachusetts Bay
In New England
     Know all men by these Presents that I Belcher Noyes of Boston in the County of Suffolk and Province above mentioned Physician  I have made ordained constituted and appointed And by these Presents Do hereby make Ordain Constitute and Appoint my Trusty and Well beloved Friend William Danniels resident on the Island of Roanoak in the County of Currituck and Province of North Carolina Esquire my True and Lawful Attorney giving and granting unto him the said William Danniels full Power Authority and Special Commifsion for me the Constituent in my Name and Stead to enter into and upon and keep pofsefsion (possession) of one full Moyety or half part of said Island commonly called and always known by the name of Roanoke Island Situate lying and being in said County of Currituck in the said Province of North Carolina, which Island Sir William Berkley Knight Captain General and Governor of Virginia and one of the Proprietors of Carolina and Albemarle in the Year 1676 conveyed and sold to Joshua Lamb of New England Merchant and the said Joshua Lamb in the year 1677 conveyed and sold unto Nicholas Paige of New England Merchant, the one full Moyety or half part of said Island, as by the several Deeds duly executed and recorded in said Province of North Carolina may more fully appear and said half of said Island by sundry Conveyances the said Nicholas Paige was conveyed and sold to my Honourable Father Oliver Noyes of New England Esq. in the year1718 a Partition and Survey thereof was performed by William Maule Esq. Surveyor General of said Province of North Carolina, the Proprietors and Owners of the other half part of said Island consenting thereto whereby the Southeasterly half part of said Island was laid out in right of said Oliver Noyes as his division thereof, and whereof he dyed seized in his own Right in Fee simple which now descends to me the Constituent Belcher Noyes, as Eldest Son of the aforesaid Oliver Noyes, and Heir at Law apparent. And by all Lawfull Ways and Means whatsoever to keep pofsefsion (possession) of the said half part of said Island in my Right and in my behalf, and to prevent all persons whatsoever from entering upon or improving any Part of the Premifses without due Acknowledgement verified unto me the Lawful Owner thereof.  And if need be to prosecute in due Course of Law all and every such Intruder on my Just Right, and for that End the Person of me the Constituent to represent in any Court of Law or  Judicalure in the Province aforesaid and to contest in the Law in the most ample manner to final Judgments.  With power of Substituting one or more attorneys under him my said Attorney and the same against pleasure to revoke, and Generally in and concerning the Premifses and the Dependencies thereof to do and Perform all and whatsoever my said Attorney or his Substitutes shall Judge Proper and Prudent to be done in the premifses, as to letting or leasing out any part of the Premifses on the best Terms that may be not exceeding the Term of Seven Years.  And I the said Belcher Noyes do hereby promise and confirm all and whatsoever my said attorney or his Substitutes shall lawfully do or cause to be done in and about the Premifses by virtue of these Presents pursuant to such Directions as he shall from time to time receive from me Constituent.
     In Witnefs whereof I have hereunto sett my Hand and Seal this Twelfth day of April Anno Domini One thousand seven hundred and fifty six, in the Twenty ninth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second by the Grace of God of Great Brittain, France and Ireland King.

Signed Sealed and Delivered                                                      /s/ Belcher Noyes
In Presence of us
   Joseph Sutton
   James Houghton

North Carolina Perquimans County --
     June the Second One thousand Seven hundred fifty six Personally Appeared one of the Subscribing Evidences Joseph Sutton Esq. Made Oath on the holy In Engelish that he see Belcher Noyes of Boston in the County of Suffolk, within the Provience of the Mafsachusets Bay in New England Physician Signed Seal & Acknowledge the above Instrument to be his free act and deed and also that he saw the other Subscribing Evidence sett his name as an Evidence thereunto before.
G.W. Stevenson

2009  Kay Midgett Sheppard