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Undated Letter from Mary S. Midgett
Source: Nell Wise Wechter Private Collection

Daily hear is an affidavit to fill out for Edmon if I know any thing about it and tell them that Jethrow H. Midgetts death was caused by his takeing a severe cold while in the war and in line of duty whitch caused his death and that his army doctors we know nothing about since the Close of the war and after he come home he had no doctor but his family and Neighbors and he died May th 12 1866 & that his Children was born as follows: Fanny Sept 26th 1853 Sabra Oct 16th 1855 Tilman January 4th 1858 Rion August 6th 1860 Edmond May 30th 1863 & that theair was no doctor with her at the birth of none of the Children for theair is no doctor on the place wheair we live and all of the Childrens ages is set down in abible is all the record that we keep Childrens ages on here & Fanny Midgett & Mary S, Midgett was with Clairsa when the Children was all born and have sent you affidavits to that affect try & get all this on & put any thing elst that you think will make it any better.
/s/ Mary S. Midgett

    Jethro H. Midgett
was born at Rodanthe on Dec. 21, 1831 to Ezekiel & Mary O'Neal Midgett.  He married Clarissa Payne on Dec. 18, 1852 and they had Fanny, Sabra N., Tilman Franklin, Rinaldo A. "Ryan" & Edmond Dailey Midgett.    Jethro enlisted in Company "I" on June 17, 1863 at Hatteras Banks for 3 years.  He was age 32, 5 ft. 9" tall, had a dark complexion and dark eyes and hair.  His was a fisherman at the time of his enlistment.  He was a prisoner confined to Ft. Macon, NC in April 1865.  Jethro and his wife, Clarissa, both died in 1866 and in 1868 their children's grandfather, Ezekiel Midgett, was given guardianship of all 5 children but Ezekiel died in 1869 of typhoid fever.  By 1870 these 5 children lived with relatives--Fanny & Tilman lived with their uncle Israel Midgett; Sabra lived with her great-aunt Rebecca (Paine) Pugh; Edmond lived with Edward Hooper and Ryan was not found in 1870 but in 1880 he was living with his uncle's (David Oliver Midgett, Sr.) widowed wife, Colinda (Paine) MidgettJethro's son, Edmond, applied for a child's pension which is what this letter is referring to.

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