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Source: Nell Wise Wechter Private Collection

Letter from Winnie (Midgett) Andrews to Katie Midgett - Dec. 1903

This 9-page letter was written on Dec. 3, 1903 by Winneford (Midgett) Andrews (1839-1907) to her niece, Katherine "Katie" Midgett of Mobile, Alabama.  Katie later became the wife of Clarence L. Willis.  Katie is referenced in one of the letters below from Apollus D. Midgett in 1918.  Winneford was the daughter of John Mann Midgett and Nancy Baum.

Letter from Apollus D. Midgett to Benj. F. Midgett, Jr. - March 1918

The above letter was written to Capt. Benjamin Franklin Midgett, Jr. (1862-1923) who was born in Alabama to Benjamin Franklin Midgett, Sr. (1819-1877) & his German wife, Caroline Sturmer (1832-1873).  Benjamin F. Sr. was the son of John Mann Midgett and Nancy Baum who were prominent people from Currituck and Dare counties.  Benjamin F. Midgett, Sr. left NC in about 1843 and wound up in Alabama where he met his wife who had just come off a ship from Bavaria, Germany.  He was at one time the Lighthouse Keeper at Fort Morgan Alabama.  Benjamin Sr. died in Navy Cove, Baldwin Co., Alabama in 1877.

Letter from Apollus D. Midgett to Katie Midgett Willis - April 1918

The 5-page letter below was written by Apollus Dye Midgett (1864-1927) of Manteo, NC to Katherine "Katie" (Midgett) Willis (1884-1961), daughter of Benjamin Franklin Midgett, Jr.  Katherine married Clarence Lafayette Lewis in Alabama on Feb. 27, 1911.  Apollus D. Midgett was the son of Maurice Midgett (1832-1888) & his wife, Mary Thamer Baum (1838-1915).  Maurice and Benjamin Franklin Midgett, Sr. were brothers.

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