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War of 1812 Pension Record

Bounty Land Claim

State of North Carolina }          Bounty Land Claim
     County of Hyde       }
    On this 24 day of July 1855 personally appeared before me, a justice of the peace within and for the county and State aforesaid,  Solloman Paine, aged 62 years, a resident of the county of Hyde in the State of North Carolina who, being duly sworn according to law, declares that he is the identical Solloman Paine who was a private soldier in the company commanded by Captain Pharoah Farrow in the 1st regiment of the Detached Militia in the war with Greate Britain declared June 18th 1812; that he entered the service at Chickamacoico on the South Bank on or about the 25th day of June 1812 for the term of the war and continued in actual service in said ware for as much as fourteen days and was honorably discharged at Chickamacomico, South Bank on or about the 30th day of July A.D. 1812, he had no discharge certificate.
    He makes declaration for the purpose of obtaining the Bounty Land to which he may be entitled under the act approved March 3, 1855.  He also declares that he has not received a warrant for Bounty Land under this or any other act of Congress nor made any other application therefore.  He hereby appoints William Hunt, Attorney at Law of Washington City, D.C., his attorney to prosecute his claim and receive the warrant when issued.
    /s/ Solomon Pain

    We, the undersigned, residents of Hyde State of North Carolina upon our oaths, declare that the foregoing declaration was signed and acknowledged by Solloman Paine the applicant, in our presence, and that we believe, from his appearance and his statements, that he is the identical person he represents himself to be.  We also swear that we are disinterested witnesses.
    Witness:    J.A. Midyett
                     Ira Midyett

    /s/ Silbey Meekins, J.P.

State of North Carolina }          ss.
     County of Hyde       }
    I, W.W. Spencer, Clerk of the County Court in and for the county and State above mentioned, do hereby certify that Selby Meekins whose genuine signature appears above, is and was that the time of signing the same, a Justice of the peace in and for the county and State aforesaid, duly commissioned and sworn; that all his official acts as such are entitled to full faith and credit; and that the aforesaid County Court is a Court of Record.  Also that I am no interested in this claim.  Given under my hand and Seal of Office at Swan Quarter this 4th day of August A.D. 1855
    /s/ Will. W. Spencer, Clerk

Declaration of a Widow for Pension

State of N. Carolina}    ss.
    County of Dare   }
    On this 24th day April 1879 personally appeared before me, W.D. Chadic of the Court of Record and for the County and State aforesaid, Angelico Paine, aged 82 years, a resident of Collecton [Colington], Dare County, N.C. and declares that she is the widow of Solomon Paine who served the full period of 14 days in the military service of the United States in the War of 1812 and who was the identical Solomon Paine who enlisted in Captain Hilory Bell's Company at Currituck C.H. on the 8th day of January 1813 and was honorably discharged at Chicamacomico on the 20th day of January 1815; that he was in the Battle of Ocracoke Inlet and at Stow's Hill and was wounded in his left shoulder from which he complained for many years and aided in capturing prisoners at Stow's Hill; that she was married under the name of Angelico Daniel to said Solomon Paine on the 15th day September 1817 by Robert Styron, J.P. at Chicamacomico; that her said husband died at Collecton, N.C. on the 10th day of January 1870.
    /s/ Angelico [her x mark] Paine

Attest:  W.D. Chaddic
            Walter S. Harrison

Service Pension - War of 1812
Widow's Brief

Claim # 37066
Act of March 9, 1878
    Angelico Paine, widow of Solomon Paine an alleged Private in Captain Hillory Bell's Company in the Militia for the State of North Carolina, Post Office: East Lake, County of Dare, State of North Carolina.  Attorney: Smith & Beck of Washington D.C.
    Application filed June 30, 1879:  In Captain Hillory Bells' Comp., N.C. Militia, War of 1812, that he enlisted at Corrituck C.H. January 8, 1813 and was honorably discharged at Chicamacomico Jany 20, 1815.
    Record evidence of service: Third Auditor reports Aug. 6 /79 that the name of Solomon Paine is not borne on the Roll's of Captain Hillory Bell's Company of North Carolina Militia, War of 1812 on file.
    Proof of identity: By the testimony of Walter S. Harrison and W.D. Chaddic
    Admitted: Rejected September 3, 1879 on the grounds that there is no evidence of the service as alleged.
        /s/ N.E. Robinson, Bounty Land Searcher
        Approved Sept. 4, 1879

Affadavit of W.D. Chaddic

State of North Carolina, County of Dare           ss
    In the matter of Mrs. Paine for pension and in regard to her marriage.  This will certify that there is no record in my office at this time but no doubt there has been as the old books were destroyed in the late war, but am satisfied that the said applicant for pension and the soldier were married as I have known them for many years, all of which time they lived as man & wife, and I know that she has not remarried since the death of her husband, the soldier.
Manteo, April 24th 1879
    /s/ W.D. Chaddic, Acting Superior Court Clerk in and for the County of Dare

Affadavit of Edward Paine, Sr.

    In the matter of Mrs. Angelico Paine for pension, and her marriage to Solomon Paine, the soldier.  Personally came Edward Paine, Sr., the Post Master of Rodantha P.O. of Dare County, N.C. whose age is 82 years, who is a good and honest citizen and entitled to credit and respect and who being by me duly sworn declares that the applicant was married to Solomon Paine on or about the 15th day of September 1813 and lived together from their marriage until the said Solomon Paine died and that she has not remarried since and the said Edward Paine, Sr., P.M., swears that the said Solomon Paine died at Collectton [Colington] in the County of Dare on the 10th day of January 1870.  The witness further says that he had positive knowledge that the said Solomon Paine was a soldier and knew him to be instrumental in taking prisoners and was in an engagement at Stow's Hill, also at Ocracoke Inlet, for he, the witness, saw the prisoners that were taken by the American command and said soldier was one of the guards and he also swears that he is not in anywise interested in the prosecution of said claim, neither directly nor indirectly, and has positive knowledge of, and remembers distinctly the soldier, Solomon Paine.  Witness hereof I hereunto set my hand and seal on April 24, 1879.
    /s/ Edward Paine, Sr., Post Master

Affadavit of Benjamin S. Pugh

Also came Benjamin S. Pugh, a very respectable and creditable citizen of Dare County, N.C. and swears that he has known and been acquainted with the applicant before and since she became a widow and knows that she is the widow of Solomon Paine and that she has not remarried since his death and that he has no interest in the prosecution of said claim and his P.O. address in Rodantha, Dare County, N.C.  April 24, 1879.
    /s/ Benjamin S. Pugh

Department of the Office of Interior

#37066 - Treasury Department; Third Auditor's Office; August 6th, 1879
    Respectfully returned to the Commissioner of Pensions, with the information that the name of Solomon Paine is not borne on the Rolls of Captain Hilory Bell's Company of North Carolina Militia, War of 1812, on file in this office.
    /s/ A.M. Gangewer?



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