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Ogilby-Moxon Map - c1672
Permission to use portions of this map given
by the
North Carolina Dept. of Archives & History (Publications Dept.)

The actual full-sized map extends from Virginia southward to Florida and from the Atlantic coast to the Appalachians.  It is called The Fist Lords Proprietors' Map, since it has the latest information which Ogilby was able to obtain from the Lords Proprietors of Carolina, who in 1663 had been given a charter for all the land between Virginia and Florida, extending westward to the Pacific Ocean.  The province thus established was called Carolina after Charles II.  Before this, Charles I had given Sir Robert Heath a grant in 1929 to approximately the same area, which Heath called Carolana but never validated by colonizing.  Still earlier, the Huguenots had built Charlesfort at Port Royal in 1562 and Fort Caroline on the St. John's River in 1564, naming both forts after their kind, Charles IX of France.  Despite similarities in nomenclature, the name Carolina was not, however, applied to the region between Virginia and Florida until 1663.