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1880 Dare Co., North Carolina Census

This census was extracted from Ancestry's census images by Marla Beasley.  No attempt was made to correct mistakes in the spelling of the names thus you should look for all conceivable variations of the surnames.

Several new elements appeared in the 1880 census from previous census records, namely, a statement of the relationship of each person to the head of the family and an expressed statement of marital status, called "civil condition".  The enumerators started taking the census on June 1st.

About twenty columns were used in the original census but the columns used for our purposes are:

1) House - numbered in the order of visitation.
2) Family - numbered in the order of visitation.
3) Names of all persons whose place of abode on June 1, 1880 was in this family.
4) Race - White was indicated with a "w", Black with a "b", Mulatto with an "m", Chinese with a "c" and Indian with an "i".
5) Sex - Male was indicated with an "m"; female with an "f".
6) Age at last birthday prior to June 1, 1880; if under 1 year then months were given in fractions; i.e. 3/12.
7) Month of Birth - If born within the census year then the month was given.  This will be found  in the comments column.
8) Relationship of each person to the head of the family, i.e. son, daughter, wife, etc.
9) Marital Status - Whether single (S), married (M) or divorced (D) or widowed (W)
10) Occupation - the trade of each person, male or female
11) Whether a person could Read and Write
12) Birth Place of Person - naming the state or territory of the U.S. or the country
13) Birth Place of the Father of the Person - naming the state or territory of the U.S. or the country
14) Birth Place of the Mother of the Person - naming the state or territory of the U.S. or the country
15) Remarks - This column will be used to indicate whether a person attended school during the year, was insane, idiotic, blind, deaf & dumb, crippled, etc.

Below is a table with links to each page in the 1880 census. We also developed a small index (not full name) so it would be easier for you to find the surnames of interest. Just look on the index, find the surname you're interested in, then click on the corresponding link to that particular page. REMEMBER - there may be more than one instance of a surname on a page.  TIP: Don't forget that you can find any word on a current web page you're viewing by pressing CTRL+F.  In the little pop-up box simply type the word to look for and press ENTER.

Links to Page Numbers

Crowatann (Croatan) & Stumpy Point Twp. (Dist. #50)

69a 69b 70a 70b 71a 71b 72a

East Lake Twp. (Dist. #51)

73a 73b 74a 74b 75a 75b 76a 76b 77a

Hatteras Twp. (Dist. #52)

78a 78b 79a 79b 80a 80b 81a 81b 82a 82b 83a 83b 84a 84b 85a 85b 86a

Chickamacomico Twp. (Dist. #53)

87a 87b 88a 88b

Settlement of Clarksville (Dist. #53)

89a 89b

Kennekeet Twp. (Dist. #53)

90a 90b 91a 91b 92a 92b 93a 93b

Nags Head Twp. (Dist. #54)

94a 94b 95a 95b 96a 96b 97a 97b 98a 98b 99a 99b
100a 100b 101a 101b 102a 102b 103a 103b 104a 104b 105a 105b

Surname Index


Allen - 98b
Ansel - 101b
Asbury -  70b
Ashbee/Ashby- 69b, 95a, 95b, 96a, 97a, 99a
Austin - 80a, 80b, 81a, 81b, 82a, 82b, 83b, 85b, 93b, 99b


Baily - 81b
Ballance - 79b, 80a, 80b, 81b, 82b
Barco/Barker - 103a, 103b, 104a
Barnes - 90a, 93a, 93b
Barnett - 75a, 78a, 82b, 85a, 85b, 95b
Basnight - 73a, 73b, 74a, 74b, 75a, 77a, 82b, 83a, 83b, 84b
Baum - 94b, 96b, 99a, 100a, 104a
Baxter - 98a
Beasley - 71a, 95a, 97b, 100a, 101a, 102a, 102b, 103a, 104b
Bell - 75a
Bembry/Benbery - 76a, 97a
Berry - 98a
Best - 70a, 85b
Bliven/Blivens - 70a, 94b
Bonner - 83a
Bottiger - 85a
Bowser - 96a, 95b, 96b, 98a, 99b, 105a
Boyd - 97a
Boyl - 101b
Brachum - 80a
Brady - 86a, 90a, 91b
Brey - 98a
Brinkley - 97a
Brothers - 97b, 101a
Brown - 71b, 72a, 90a
Burgess - 102a
Burk - 103a
Burrus - 79a, 80a, 81a, 85b
Byrum - 103a


Cahoon - 101a
Cane - 74a, 76a, 76b
Caroon - 70b
Cartright - 75b
Casey - 70a, 78a
Chaddic - 94b
Clark/Clarke - 83b, 84b, 85a, 102a
Cobb - 94b
Cooper - 73a, 75b, 95a, 98a, 98b
Cowel/Cowell- 73b, 74a
Craddic - 70b
Crane - 75a, 76b
Crank - 104b
Creef - 73a, 73b, 74a, 76a, 97b, 99b
Cudworth - 100a
Culifer/Culister/Culiver - 75a, 101a
Culpeper - 102b
Curles - 101a, 102b, 103a


Daily - 85b
Daniel/Daniels/Danniel  - 70b, 76a, 85a, 94a, 94b, 96b, 99a, 99b, 100a, 100b, 101a, 101b, 102b, 105b
Dashields - 75b
Davenport - 96b
Davis - 98b, 99a, 100b
Dough - 74a, 75a, 96b, 97a, 97b, 98a, 98b, 102a
Douglas - 87a
Dowdy - 95b, 97b
Dozier - 94a
Drinkwater - 97b


Edwards - 73a
Etheridge - 71a, 92a, 94a, 95a, 95b, 96b, 97a, 97b, 98a, 98b, 99a, 100a, 102a, 103b, 104a, 105b
Evans - 94a
Everton - 73b, 74b, 76b


Farrow - 78a, 78b, 84a, 84b, 85a, 86a, 89a, 90a, 90b, 98b
Fisher - 97a, 98a
Fitchett - 75a
Forbes - 99b, 101b
Foster - 83a, 84a, 84b
Frost - 95a
Fulcher - 71b, 78b, 81b, 83a, 83b, 84a, 84b


Gallop - 98b, 102a
Gard - 70b, 72a, 104a
Garrison - 101a
Gaskill - 79b, 80a, 81b, 82a, 82b
Gaskins - 80b, 81a, 81b
Gaylord - 97b
Gaymel - 103a, 104b
Godfrey - 92a
Godwin - 97a
Goodwin - 95a, 97a
Gordon - 85a
Grandy - 76b
Gray - 69a, 69b, 70a, 78a, 85a, 86a, 87a, 88a, 90a, 90b, 91a, 91b, 91b, 92a, 92b, 93a, 99a, 101b
Green - 102a, 104a, 104b
Griffin - 94a


Hacket - 94a
Hand - 82b
Harrel - 73a
Harrison - 95b
Hasell/Hassell - 94b, 96b
Hayes - 100a
Hayman - 99b, 103b, 104a
Haywood - 105a
Hill - 103a
Holmes - 73a, 73b, 74b
Holt - 80a, 81b
Homer - 95a
Hooker - 99a, 100a, 100b
Hooper - 69a, 69b, 70a, 78a, 87a, 88a, 89a, 90b, 92b, 96b
Hopkins - 99a
Horton - 96b
Howard - 99b
Huell? - 96b

I - J

Irvine - 99a
Jackson - 94a, 97a, 101a
Jennett - 78a, 78b, 85b, 88a
Johnson - 73b, 76b, 79a, 83b, 95b, 98b, 101a, 104b
Jones - 71b, 75a, 76a, 96a


King - 94b
Kinsey/Kinsy - 83a, 84a, 85a


Lane - 100b
Learry - 75a
Lee - 96b
Lester - 99b
Lindsey/Linsey - 97a, 97b, 99b
Lietchfield/Litchfield - 73a, 102b, 105b
Lyons - 83a

Mc - M

McCleese - 96a, 96b, 98b
Mackey - 94b
Mann - 70a, 70b, 71a, 71b, 73a, 74a, 96b, 97b, 104a
Mason - 70a, 76b
Meekins - 69a, 74a, 78a, 81b, 85a, 87a, 90b, 91a, 91b, 93a, 97a, 98a, 98b, 99a, 100b, 105a, 105b
Melson - 104b
Midgett/Midyett - 69a, 70a, 70b, 71a, 71b, 78a, 78b, 79a, 79b, 83a, 84a, 85a, 85b, 86a, 87a, 87b, 88a, 88b, 89a, 89b, 91b, 92a, 92b, 93a, 94a, 94b, 95a, 96a, 97a, 97b, 98a, 99a, 99b, 100b, 101b, 102b, 105a
Miller - 78a, 79b, 90b, 92a, 93a, 95a
Mingo - 97b
Mitchel - 95b
Montague - 94b, 102a
Moore - 103a
Morgan - 78a, 80a
Murphy - 84a


Neal - 99a, 104b
Nichols - 96b, 98b


Odin - 79a
Oens (Owens) - 98b
O'Neal - 78b, 79b, 81b, 84a, 86a, 87b, 88a, 89b, 90b, 93a, 102b, 103a, 103b
Onslow - 78a
Outlaw - 84a
Owens - 73b, 74a, 75a, 75b

P - Q

Padrick - 104b
Paterson - 105a
Payne - 69a, 72a, 73b, 75a, 75b, 87a, 87b, 88a
Peed - 73a
Peel - 81a, 81b, 82a, 93b
Penelton - 104a
Perry - 104b
Pigford - 97b
Piggott - 69b
Piner/Pinner - 73a, 84b
Pool - 102a
Price - 78a, 91a, 91b, 92a, 92b, 93a, 93b
Pruden - 96b
Pugh - 75b, 83b, 87a, 87b, 96b, 100a, 100b, 105a
Quidley/Quidly - 78b, 79b, 81b, 82a, 83a, 84a, 85b, 90b, 92a, 97b


Reid - 83a
Riggs - 86a
Right - 75a
Roberts - 83a
Robinson - 87b, 89a
Rodgers - 73b, 78b
Rolinson - 79b, 82b, 83a, 83b, 84b, 85a, 85b
Ruddic - 71b
Rue - 78b
Russel - 103a
Rutter - 103a


Salter - 83a, 85a
Sandlin - 75a, 75b, 76b, 101b
Sawyer - 74a, 74b, 75b, 77a
Scarboro/Scarborough - 78b, 84b, 90b, 91a, 91b, 92a, 92b, 93a, 93b
Seamore - 97b
Shannon - 94b, 96b, 102b
Sikes - 96a
Simons/Simmons - 76b, 95b, 99b
Simpson - 78a, 78b, 80a, 88a, 95a, 95b, 96a
Skinner - 94b, 103a
Smith - 71b, 75a, 75b, 76b, 78b, 79a, 80a, 81a, 100a
Spence - 75b
Spencer - 84b, 85a, 97b
Sprigg - 78b
Stetson - 104b
Stokes - 76b, 103a
Stowe - 79a, 79b, 80a, 81a, 81b, 82a, 82b
Styron - 79a, 79b, 81a, 82a
Swindell - 94b


Thomas - 97a
Thompson - 69b
Tillett/Tillitt - 70b, 71a, 75a, 94b, 96a, 100b, 101b, 103b
Tolar/Toler - 96b, 98a, 98b, 99b, 103a
Tolson - 80b, 81a, 82b, 83a, 83b, 85a
Turner - 95a
Twiddy - 74a, 75a
Twiford - 69a, 69b, 70a, 73a, 74a, 75a, 75b, 76a, 76b, 103b, 104a
Twine - 96b, 99a, 102a

U - V

Varser - 99a

W - Z

Wade - 80a
Walker - 70b, 105b
Wallace - 105B
Ward - 94a, 97a
Warner - 85a
Wescott - 94a, 95a, 95b, 96b, 97a, 100a
Weston - 76b
Whedbee - 81b, 82b, 83b, 84a
White - 76b, 95a, 95b
Whitehurst - 78b
Whitson - 70a, 84b, 85a, 104a
Williams - 75a, 83a, 83b, 85b, 88b, 90b, 91a, 91b, 92a, 92b, 101b
Willis - 79a, 79b, 80a, 80b, 81a, 82a, 99b
Wilson - 76b, 78a, 85b
Wise - 69b, 70a, 98b, 99a
Woods - 95b
Woodley - 99a
Wright - 78b, 97a



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