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1870 Dare Co., North Carolina Census

This census was extracted from Ancestry's census images by Sallie Gargis.  No attempt was made to correct mistakes in the spelling of the names thus you should look for all conceivable variations of the surnames.

This was Dare County's very first census.  Several new elements appeared in the 1870 census from previous census records. Slavery had been abolished and all African-Americans were named for the first time; also included were Chinese and Native Americans. Reconstruction queries regarding citizenship and voting were added. Greater precision in stating age was provided for and two queries called for specification of months. Note that the months January-May were in 1870. June-December were 1869. Foreign birth of parents was noted. Relationships to the head of family were not used in this census.

Twenty columns were used in the original census but I chose to leave some of them out in order to get everything on one page. The columns I used are:

1) Dwelling-Houses - numbered in the order of visitation
2) The name of every person whose place of abode on 1 June 1870 was in this family
3) Age at last birthday - If under 1 year then the months were given in fractions, i.e., 3/12
4) Sex - Male was indicated with an "m"; female with an "f"
5) Color - White was indicated with a "w", Black with a "b", Mulatto with an "m", Chinese with a "c" and Indian with an "i"
6) Occupation - the trade of each person, male or female
7) Value of Real Estate
8) Value of Personal Estate
9) Birth Place - naming the state or territory of the U.S.; or the country, if of foreign birth
10) If born within the year - the month was stated
11) If married within the year - the month was stated
12) Attended school within the year
13) Cannot Read
14) Cannot Write

There were 5 townships in the 1870 Dare County census.  Below is a table with links to each page in the 1870 census. I also developed a small index (not full name) so it would be easier for you to find the surnames of interest. Just look on the index, find the surname you are interested in, then click on the corresponding link to that particular page. REMEMBER - there may be more than one instance of a surname on a page.

Links to Page Numbers

Croatan Twp.

288a 288b 289a 289b 290a 290b 291a

East Lake Twp.

292a 292b 293a 293b 294a 294b 295a

Hatteras Twp.

296a 296b 297a 297b 298a 298b 299a 299b 300a 300b 301a 301b 302a 302b 303a 303b 304a

Kennekeet Twp.

305a 305b 306a 306b 307a 307b 308a 308b 309a 309b 310a 310b 311a 311b 312a

Nags Head Twp.

313a 313b 314a 314b 315a 315b 316a 316b 317a 317b 318a 318b
319a 319b 320a 320b 321a 321b 322a 322b 323a 323b 324a 324b 325a

Surname Index


Adkins - 288b
Alexander - 318b, 319b, 321a
Allen - 288b
Andrews - 321b, 322a
Austin - 297b, 300b, 301a, 301b, 302a, 302b, 304a, 311b, 314a, 314b, 322b


Bailey - 301b
Ballance - 302a, 302b, 304a
Baray - 320a
Barbary - 311a
Barco - 325a
Barker - 325a
Barnes - 308b, 311a, 311b
Barnes? - 297b
Barnett - 288a, 289a, 296a, 296b, 304a, 315a
Barter? - 320a
Basnight - 289a, 292a, 292b, 293b, 294a, 295a, 298a, 299b, 300a, 318b
Baum - 314a, 314b, 315a, 316a, 320a, 322b, 324a
Baxter - 319b
Beasely - 289a, 290b, 315a, 320b, 321a, 325a
Bernett - 289a
Berry - 319b
Best - 288a, 297a, 309a
Bliven - 315b, 317a
Blunt - 323a
Boston - 320a
Bowser - 315a, 316a, 320a, 320b, 321b, 322b, 324b
Boyl - 317a
Brathen - 300b
Brida - 310b
Brinkly - 322b
Brothers - 316b
Brown - 290a
Bunch - 322b
Burgess - 322b, 324b, 325a
Burrus - 300b, 301b
Burse - 301b
Burton - 324b


Cadregain - 317a
Cahoon - 315a, 321a
Cain - 293a
Caroon - 290a, 290b, 291a
Casey - 288a, 296a, 297a
Clark - 298a, 298b, 299b
Cobb - 316b, 217a
Cooper - 321a
Cowell - 294a
Craddock - 290b
Crain - 293b
Crank - 325a
Creef - 292a, 293a, 293b, 294b
Cudworth - 313b
Culifer - 292b
Culpeper - 323a
Curles - 313b, 323a


Dailey - 297a
Daily - 304a
Daniel - 297a, 313a, 313b, 314a, 315a, 315b, 317a, 318a, 318b, 321b, 322b
Daniels - 313b
Darby - 317a
Davis - 313b, 314a, 319b, 320a
Devenport - 317b
Divers - 323a
Dough - 316a, 317b, 319a, 319b, 320b, 321a, 321b
Douglass - 305a
Dowdy - 315b
Dozier - 312a
Drinkwater - 288b, 289a


Etheridge - 289a, 313a, 317b, 318a, 318b, 319a, 319b, 320a, 320b, 321b, 322a, 322b, 324a, 325a
Everton - 293a, 294a, 294b


Farrow - 296a, 296b, 297a, 297b, 298a, 304a, 308a, 308b, 310a, 311b
Filler - 317a
Fisher - 318a
Flangan - 325a
Fleetwood - 314b
Forbes - 313b, 314b, 316a
Foster - 298a, 298b, 299b
Freeman - 319a
Frost - 317b
Fulcher - 296a, 299b, 300a


Gallop - 322b
Gamiel - 323a, 324a, 324b
Gard - 289a, 289b, 317a, 325a
Garrison - 313a
Gaskins - 296a, 301a, 302a, 302b, 303b
Gaylord - 320b
Gilliam - 317a
Gipson - 290a
Gray - 297a, 305a, 305b, 306b, 307a, 307b, 308a, 308b, 309a, 309b, 310a, 310b, 311a, 312a
Green - 290b
Greeves - 315b
Griffin - 321a
Griggs - 316b
Guilford - 325a


Hacket - 321a
Halsey - 315b
Harrell - 292a
Harrise - 289b
Harrison - 317b
Hayes - 317b, 319b, 320a
Hayman - 295a, 314b, 315a, 324a
Haywood - 322a
Hewill - 316b
Hill - 323a, 323b
Holbrooke - 313a
Holmes - 292a, 294a
Holt - 303a
Homer - 322b
Hooker - 314a
Hooper - 288a, 289a, 305a, 305b, 306a, 306b, 307b, 308a, 309b, 310a
Howard - 324a
Howett - 293a
Hubbard - 317b


Jarmine? - 288b
Jarvis - 319a, 319b
Jennett - 296a, 296b, 300a, 310b
Johnson - 294a, 298a, 299a, 299b, 313b, 318a, 322a, 325a
Jones - 289b, 317a


Keeling - 306a
Kinsey - 298b, 299a, 299b
Knox - 320a


Leach - 323a
Leachfield - 293a, 293b, 300b
Lee - 316b
Leonhouser - 318b
Lindsey - 317b, 319b


Mann - 288a, 288b, 289a, 289b, 290a, 290b, 291a, 314b, 316a, 317a, 318a, 323b
Mason - 288a, 288b, 289a
Mcleese -322b
Meekins - 305a, 309a, 309b, 310a, 311a, 313a, 318a, 319a, 319b, 321a, 321b, 322a, 322b, 325a
Megavy - 318b
Melson - 322b
Mercer - 294a
Merchant - 313a
Midyett - 288a, 288b, 289a, 289b, 290b, 296b, 297a, 298b, 301a, 303a, 305b, 306a, 306b, 307a, 307b, 308a, 310b, 311a, 313a, 313b, 314b, 315a, 316a, 316b, 317a, 318b, 319a, 320a, 320b, 321a, 321b, 322a, 322b
Miller - 309a, 309b, 310b, 311b, 318a
Morgan - 311a, 311b
Mott - 318a, 318b
Mountgue - 320b
Murphey - 299a
Murphy - 298b
Myres - 324a


Nedus - 316a
Needham - 315a
Nibbin - 318a


Odeon - 303a
Odin - 295a
Oliver - 315a
Oneal - 296a, 297a, 297b, 298b, 300b, 303b, 305a, 306a, 307b, 308a, 311a, 311b, 312a, 323a, 323b
Outlaw - 297a, 309b
Owens - 294a, 294b, 317a, 317b, 319a, 325a



Pain - 289b, 293b, 305a, 305b, 306a, 306b, 307a, 307b, 316b, 324b
Parker - 289a
Peel - 301b, 303b, 311a, 311b
Peele - 304a
Pell - 303b
Pelps - 314b
Perkins - 320a
Perry - 324b, 325a
Pigott - 296b
Pinner - 294b
Price - 309a, 309b, 311a, 311b, 312a
Pryor - 324a
Pugh - 295a, 299a, 305a, 305b, 306a, 313a, 314a, 314b, 325a
Quidley - 296a, 300a, 303b, 304a, 312a, 313a, 321a


Reddick - 295a
Reed - 289b
Rogers - 292a, 324b
Rolinson - 297b, 298b, 299a, 299b, 300a, 300b, 303b
Rowlins - 316a
Russell - 322b, 323a


Salture - 300a
Sandlin - 293a
Sandling - 292b, 293a
Saunders - 316b
Sawyer - 292a, 293b, 294a
Scarbough - 296a, 297b, 298a, 309a, 309b, 310a, 310b, 311a, 311b, 312a
Sephis - 316a
Seynour - 320b
Shannon - 315a
Simmons - 293b, 315b, 320b
Simpson - 296a, 302b, 317b, 318a, 324b
Smith - 290b, 291a, 293b, 294a, 294b, 303a, 303b, 314a, 321b
Spence - 294b
Spruill - 316a, 317b
Stetson - 318b
Stolks - 294b
Stow - 296a, 300b, 301a, 301b, 302a, 302b, 303a, 304a
Styron - 300b, 301a, 302b, 303b
Sutton - 318b
Swindle - 288a
Sykes - 292b


Tarkenton - 317a
Thomas - 305b
Tillett - 315b
Tillitt - 289b, 290b, 313b, 314a, 315b, 316a, 321a, 321b, 323a, 323b, 324a
Toalson - 299b, 300a, 302a
Toler - 314b, 319a
Toodle - 317b
Twidey - 292b, 293a
Twiford - 288a, 289a, 292b, 293b, 294b, 324a
Twifort - 289a
Twine - 320b, 321a


Varser - 317a


Wade - 303a
Walker - 289b, 313b
Wallas - 301a
Ward - 292b, 293a, 320b
Warner - 297b
Wescott - 316b, 318a, 321a, 321b
Whidbee - 297b, 298a, 298b, 299a, 299b
Whidbey - 303b, 304a
White - 317a
Whitson - 299a, 299b, 316b
Williams - 296a, 297a, 298a, 298b, 300a, 301a, 303b, 309b, 310b, 312a, 321b
Willis - 301a, 301b, 302a, 302b, 303a
Wilson - 296a, 319b
Wise - 288b, 289a, 318b
Woodhouse - 317b, 319b
Woodley - 320a
Wright - 313a, 314b, 324b

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