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Willis Cemetery (Frisco)

From Hwy. 12 in Frisco go about 0.1 mile south of Piney Ridge Rd. and turn left on Willis Rd. and go about 500 feet.  The cemetery is on the left close to the road.  It's well maintained and is surrounding by a low cement wall.  Photographs were taken January 18, 2014 by Candy Roth.

Dorris, Myrna W. May 27, 1942 Sept. 8, 2005 In loving memory - Mom  [see obit]
Lyons, J.H.B. [James Henry Burtrell] Apr. 24 1850 Sept. 12, 1891 In memory of - Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.
Willis, David Ellis Apr. 23, 1937 May 27, 1978 Home is the hunter.  [Footstone]  [see obit]
Willis, Harrie Kenfield Aug. 18, 1931 Sept. 20, 2002 In loving memory  [see obit]
Willis, Hobson Aug. 1, 1899 Dec. 20, 1965 Asleep in Jesus  [double with Martha F. Willis]  [see obit]
Willis, Hobson Jr. Mar. 5, 1926 Mar. 25, 1976 Gone, but not forgotten.  [Military marker differs on death date]  [see obit]
Willis, Martha F. April 3, 1899 Aug. 27, 1976 Asleep in Jesus  [double with Hobson Willis]  [see obit]
Willis, Otis Desmond Oct. 9, 1924 Aug. 8, 2001 US Navy - World War II - In loving memory  [see obit]



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