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Urias Blount Williams Cemetery (Buxton)

From Hwy. 12 in Buxton turn into Crossway Rd. and go 1/10 of a mile.  The cemetery will be about 150 feet to the right.  This cemetery is very well taken care of and was photographed by Dawn Taylor in May 2011.  Google Maps for this cemetery.

Fulcher, Donnie A. [Andrew] Aug. 14, 1938 Apr. 23, 1945 Our Darling - In Heaven there is one angel more. - Asleep in Jesus.
[see death certificate]
Fulcher, Freida Lee July 23, 1943 Sept. 14, 1944 Our Darling Baby - Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven.
Fulcher, Sylvia Ray May 14, 1933 Dec. 20, 1934 A little bud of love, gone to bloom with God above.
Gray, Maria Williams Feb. 14, 1897 Nov. 11, 1994 Beloved Mother  [see obituary]
Herbert, Patricia W.R. [Williams Rollinson] Apr. 29, 1904 Oct. 10, 1996 Mother  [see obituary]
Rollinson, Celia Carol Oct. 28, 1944    
Rollinson, Dennis Dale July 28, 1958 Oct. 21, 1958 Son of Joyce and Bobby Rollinson  [see obituary]
Rollinson, John Boyd Jan. 31, 1941 Dec. 7, 1968 In memory of our beloved husband and father.
Rollinson, Mildred "Joyce" Hehl Dec. 25, 1932 May 22, 2006 I'm flying higher than I've ever been.  [double with Robert Crisp Rollinson, Jr.]
[see obituary]
Rollinson, Robert C. [Crisp] Jan. 27, 1902 Oct. 25, 1955 Father  [see death certificate]
Rollinson, Robert "Bobby" Crisp Jr. July 22, 1931 Jan. 10, 1995 I'm flying higher than I've ever been.  [double with Mildred Joyce Hehl Rollinson]
[see obituary]
Rollinson, Robert Wayne Mar. 29, 1951 Oct. 17, 1970 Our loving son.  [see obituary]  [death certificate states birth year as 1952]
Williams, Landry S. [top half] Sept. 10, 1906 Dec. 23, 1924 I believed and sleep in the arms of Jesus [bottom half of broken stone]
[see death certificate]
Williams, Nasa S. Dec. 1, 1910 June 16, 1911 He carrieth the lambs in His bosom.
Williams, Sainty C. [Celestial] July 16, 1871 Sept. 29, 1953 A tender mother and faithful friend.  [see death certificate]
Williams, Urias B. [Blount] Feb. 27, 1865 Oct. 16, 1933 In loving memory of - A friend to his country and a believer in Christ  [US Coast Guard Emblem]  [death certificate differs on birth date]
Williams, Willie E. [Edward] Feb. 4, 1899 Oct. 19, 1963 A friend to all.  [see obituary and death certificate]
Willis, Irma W. [Williams] Fulcher Apr. 20, 1914 Apr. 23, 1993 [see obituary]  [married 1st Raymond J. Fulcher in 1931 & 2nd Willard Willis

Cemetery directions are taken from Sacred to Their Memory by Lois Johnson Meekins and Amy Midgett Gamiel; 2001No part of this document may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research.  Images are for personal use only, not for redistribution.

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