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Wescott-Tillett Cemetery - Manteo

From Hwy. 64/264 in Manteo, turn on Barlowe St. and go straight for less than 0.3 mile.  Cross over Wingina St. which will put you on Creekview Lane.  Go left at Green's Dr.  The cemetery is near the back property line 15 yards east of backyard fence at the only house on the right side of Greens Drive which is currently owned by the Culpepper family  Tricky to access due to heavy undergrowth.  Google Maps for this cemetery.

Hackett, Sabra Dec. 8, 1823 Feb. 22, 1899 Close-up
In memory of  "This is not death's dark portal.  Tis life's fair gate to me.  Link after link is broken.  And I at last am free."
Tillett, Aby Feb. 22, 1832 Apr. 7, 1872 Close-up
"She sleeps in Jesus and is blest.  How sweet her slumbers are: From suffering & from sin released.  She's freed from every care."
Tillett, Willis May 25, 1821 Apr. 2, 1876 Close-up
In Memory Of - Farewell friends and daughter dear.  I am not dead but sleeping here.  My peace is made my grave you see, Prepare for death & follow me.
Wescott, Lovie C. Apr. 6, 1860 Sep. 29, 1878 Close-up   A photo of what it looked like before being set back into an upright position.
In Memory Of - Sad is the house and lone the hours, Since thy sweet smiles are gone.  But Oh, a brighter home than ours, In Heaven is now thine own.

Photographs were taken by Miles Midgette in November 2010.  No part of this document may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research.  Images are for personal use only, not for redistribution.

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