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Nacy Midgett Cemetery - Buxton

This cemetery is located in Buxton, Dare County, North Carolina on Rocky Rollinson Rd..   Many stones are now missing due to development in the area.  Extra information is indicated in brackets.  Click on underlined names for a picture of the tombstonePhotographs were taken by Ann Marie LaDue in April 2006.  If you would like to share photographs of tombstones from this cemetery please contact Kay Midgett Sheppard.

Ballance, Lorraine G. Jan. 12, 1942 Jan. 19, 1993 [Double with Millard Ballance] Loving Wife and Mother
Ballance, Millard "Tex" July 20, 1937   [Double with Lorraine G. Ballance]
Giannotti, Charles V. Aug. 2, 1938 Aug. 18, 1996 [Double with Nancy C. Giannotti]
Giannotti, Nancy C. June 25, 1937   [Double with Charles V. Giannotti]
Midgett, Alziriah [Aug. 10, 1855] [Aug. 11, 1902] [Wife of Oliver O'Neal Midgett]
Midgett, Lillian Peele Feb. 7, 1893 Jul. 25, 1977 [Double with Nacy William Midgett] Mother
Midgett, Nacy William Feb. 26, 1895 Oct. 24, 1983 [Double with Lillian Peele Midgett] Father
Powell, Clay Alex Oct. 14, 1966 Feb. 14, 1992 A Loving Brother; Son of Lorraine Ballance
Scarborough, Orestus Mar. 13, 1883 Apr. 11, 1911  
Schinke, Ellsworth H. July 1, 1937 June 9, 1991 [Double with Sheila Gibson Schinke] Military Marker
Schinke, Sheila Gibson July 16, 1937   [Double with Ellsworth H. Schinke]
Simmons, Alva Arnold Sr. Nov. 20, 1933 June 4, 2004 [Double with Cora Austin Simmons] Military Marker; USCG Emblem
Simmons, Cora Austin Dec. 22, 1942   [Double with Alva Arnold Simmons, Sr.]
Waterfield, Kenneth Nile Sr. Apr. 26, 1945 Apr. 13, 1998  

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