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Midgett Cemetery (Hatteras)

This cemetery is located in Hatteras, Dare County, North Carolina.   From Hwy. 12 in Hatteras, take Fulcher Lane (SR 1258) and go about 0.1 mile or just past the Hatteras Community Cemetery (aka Oden/Austin Cemetery) on Fulcher Lane.  The cemetery will be on the right about 50 feet from the road.  Google maps for this cemetery.  Click on underlined names for a picture of the tombstone.

Photographs were taken in November 2013 by Candy Roth.  On Candy's photographing trip she found a wonderful man, Bobby Willis, who has taken this cemetery as his personal gift to all who have loved ones buried here and has undertaken the mass cleanup of all the old graves. Candy says: "You won't believe how lovely he has made it.  I spent at least an hour talking with him today as he came to continue his work and restoration.  He has dug up all the old shells, stones and bricks and has lovingly rebuilt gravesites and raked every inch after removing all undergrowth and briars, etc.  He is an amazing man.  I have a photo of him.  He was showing me a marble imbedded in one of the bricks lining the edge of a grave - someone had apparently used it to level the brick, or maybe just a memento, and over time it has embedded in the brick.  Everyone should know how and why this cemetery is now a place of serenity and beauty as well as history."

Austin, Benjamin E. April 24, 1859 May 1, 1939 In Memory Of
How precious is the book devine, By inspiration given,
Bright as a lamp its doctrines shine, To guide our souls to Heaven
Austin, Lenous L. [Lincoln] Oct. 4, 1893 Sep., 29, 1973 [no photo available]  [see death certificate]
Austin, Maggie M. Dec. 11, 1859 Mar. 16, 1918 In Memory Of - Wife of B.E. Austin  [Epitaph unreadable]
Bancale, Irene M. Sep. 15, 1919 Aug. 30, 2001 Loving Wife, Mother and Grandmother
Bancale, Kenneth Louis Apr. 5, 1946 Jan. 11, 2000 US Army; Vietnam
Bancale, Silvio Nov. 21, 1917 Mar. 23, 1995 M Sgt. US Army; World War II
Gaskins, Holvay B. [Holloway Barnett] Aug. [8]1882 Jan. [15] 1969 [SS Deaths state last residence was Norfolk, VA]
Gaskins, Hermesia Wade March 26, 1860 Aug. 21, 1953 [double with Stephen B. Gaskins]
Gaskins, Joseph W. Nov. [11] 1886 Dec. 1968 [SS Deaths state last residence was Norfolk, VA & died Jan. 1969]
Gaskins, Stephen B. Aug. 16, 1860 Dec. 20, 1936 [double with Hermesia Wade Gaskins]
Meekins, Louisa D. July 22, 1846 Feb. 21, 1917 Seet [sweet?] rest.
Meekins, Zion D. Jan. 13, 1816 Jan. 5, 194_ Peaceful rest.
[Census records indicate that Zion was born in 1846, not 1816.  He died in 1904.  The 0 had been left out by the engraver.]
Midgett, Anna E. Nov. 17, 1916 Jan. 2, 1978 Beloved wife and mother  [double with John E. Midgett]
Midgett, John E. Mar. 24, 1915 Jan. 22, 1980 Lt. US Coast Guard; World War II  [double with Anna E. Midgett]
Midgett, John Edward Nov. 12, 1847 Dec. 21, 1926  
Midgett, Mary Jane Nov. 5, 1840 Mar. 8, 1916 Wife of J.E. Midgett
O'Neal, Ida Willis West Apr. 9, 1904 Jun. 4, 2003 At peace - Her children Marian, Charlie and Martha
[double with Milon Millard O'Neal]
O'Neal, Milon Millard Mar. 5, 1911 Mar. 6, 1989 At rest - Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.
Cox US Coast Guard; World War II
[double with Ida Willis West-O'Neal]
Styron, Cornelius W. Jan. 22, 1878 Jan. 5, 1960 To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.
Styron, Sarah Sept. 27, 1878 Oct. 30, 1930 She believeth and sleeps in Jesus.
Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle emblem
Styron, Steve Goodwin Sep. 22, 1918 May 2, 1980 BM 1 US Coast Guard; World War II
unknown #1     [no visible inscription - appears to be a child's marker]
Unknown #2     [no visible inscription - appears to be a child's marker]
West, John L. Mar. 31, 1889 May 19, 1935 Thy memory shall ever be a guiding star to Heaven.
Woodmen of the World emblem

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