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Midgett Cemetery - Hwy. 12, Waves, NC

Can't see the cemetery?  Neither could I.  Here is a prime example of "progress" and why the work of recording cemeteries is so very important.  "Real" is a watersports mega-store.  It was built  about five years ago and right on the land where this little cemetery sits.  The photo shows the side of the building - the front being long enough to reach from highway almost to the sound.  The loading dock is on the far back on the side.  They throw all the empty cardboard boxes and garbage over the side and on top of the graves.  Boxes had to be moved in order to take the pictures.  There is an enormous tree engulfing the entire area and getting far enough away to get a good shot of the double stone was impossible.   You can't miss the store but you can sure miss this little cemetery!  Photographs were made April 30, 2013 by Candy L. Roth.

Midgett, Adrian Chester Jan. 8, 1913 May 20, 1953 Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal.  [Footstone]
Midgett, Clarence E. July 11, 1883 Feb. 11, 1950 Father - Gone, but not forgotten.  [double with Lydia M. Midgett]
Midgett, Jesse R. Aug. 27, 1859 Feb. 11, 1931 May he rest in peace.
Midgett, Louisa C. Dec. 1, 1867 Sept. 28, 1893  
Midgett, Lydia M. Jan. 23, 1885 Apr. 5, 1950 Mother - She was the sunshine of our home.  [double with Clarence E. Midgett]  [Closeup]
Midgette, Jesse James June 27, 1917 December 22, 1955 North Carolina - CMOMM US - US Coast Guard - World War II

2013 Kay Midgett Sheppard & Marla Beasley