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Midgett Cemetery
Mashoes, NC

From Hwy. 64/264 in Manns Harbor take Mashoes Rd. (SR 1113) and go about 5 1/2 miles.  Take the driveway leading to the boat ramp.  The cemetery will be on the left side of the driveway about 100 yards back from the boat ramp..  Photographs of headstones in this cemetery were taken in November 2001 and kindly submitted by Dan and Mary Hayman KempExtra information is indicated in brackets.  If you happen to have photos of headstones from this cemetery and would like to submit them please drop me a line.  Click on underlined names for a picture of the tombstone.

Basnight, Florence [Aug. 25] 1903 [Apr. 18] 1922 Wife of S.C. Basnight; Mother
Howett, William H. May 12, 1864 Dec. 4, 1942 Father
Midgett, Grace T. Mar. 8, 1907 Feb. 13, 1991 [Double with Thomas R. Midgett]
Midgett, M. Frances Feb. 26, 1874 June 21, 1945 Mother [double with Tom Loyal Midgett]
Midgett, S.[Samuel] C. Sept. 8, 1812 Nov. 24, 1882  
Midgett, Thomas R. July 5, 1898 Feb. 23, 1970 [Double with Grace T. Midgett] Masonic Emblem
Midgett, Tom Loyal Mar. 31, 1874 Nov. 12, 1944 Father [double with M. Frances Midgett]
Midgette, Brasco Nov. 24, 1872 Mar. 11, 1929  
Midyett, Sarah C. Jan. 25, 1837 Jan. 31, 1914 Only sleeping.
Taler [Toler], Jessie C. Apr. 1, 1896 Dec. 14, 1907 Gone but not forgotten.
Toler, Maggie D. Feb. 28, 1878 April 10, 1926 Mother
Twiford, Desmond no date no date Children of Monterey R. and W. Mance Twiford
[Triple with Gay & Lillian Twiford]
Twiford, Gay no date no date Children of Monterey R. and W. Mance Twiford
[Triple with Desmond & Lillian Twiford]
Twiford, Lillian no date no date Children of Monterey R. and W. Mance Twiford
[Triple with Desmond & Gay Twiford]
Twiford, Mounteray R. Jan. 23, 1880 Mar. 5, 1923 Mother [Double with W. Mance Twiford]
Twiford, W. Mance Aug. 21, 1874 Feb. 23, 1950 Father [Double with Mounteray R. Twiford]

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