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Midgett Cemetery - Buxton

This cemetery is located in Buxton, Dare County, North Carolina.   Going southwest on Hwy 12 in Buxton, go 1.5 miles from Crossway Rd. (SR 1234).  Take the lane on the left and the cemetery will be on the left soon after you enter the lane.  This cemetery is in a wooded area in a chain link fence about 150 feet from the edge of the lane.  Extra information is indicated in brackets.  Click on underlined names for a picture of the tombstone Photographs were taken by Tony Ianuario in 2008. This cemetery was revisited in February 2011 by Dawn Taylor & Angel Roller and it is quite obvious from the pictures they took that the cemetery has fallen into more disrepair than what was found in 2008. Upper photo taken in 2008 & lower photo taken by Dawn Taylor in 2011.  Google Maps for this cemetery.

Midgett, Alvania S. Oct. 22, 1869 Mar. 8, 1928 When the Roll is Called Up Yonder I'll Be There
Wife of W.B. Midgett
Farewell friends and kindreds dear, The Lord has called me and I can't stay here.
Midgett, Arresta T. Oct. 26, 1883 Dec. 25, 1885  
Midgett, Arretta Nov. 23, 1851 Sept. 28, 1883 Sleep mother sleep.  All your troubles are over.  Sweet be the rest you have needed before.  So well have we loved you but God loved you more.  And ....home....[rest of inscription is underground]
Midgett, Charlotte Jan. 16, 1822 Dec. 6, 1875 Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.
Midgett, Earnest Jan. 22, 1906 Jan. 24, 1906  
Midgett, Edward D. Sept. 4, 1815 Dec. 8, 1867 Aged 52 yrs 3 mo's & 4 days; Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord for they rest from their labors and their works do follow them.  [see another 2011 photo by Dawn Taylor]
Midgett, Edw'd. S. [June 29, 1844]
[from pension record]
[Nov. 10, 1918]
[from pension record]
Co. I; 1 N.C. Inf.
Midgett, Evelina June 9, 1886 Jan. 6, 1887  
Midgett, Fannie W. June 4, 1897 Nov. 19, 1925 In Memoriam; Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle
She was the sunshine of our home.  None knew thee but to love thee, None named thee but to praise.
[see another 2011 photo by Dawn Taylor]
Midgett, Lauretta Apr. 10, 1870 May 26, 1926 Wife of C.P. Midgett
Rest mother, rest in quiet sleep, while [unreadable] sorrow oe'r thee keep.  [see another 2011 photo by Dawn Taylor]
Midgett, Lemoine Nov. 26, 1901 Jan. 16, [1904] In Memory Of
Midgett, Lillian J. Feb. 11, 1895 Sept. 1, 1903  
Midgett, Mary E. Sept. 8, 1918 Mar. 17, 1920  
Midgett, Oiler Ruth Dec. 9, 1887 Aug. 8, 1890  
Midgett, R.[Richard] W. Dec. 6, 1845 Dec. 8, 1905 Weep not dear wife and children dear, I am not dead but sleeping h[ere.]
Midgett, Staley L. Dec. 4, 1905 [Dec. 4, 1907]
In Memory Of
Midgett, William B. Feb. 15, 1861 Apr. 30, 1932 When the Roll is Called Up Yonder I'll Be There
To her let Thy grace be given, That we may meet in Heaven.
Midgette, Annie O. [June 26, 1903]
date underground
[June 11, 1985]
date underground
Beloved Wife and Mother
Midgette, William Edward [Feb.] 11, 1894 May 27, 1976 Sea; US Coast Guard; World War I
Scarborough, Archie Z. Jr. Aug. 9, 1924 Dec. 24, 1954 My hope in God.  [see another 2011 photo by Dawn Taylor]
Scarborough, Christinia Midgette Sept. 27, 1898 Mar. 2, 1993 Twiford's Funeral Home Marker
[see another 2011 photo by Dawn Taylor]
Whitford, Artis L. June 10, 1921 [July] 22, 1990 [Double with Dolly S. Whitford]  [closeup by Dawn Taylor]
Whitford, Dolly S. Sept. 26, 1925   [Double with Artis L. Whitford] [closeup by Dawn Taylor]
above ground vault no date no date [Said to be Mary O'Neal Midgette, 1st wife of William Edward Midgette & d/o Albert J. & Cynthia Price O'Neal]
row of stones     [Appear to be footstones but may be headstones.]

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