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Melson Cemetery - Colington

This cemetery is located in Colington, Dare County, North Carolina.  From Hwy 158 in Kill Devil Hills at mile post 81/2 take Colington Rd. (SR 1217) and go a total of about 2.2 miles.  Turn left onto a dirt lane called Marshy Ridge and go straight in for .3 mile.  The cemetery is on a hill on the right side of this lane. The cemetery is overgrown with bushes and briars and some stones are now missing from an earlier survey.  Extra information is indicated in brackets.  Click on underlined names for a picture of the tombstonePhotographs were taken & submitted to the Dare County website by Miles Midgette.  If you would like to share photographs of tombstones from this cemetery please contact Kay Midgett Sheppard.

Beasley, Carrie April 19, 1906 Jan. 26, 1929 Mother; Gone but not forgotten Close-up
Beasley, Henrietta G. May 19, 1896 March 31, 1930  
Beasley, Weightman May 10, 1900 June 24, 1961 Father; Gone but not forgotten Close up
Crank, Annie Toler Aug. 24, 1885 Nov. 25, 1976 Funeral Home Marker
Crank, Capt. John January 5, 1810 April 14, 1850 40 Years 3 Mos & 9 Days Close Up   Close Up
Crank, James M. Dec. 13, 1876 Oct. 1946 [Pasquotank death certificate states death on Oct. 5, 1947]
[Crank, Polly] [Feb. 9 1825] [Jan. 1, 1897] The only thing remaining was the footstone
Crank, Wm. H. Dec. 18, 1844 July 10, 1914 Farewell my wife and children all, From you a Father Christ doth call
Close up
Gaimel, D.W. Jr. [Feb. 16, 1873] [Dec. 22, 1908] Dates unreadable; stone lying flat in 1994 survey  Close up
Gaimell, Charlottie April 8, 1805 April 15, 1891 In Memory Of  Close up
Gaimell, Millie June 28, 1836 June 5, 1902 Close up
Gamiell, Decatur March 22, 1833 July 3, 1909 Footstone  Close up
Melson, Frances Adeline Aug. 12, 1851 Aug. 1, 1928 Mother; Wife of J.W. Melson; A tender Mother and faithful friend.
Close up
Melson, John W. July 20, 1850 Dec. 6, 1916 Close up  Longshot  Possible footstone
My loving wife don't grieve for me Neither lement no more for, I shall with my Jesus be When you are left alone.
Perry, Lavinia O. Sept. 21, 1869 Nov. 4, 1940 Mother; Gone but not forgotten.  Close up  Footstone
Peterson, Deanie Perry March 1, 1894 Dec. 7, 1926 Mother; You were the sunshine of our home.
[double with James Jordan Peterson]
Peterson, James Jordan Nov. 11, 1888 Dec. 7, 1926 Father; You were the sunshine of our home.
[double with Deanie Perry Peterson]
Quidly, Ernest [no date] [no date] [born May 7, 1882, died Nov. 18, 1956]
Quidly, Misouri [no date] [no date] [born Mar. 16, 1892, died Nov. 9, 1953]
[unknown]     appears to be a broken footstone with "M" as the last letter
[unknown]     appears that nothing is on the stone
Williams, David K.   1916 Age 30 Yrs  Close up
Wright, Dorcas Oct. 3, 1816 Aug. 5, 1891 Farewell to sin and sorrow. I bid them both adieu.  And O my friends ____ faithful.  And on your way pr_____.
Close up  Close up

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