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Meekins Cemetery (Rodanthe)

In Rodanthe go 0.7 mile north of Holiday Blvd.  The cemetery is about 300' from the road on the sound side and just north of Island Convenience Store.  Photographs were taken in November 2013 by Candy Roth.  In 1995 when Lois Meekins & Amy Gamiel were surveying cemeteries for their book Sacred to Their Memory, this cemetery was said to be clear of large overgrowth but in the last 3 years the cemetery has been completely overwashed with sand, large scrub has grown up and many stones appear to be broken or down.  In 1995 there were about 17 tombstones here but only 3 stones could be seen enough to take pictures in 2013.  Information in brackets is taken from the cemetery book.

[Meekins, Alton P.]     [Son of J.A. & E.D. Meekins]
[Meekins, Ara E.] [Dec. 29, 1881] [Aug. 6, 1958] [Brother]  [see obit]
[Meekins, Daniel F.]     [Son of J.A. & E.D. Meekins]
[Meekins, Elizabeth E.] [Nov. 1, 1852] [Mar. 6, 1938] [86 Yrs. 4 Mos. 5 Days]
[Meekins, Emma D.] [Aug. 19, 1878] [Feb. 5, 1957] [Mother]  [double with John A. Meekins]
[Meekins, J. (James)  Frank] [Feb. 11, 1879] [Oct. 7, 1964] [Papa]  [double with Lavina M. Meekins]  [see obit]
[Meekins, John A.] [Oct. 11, 1876] [Dec. 6, 1952] [Father]  [double with Emma D. Meekins]  [see obit]
[Meekins, L.M. (Luke Marcus)] [Aug. 25, 1845] [Sept. 24, 1900] [Age 55 Yrs. 29 Days]
[Meekins, Lavina M.] [Apr. 15, 1884] [May 15, 1965] [Mama]  [double with J. Frank Meekins]
[Meekins, Nancy T.] [Mar. 21, 1849] [Apr. 11, 1923] [Mother]
Midgett, Beverly Sutherland May 29, 1916 June 7, 1998 On the other hand....   [double with Elmer Vance Midgett, Jr.]  [see obit]
Midgett, Elmer Vance Jr. July 7, 1927 July 29, 1994 Well done Elmer   [double with Beverly Sutherland Midgett]  [see obit]
[Midgett, Lewis A.] [Mar. 8, 1891] [Dec. 8, 1970] [double with Viola M. Midgett]
[Midgett, Margaret M.] [Sept. 4, 1874] [May 22, 1966] [Mother]  [double with Zenith F. Midgett]  [see obit]
Midgett, Michael Elmer July 31, 1951 March 25, 1999 Beloved Father [of] Michael & Jacqueline   Funeral Home Marker  [see obit]
[Midgett, Viola M.] [Sept. 18, 1899] [[Jun 22, 1974] [double with Lewis A. Midgett]
[Midgett, Zenith F.] [July 27, 1873] [Oct. 22, 1957] [Father]  [double with Margaret M. Midgett]



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