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Meekins - Herbert Cemetery (Rodanthe)

From Hwy. 12 in northern Rodanthe take Cross of Honor Way Rd.  Cross of Honor makes a hard right bend at the Sound; turn right immediately after this bend onto Mirlo Court.  The cemetery is on the Mirolo Court cul-de-sac on the left hand side and clearly visible from the road.  In 1992 when Amy Gamiel & Lois Meekins surveyed this cemetery for their book, Sacred To Their Memory, it was in deplorable condition. The headstone of James W. Meekins was propped up on a tree and Celia R. Meekins headstone was lying flat.  In 2013 the cemetery was in a thick growth of bushes and trees and was surrounded by large vacation homes. Thanks to the Mirlo Beach Homeowners Association, volunteers cleared & cleaned up this cemetery and Candy Roth was able to take photos of the tombstones. What a difference the volunteers made in preserving this cemetery!  Photographs were taken by Candy Roth  in October 2013 and in October 2015 after the cemetery was cleaned up.  Information held in brackets is from Sacred To Their Memory.

Herbert, Polly D. Jan. 25, 1867 Jan. 12, 1897 Mother - At Rest - On that bright, immortal shore we shall meet to rest.  Faithful to her trust, even unto death.

[Daughter of James K. & Celia Rebecca (Meekins) Meekins; married Charles Wesley Herbert, Sr. in Rodanthe on June 17, 1894.]  [see closeup]  [see footstone]

Meekins, Celia R. [Rebecca] [May 30, 1848] [Apr. 30, 1923] [Daughter of Wm. Hawkins Meekins & Mary "Polly" Douglas; wife of James K. Meekins whom she married at Cape Hatteras on Oct. 7, 1866]  [see closeup]
Meekins, James K. May 25, 1846 [June 4, 1921] [see death certificate]
Meekins, James W. Nov. 28, 1877 Dec. 11, 1921 Christ loved him and took him home.  [see death certificate]



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