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Isaac Jennette Family Cemetery (Buxton)

Going southwest on  Hwy. 12 in Buxton, the cemetery is on the left across the road from the Buxton Post Office.  Cemetery is in a chain linked fence close to the road.  It is clean and well cared for.  Google Maps for this cemetery.  Photographs were taken in January 2014 by Candy Roth.

Austin, Richard Allen Sept. 16, 1965 Feb. 13, 1988 Son - In loving memory  [see obit]
Barnett, Alma B. Sept. 22, 1907 Aug. 19, 1987 [double with Randolph Barnett]  [see obit]
Barnett, Arvilla C. [Aug. 15] 1903 [Jan. 15] 1989 [double with Joseph D. Barnett]  [see more information on footstone]  [see obit]
Barnett, Caral Dwain Oct. 9, 1945 Jan. 16, 1946 [Epitaph is buried]
Barnett, Edna [Oct. 23] 1913 [Feb. 13] 1989 Mother  [double with Jarvis Barnett]  [Closeup]  [see obit]
Barnett, Jarvis [Feb. 19] 1914 [Mar. 15] 1962 Father  [double with Edna Barnett]  [Closeup]  [see obit]
Barnett, Joseph D. [Aug. 8] 1899 [Apr. 26] 1965 [double with Arvilla C. Barnett]  [see more information on footstone]  [see obit]
Barnett, Lawson Harding Jan. 20, 1921 Aug. 9, 1942 Rock of Ages - In loving memory of - Who gave his life for his country in World War II in the battle for Guadalcanal - A friend to his country and a believer in Christ.  Sleep on dear son, thy warfare is past; the battles are o'er, thou art home at last.  [Closeup]
Barnett, Lonie L. Feb. 9, 1880 Apr. 11, 1956 In loving memory of our darling mother - The things of this life thrilled her no more.  "I want to go home", she would say. So God looked down and took her up there where time is not numbered by days.   [see obit]
Barnett, Randolph Sept. 21, 1907 Nov. 24, 1983 [double with Alma B. Barnett]
Barnett, Walter D. [June 5] 1901 [Aug. 11] 1974 [see obit]
Barnett, W.L. [Walter Loren] Aug. 21, 1876 Dec. 16, 1944 On wings of love to a heavenly home - I was not yours, but God;s alone, He loved me best and took me home.  [see obit for Walter Loren Barnette]
Barnette, Agnes F. Oct. 12, 1912 May 25, 1972 Together forever  [double with Ernest B. Barnette]  [see obit]
Barnette, Aundra N. [Oct. 18] 1915 [Feb. 21] 1982 [double with Florence F. Barnette]  [see obit]
Barnette, Ernest B. Aug. 6, 1909 April 15, 1974 Together forever  [double with Agnes F. Barnette]  [see obit]
Barnette, Florence F. [Sept. 9] 1914 [June 4] 1992 [double with Aundra N. Barnette]  [see obit]
Barnette, Monte Philip Dec. 19, 1938 Mar. 16, 1944 From mother's arms to the arms of Jesus.
Bigelow, Martha R. May 14, 1895 Jan. 17, 1963 [see obit]
Bigelow, Robert M. Dec. 7, 1893 April 25, 1946 Connecticut - MM 1C US Navy - World War I & II
Evans, Neva B. Apr. 22, 1905 Aug. 7, 1979 [double with Thomas J. Evans]  [see obit]
Evans, Thomas J. Sept. 12, 1902 Mar. 24, 1997 [double with Neva B. Evans]  [see obit]
Farrow, Christopher C.   April 10th 1850 Sacred to the Memory of - Aged 47 years 4 Months 28 days.  [Footstone]
Farrow, Redding B. April 13th A.D. 1835 Jany 16th A.D. 1864 Sacred to the memory of - Son of Christopher & Jane Farrow  [Closeup]  [Footstone]

Stop my friend.  Take another view.
The dust that moulders here,
Was once beloved like you.
No longer then on future time rely.
Improve the present,
And prepare to die.

Fulcher, Lula B. 1883 [July 1] 1970 Asleep in Jesus  [double with Octavius C. Fulcher]  [see obit]
Fulcher, Octavius C. 1882 1951 Asleep in Jesus  [double with Lula B. Fulcher   [see obit]
Gray, Davis L. Apr. 3, 1901 Oct. 20, 1908 An angel visited the green earth and took the flower away.
Gray, Isaac J. Jan. 27, 1895 Aug. 27, 1928 He was a kind & loving son & affectionate brother.
Gray, Melissa Ann Mar. 22, 1872 Aug. 20, 1958 Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.  [double with William H. Gray]  [see obit]
Gray. William H. Aug. 12, 1864 May 16, 1930 Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.  [double with Melissa Ann Gray]
Hehl, Nina Barnett June 14, 1906 Aug. 28, 1980 [double with Lt. William H. Hehl]  [see obit]
Hehl, Lt. William H. Aug. 31, 1895 Feb. 28, 1975 [double with Nina Barnett Hehl]  [see obit]
Jennette, Baxter M. Aug. 10, 1891 May 6, 1950 At home with the Lord.  [Woodmen of the World Memorial]  [see obit]
Jennette, Clarence Baxter Mar. 12, 1916 Nov. 20, 1995 [double with Juanita Peele Jennette]  [see obit]
Jennette, Darrel R. July 28, 1932 Mar. 7, 1994 Not my will but thine be done.  [double with Patricia P. Jennette]  [see obit]
Jennette, Devaney Elwood Feb. 9, 1909 Feb. 13, 1989 [double with Dorothy Swezey Jennette]  [Military Marker]  [see obit]
Jennette, Devaney F. Oct. 1, 1882 Dec. 5, 1932 [double with Ella Gray Jennette]
Jennette, Dorothy Swezey Feb. 23, 1921   [double with Devaney Elwood Jennette]
Jennette, Ella Gray Mar. 22, 1883 Apr. 21, 1978 [double with Devaney F. Jennette]
Jennette, Fayonia Peele Mar. 21, 1927 May 26, 2002 Her children arise up and call her blessed.  Her husband also, and he praiseth her.  Prov. 31:28  [see obit]
Jennette, Grace G. Apr. 27, 1921   Precious memories  [double with Isaac C. Jennette]
Jennette, Hosanna C. Oct. 9, 1857 Apr. 1, 1930 Mother  [Triple with Isaac L. Jennette & Isaac L. Jennette, Jr.]
Jennette, Hubert W. 1907 1942 He was the sunshine of our home.  [Footstone]
Jennette, Isaac C. June 14, 1913 May 23, 1997 Precious memories  [double with Grace G. Jennette]  [see obit]
Jennette, Isaac L. Nov. 21, 1857 Jan. 10, 1913 Father  [Triple with Hosanna C. Jennette & Isaac L. Jennette, Jr.]
Jennette, Isaac L. Jr. Dec. 27, 1897 Jul. 28, 1920 Son  [Triple with Isaac L. Jennette & Hosanna C. Jennette]
Jennette, Joseph E. Sr. Aug. 23, 1904 Feb. 9, 1971 At rest  [see obit]
Jennette, Joseph Edward Jr. Feb. 8, 1929 July 23, 2011 Loving husband, Dad & Pop - The Lord watch between me and thee, when we are absent one from another.  Gen. 31:49  [Footstone [see obit]
Jennette, Juanita Peele Oct. 31, 1914 Dec. 8, 1964 [double with Clarence Baxter Jennette]  [see obit]
Jennette, Leo Miller June 15, 1947 Aug. 23, 1968 [Military Marker]  [see obit]
Jennette, Lula Midgett May 1, 1893 Dec. 16, 1964 At home with the Lord.  [see obit]
Jennette, Patricia P. Feb. 19, 1943   Not my will but thine be done.  [double with Darrel R. Jennette]
Jennette, Ruby W. Mar. 4, 1912 Sept. 25, 1944 The light from our home is gone,
A voice we loved is stilled.
There's a vacancy in our hearts,
That never can be filled.
McArthur, Arthur Lee Aug. 28, 1923 Sep. 19, 2001 [double with Beatrice Barnette McArthur]  [see obit]
McArthur, Beatrice Barnette Jun. 6, 1923 Jul. 4, 2002 [double with Arthur Lee McArthur]  [see obit]
Midgett, John N. Sept. 24, 1858 Nov. 15, 1883 Weep not for me parents dear.
I am not dead but sleepeth here.
I was not yours but God's alone.
Who loved me best and took me home.
Midgett, Mary D. Apr. 16, 1839 May 17, 1920 She died as she lived, a Christian.
Midgett, Mary Eizabeth September 9, 1872 October 7, 1961 When the roll is called up yonder I'll be there.  [double with William Thomas Midgett]
Midgett, W.R. [William Riley] Sept. 8, 1832 Nov. 6, 1905 Cease, cease your sighing and weeping.  [Closeup]
Mourn not, neither repine.
Now I'm in heaven's blest keeping,
With Jesus I ever shall shine.
Midgett, William Thomas January 8, 1866 July 17, 1933 When the roll is called up yonder I'll be there.  [double with Mary Elizabeth Midgett]
Scarborough, Gladys Jennette Apr. 27, 1906 Feb. 27, 1994 [double with James Washington Scarborough]  [see obit]
Scarborough, James Washington Mar. 13, 1894 Dec. 20, 1976 [double with Gladys Jennette Scarborough]  [see obit]
Scarborough, Rebecca Jan. 13, 1856 Oct. 5, 1933 [epitaph unreadable]
Scarborough, Richard May 12, 1833 Sept. 4, 1900 [epitaph unreadable]
Stowe, Edith Evans Jan. 9, 1928   [double with Nelson Myron Stowe]
Stowe, Nelson Myron Sept. 19, 1919 Nov. 23, 1976 [double with Edith Evans Stowe]  [Military Marker]  [see obit]
unknown     [no visible writing on the stone]
unknown     [no visible writing on the stone]
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