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Hooper Cemetery - Salvo, NC

Directions: From Hwy 12 in Salvo, go 0.3 of a mile south of Colony Dr. (SR 1431.  The cemetery is on the east side of the highway and close to the road, just north of a business called "Fishing Hole."  Photographs were made in April 2013 and posted here with kind permission by Candy L. Roth.

Bruner, Vivian A. Dec. 28, 1955 Nov. 9, 1992 Daughter - On the wings of a dove.  [double with J. Annette O'Neal]  [another photo]
Harris, Catherine Y. Dec. 19, 1936 Mar. 21, 1997 [double with Dale K. Harris, Sr.]  [see obit]
Harris, Dale Kirkland Jr. Oct. 10, 1955 Aug. 24, 2005 The path we walk with others is the path God walks with us.  [see obit]
Harris, Dale K. Sr. Oct. 18, 1934 June 20, 1982 [double with Catherine Y. Harris]
Hooper, Della Pugh Jan. 4, 1894 Feb. 4, 1971 To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.  [double with Leonard Hassell Hooper]
Hooper. Dora Mae June 26, 1951 Apr. 6, 1957 [Headstone found in 1994 survey but not in 2013]  [see obit]
Hooper, Edward Burgess Aug. 24, 1914 Dec. 17, 1988 [double stone but blank on the opposite side]
Hooper, Florence B. Sept. 11, 1915 Sept. 9, 2004 Gone, but not forgotten.  [double with Jimmie Hooper]  [see obit]
Hooper, Jimmie Feb. 7, 1910 Jan. 17, 1961 Gone, but not forgotten.  [double with Florence B. Hooper]  [see obit]
Hooper, Johnny Burgess Jan. 22, 1945 Jan. 21, 2011 Husband of Linda June - Children: Sandy, Johnny Bul, Tiffany - Grandchildren: Christopher, Jacquelyn, Matthew, Addie, Ciera, Noah, Jonah, Luke [see obit]  [see another photo]
Hooper, Leonard Hassell May 21, 1879 July 6, 1950 To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.  [double with Della Pugh Hooper]  [see obit]
Hooper, Leslie Moore Sept. 19, 1927 Dec. 20, 2003 [no photo available]  [see obit]
Hooper, Melva K. Aug. 3, 1946 Nov. 14, 1997 In God's Care - Daughter  [see obit]
Hooper, Vivian Dean Aug. 4, 1937 May 13, 1945 Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven.  [see obit]
O'Neal, J. Annette Oct. 11, 1939   Mother - On the wings of a dove.  [double with Vivian A. Bruner]
Wage, Eric Kirk Sr. 10-15-65 3-2-11 [see obit]
Wage, Juanita M. Mar. 19, 1945 Apr. 11, 1996 Loving wife & mother.  [see obit]



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