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Wallace Gray Cemetery (Avon)

From Hwy. 12 approximately 3 miles north of Avon, go in at the entrance of Little Kinnakeet Life Saving Station.  Go left in front of the station to the south side and then left 0.7 mile down a lane.  Then walk about 200 ft. southwest through a foot path.  The cemetery is in a wooded area.  The 5 grave markers have been placed in a row when they were moved from the Pamlico Sound area, which was to the west of where the grave markers are now located.  The grave markers were said to have been moved to the present location in the 1960s.  This cemetery was reached by 4-wheel drive vehicle in 1994.  Photos were taken by Dawn Taylor in 2011.

Gray, Charlie W. June 12, 1885 Feb. 13, 1904 Footstone: C.W.G can be seen in upper left photo.
Gray, Cyntha Sept. 7, 1828 Mar. 7, 1917 She made home happy.
Gray, Tilmon J. Jan. 19, 1857 Oct. 21, 1897 Come rest with me.
Gray, Wallace Jan. 23, 1822 Apr. 19, 1899 Sacred to the Memory Of - He made home happy.
Gray, William A. April 30, 1849 Feb. 16, 1913 He made home happy.

Cemetery directions are taken from Sacred to Their Memory by Lois Johnson Meekins and Amy Midgett Gamiel; 2001No part of this document may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research.  Images are for personal use only, not for redistribution.

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