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Gray Cemetery (Little Kinnakeet)

From Hwy. 12 approximately 3 miles north of Avon, go in at the entrance of Little Kinnakeet Life Saving Station and go left in front of the Station to the south side.  Go left 0.2 mile down a lane and turn right on another lane and continue for about 0.1 mile or just before the sound.  The cemetery will be on the right.  This cemetery is said to be located on the former Joshua Gray property.  This cemetery is on a hill and in 1994 was covered with bushes and some trees.  Some of the graves which had been copied at an earlier date by the late George Oliver O'Neal were not located in the 1994 survey, even with the aid of Mr. O'Neal.  Acts of nature had almost covered one stone and a couple of gravestones found at this location had been moved from a nearby location which has since been washed away in the sound.  The old eroded away cemetery was located about 250 feet toward the sound.  The notes of the late Charlie Williams states that "several old wooden grave posts were illegible and now washed away.  One large marble tombstone located to the northeast of the main cemetery has now been misplaces or stolen".  This cemetery was photographed by Dawn Taylor in 2011.  Google maps for this cemetery.

Barnes, Benjiman W. Aug. 12, 1850 Dec. 24, 1912 Faithful to his trust even unto death.
Gray, Bethany S. [mostly buried] Sept. the 10th 1830 May the  8th 1891 [Stone uncovered but hard to read]
Gray, Christopher J.L. Sept. 16, 1872 Feb. 16, 1899 At rest.  [Gravestone moved here from the sound side.]
Gray, Emeline C. [Sept. 27, 1864] Mar. 2, 1890  Age 25 yrs 5 mo & 15 dys  [Epitaph unreadable]  Footstone
Gravestone moved here from the sound side
[See her tombstone in a  photo in  Life magazine issued June 16, 1947]
Gray, Farrow S. [c1855] Dec. 12, 1890 Age 36 yrs 4 mo 8d - Come rest with me.
Gray, Little J. [Joshua] Febr 15 day 1808 Dec. 24, 1891 Aged 33 Yrs, 10 Mo. and 12 D - I have finished my course.
The lady in the picture is Ms. Wanda O'Neal holding her GGG-Grandfather's wooden marker which had apparently washed away and eventually wound up in a  Massachusetts Museum.  It was recently returned to Kinnakeet and preparations are being made to house this marker somewhere other than back in the cemetery from whence it came. [see news article in The Coastland Times]
Gray, Louis B. Feb. 29, 1880 Jan. 11, 1917 My heavenly home is bright and fair.
Gray, Nancy C. Sept. 18, 1857 Apr. 15, 1923 Age 66 years - Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.
Gray, Salina E. [Feb. 18, 1861] [May 7, 1894] [no photo available;  1st wife of Little Cyrus Gray--information from Sacred to Their Memory]
Gray, Sarah A. Jan. 9, 1878 May 2, 1918 When the roll is called up yonder I will be there.

Cemetery directions are taken from Sacred to Their Memory by Lois Johnson Meekins and Amy Midgett Gamiel; 2001No part of this document may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research.  Images are for personal use only, not for redistribution.

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