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Gaylord - Basnight Cemetery
(Also the Midgett Cemetery which was formerly on Etheridge Road)

This Cemetery is located on the North End of Roanoke Island. Traveling down Highway 64/264 going north, you travel 1 tenth of a mile past Etheridge Road (on the left) and turn to your left into a driveway. The Cemetery is in the backyard of the home with a side driveway that is used for cemetery parking. The cemetery is fenced and used to be two separate cemeteries, The Gaylord - Basnight Cemetery and the Midgett Cemetery that was formerly on Etheridge Road.. These two cemeteries were combined about 10 years ago when the fencing on the Gaylord - Basnight Cemetery was extended to include the Midgett Cemetery, which was no longer being maintained. This cemetery is well maintained.  Photos were taken in November 2007 by Tammy Jennings and Marla Beasley.  Information not listed on the tombstone is shown in brackets.

[no last name] Baby     no other information
[no last name] Baby     no other information
[no last name] Baby Martha     no other information [name on concrete pad at foot]
[no last name] Baby Nathan     no other information [name on concrete pad at foot]
[Basnight, Clifford] Baby [Dec. 1909] [after 1910] [son of W.T. & Nancy Basnight--info from census records and family]
Basnight, Glenmoore  [23 Jan.] 1925 [25 June] 1940 Tessie  [Daughter of  Thomas & Mary Basnight]
Basnight, Mary M. 24 Mar. 1896 12 June 1988 Mother [daughter of Ephraim & Margaret Dough Meekins]
Basnight, Nancy Gaylord 1 Feb 1872 25 May 1927 Mother; Wife of W.T. Basnight 1
Basnight, Thomas A. 9 Jan. 1894 7 Aug. 1966 Father Masonic Emblem [Son of W.T. & Nancy Basnight]
Basnight, Thomas Allen Jr. 6 Mar. 1920 2 Jan. 1979 In Loving Memory
Basnight,Thomas Allen  III 27 Aug. 1945 15 May 1997 In Loving Memory -  Husband, Father, Son, Brother & Friend
Basnight, W.T. [Wm. Thomas] 12 Oct. 1866 25 April 1929 Father; Gone but not forgotten
Buchanan, Livia Jade 9 May 2001 6 June 2001 Our Daughter
Buchanan, Nathan Daniel Jr. [22 Aug. 1996] 5 Nov. 1996 Our Son; Age 2 Mo, 14 Days - Little ones to him belong
Crank, J.M.  [Jan.] 1855 1924  
Crank, Sadie G. 29 Feb. 1872 23 Dec. 1905 Wife of J.M. Crank - Gone but not forgotten 1
Dowe, Daniel Lindsey 24 Nov. 1871 21 Mar. 1934 At Rest
Dowe, Sophia Midgett 3 Oct. 1874 27 May 1961 At Rest  [daughter of Charles H. & Sarah Francis Tillett Midgett]
Etheridge, Sarah Francis 17 Feb. 1852 2 Oct. 1919 At Rest - [wife of (1) Charles Henry Midgett; (2) John Wilson Ward; (3) Jesse Benjamin Etheridge - Daughter of Thomas E. & Sophia F. Daniels Tillett]
Gard, Alfred B. 31 Aug. 1896 8 Mar. 1970 Father; There are no partings in Heaven [son of James M. & Calcedonia Daniels Gard]
Gard, Hattie B. 14 Feb. 1896 6 June 1946 Mother; There are no partings in Heaven [daughter of Wm. T. & Nancy Gaylord Basnight]
Gaylord, Mary [18 Mar] 1835 [10 Jan] 1917 Gone but not forgotten
Gaylord, Stephen 1833 1898 Gone but not forgotten
Hancock, Eli Jeremiah 19 Feb. 1980 24 July 2001 Loving Son, Husband & Father [not a Gaylord, Basnight or Midgett family member]
Hancock, John Walden 13 Sept. 1922 27 July, 2007 [not a member of the Gaylord, Basnight or Midgett family]
Hancock, Vera Jensen 14 Feb 1924 1 Feb. 2004 [not a member of the Gaylord , Basnight or Midgett family]
Midgett, Charles H. 20 Dec. 1847 20 July 1892 see foot note 5
Midgett, Charles H. [Jr.] 29 April 1884 5 May 1884 see footnote 8
Midgett, Della B. 15 Oct 1892 18 Oct. 1928 Wife of L.R. Midgett [daughter of W.T. & Nancy Basnight] 7
Midgett, Dora P. 17 May 1873 20 June 1915 Surely the bitterness of death is passed.
Midgett, Elizabeth A. [1797] 30 March 1879 Aged 82 years 3
Midgett, L.R. [Leonidas Rosser] 1 Jan. 1881 17 Mar. 1936 Husband 6 [husband of Della Basnight Midgett]
Midgett, Mildred G. 8 Jan. 1922 16 Dec. 2002 Daughter of Alfred G. & Hattie B. Gard [double with Sheldon D.]
Midgett, Sam M. 19 Aug. 1874 27 May 1907  
Midgett, Samuel N. 3 June 1800 29 Nov. 1873 see foot note 2
Midgett, Sheldon D. 6 Jan. 1929 12 April 2004 Son of George L. & Beatrice M. Midgett [double with Mildred G.]
Owens, Marian Shannon 24 July 1921 22 Jan. 1986 At Rest [daughter of Katie & Charlie Shannon]
Quidley, Cora B. 1851 1886 Mother [double with Thomas W. Quidley]
Quidley, Thomas W. [11 June] 1849 [5 Sept 1921] Father [double with Cora B. Quidley]
Shannon, Charlie C. 9 July 1896 27 Jan. 1972 [double with Katie Basnight Shannon]
Shannon, Katie B. 22 Sept. 1901 23 May 1985 [double with Charlie C. Shannon] [daughter of William T. and Nancy Gaylord Basnight]
Shannon, Robert N. 30 Dec. 1918 27 Mar. 1985 US Navy [son of Charlie & Katie Shannon]
Twine, Margaret A. 1 Dec. 1867 9 Mar. 1887 see foot note 4

Foot Notes:
   1. Nancy Gaylord Basnight and Sadie Gaylord Crank are twins, this fact is verified via census and family records, we are unsure as to which birthday is correct. We, members of the family, suspect Nancy's is the incorrect one and she may have been born on March 1, 1872, as opposed to 1 Feb. 1872.
   2. Samuel N. Midgett inscription: Farewell my Wife and Children dear, I am not dead but sleeping here, My peace is made my grave you see, Prepare for death and follow me.
   3. Elizabeth A. Midgett inscription: She died in Jesus and is blest, How sweet her slumbers are, In sin and death and misery, and free from every snare.
   4. Margaret Twine inscription: Lo, Jesus' power, the sleep of death hath broken. And wiped the tear from Sorrow's drooping eye. Look up ye mourners, hear what he has spoken. "He that believes in me shall never die."
   5. Charles H. Midgett inscription: Remember friends as you pass by, That all mankind are born to die, Then let your care on Christ be cast, That you may dwell with Him at last.
   6. L.R. Midgett inscription: Dearest Brother thou hast left us, Here thy loss we deeply feel, But tis God that has benefit, He can all our sorrows heal.
   7. Della B. Midgett inscription: A Precious one from us has gone, A voice we love is stilled, A place is vacant in our home, Which never can be filled. sp;  
Charles H. Midgett, [Jr.] inscription: But of beauty nipped in death, O no upbourne to fairer skies. Where no rude wind with icy breath will blight a flower of paradise.

No part of these records may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research.



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