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Fulcher Cemetery (Frisco)

From Hwy. 12 in Frisco take Sunset Strip and go 0.1 mile.  Take a hard surface road to the right and go for about 0.3 mile.  The cemetery will be on the right side of the road and up an embankment.  Sacred To Their Memory, published in 2001, makes the following statement: "The cemetery was copied about 1988 and at that time the 3 graves with ** beside them were not found in this location.  Because the 3 headstones have been placed in an unlikely burial pattern, it is believed these 3 tombstones were placed here from another grave site area.  The stones are placed so close together they are almost touching.  It is believed that the gravestone of Nancy F. Farrow is probably in or near its original site because Sabrina G. Farrow's footstone was lodged by a pine that had grown close to it.  It is believed that her headstone is in its original place, or has been there for a long time."  The homemade stone for Norma T. Fulcher was not in this cemetery in the 1994 survey so it has been made and placed here in the last 20 years.  Photographs were taken on January 18, 2014 by Candy Roth.

**Farrow, Nancy F. April 3, 1835 Sept. 6, 1851 Sacred to the memory of - Wife of David W. Farrow

Dear Husband, Daughter and parents do not weep
I am not dead but here do sleep
And here my body must slumber
Till Christ shall call me forth again

Farrow, Sabrina G. May 31st A.D. 1851 May 12th A.D. 1865 Sacred to the memory of - Daughter of David W. & Nancy F. Farrow - aged 13 years 11 mos. 11 days

When the pain of life is o'er:
How sweet it is to rest:
Beside the buried bones of those
When living we loved best.

Fulcher, Cynthia H. June 18, 1849 Nov. 20, 1913 Our Mother - Wife of Geo. L. Fulcher - Asleep
**Fulcher, Dellora H. April 13th 1842 Aug. 4th 1843 In memory of - Daughter of Benjamin T. & Lydia Fulcher - Aged 1 year 3 mo. & 21 days.

Weep not for those Who sink within the arms of death
Ere yet the chilling wintry breath Of sorrow o'er them blows.

Fulcher, Esta L. Mar. 29, 1883 Nov. 13, 1899 Wife of Arthur J. Fulcher
Fulcher, George L. Mar. 14, 1838 Jan. 5, 1897 Asleep in Jesus
**Fulcher, Martha A.J. Dec. 27th 1839 Dec. 20th 1858 In memory of - Daughter of Benjamin T. & Lydia Fulcher
Fulcher, Mary Nov. 29, 1882 June 19, 1927 Wife of A.J, Fulcher - Beloved one farewell  [Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle]  [Closeup]
Fulcher, Norma T. June 1, 1922 Nov. 20, 1922 [death certificate states buried in Buxton.  The homemade stone was not found in a 1994 survey so it's been placed in this cemetery in the last 20 years.  Both of Norma's parents are buried in Buxton in the Isaac Jennette Family Cemetery.]
Styron, Ann Mch. 14, 1821 [Aug. 3, 1910] Wife of G.L. Styron  [death date taken from Sacred To Their Memory]
Styron, Geo. L. Dec. 22, 1819 Mar. 4, 1901 Age 82, yrs. - At rest.
Styron, Ina June 29, 1906 Jan. 23, 1909 Our loved one.
Styron, Jessielyn Aug. 3, 1908 Dec. 20, 1921 [see another photo]  [see death certificate]
Swain, Letitia E. Apr. 3, 1869 Jan. 19, 1921 Wife of M.D. Swain - Safe in the arms of Jesus.



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