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E.R. Daniels Cemetery

This cemetery is located in Wanchese, Dare County, North Carolina.  From Hwy. 345 going toward Wanchese, take Old Wharf Rd. (SR 1168) and go about 0.4 miles, then fork left on Pugh Rd. (SR 1148) and go 0.2 mile, then left on E.R. Daniels Rd. (SR 1147) and go 0.4 miles.  The cemetery will be on the right about 250 feet from the road.  In 1940 the WPA reported this cemetery to be in very good condition but in 2000 only 4 gravestones were found.  These were propped up along the backside of a shed.  Some of the stones were broken off and were reported to have been struck by bulldozers, however, the stones were readable.  Click on underlined names for a picture of the tombstone Google Maps for this cemetery.

Photographs were taken by Vicki Daniels Simpson in January 2002 and sent to Dan and Mary Hayman Kemp who submitted them to the Dare website for posting.  Mrs. Simpson offers this information about the E.R. Daniels Cemetery:

My family moved onto this property in 1961. We lived in a two story old home on the front part of the land. My Dad [Jimmie Tucker Daniels] built the house he lives in now and the old home was torn down. All the land around us was thickly wooded. The property was in very bad condition. He does remember clearly finding the graveyard when he was clearing land. There were 4 markers standing and he found one lying on the ground in the middle of the others. The four stones were leaning. He says they gradually fell down over time due to hurricane winds and tides that came up and covered that area. The land was much lower back then. My father had a boat basin dug and put ditches along the property which eventually built the land up higher. The marsh and canals are on the back line of his property. As the stones fell, he placed them in a pile together. The graveyard was in the area behind the barn they are now leaning on. I remember well a woman came to Wanchese when I was much younger with permission to move a grave that had been in this grave yard. There was no stone for her family member, but she had proof that he was buried there. With permission from someone, she moved a shovel of dirt to a cemetery and placed a marker over it with his name, etc. My Dad thinks it was her father, his last name was Drinkwater, and he worked for Mr. E. R. Daniels who lived in the old home we moved into in 1961. E. R. Daniels was a very successful man in the late 1800's and owned a store which was across the street from my Dad's property. He had hired help that lived on the property and Mr. Drinkwater was an employee.

Daniel, Elizabeth   Aug. 1, 1886

Wife of C.S. Daniel; Age 70 yrs.

Daniels, Ann Debro Dec 1, 1848 Apr. 22, 1893

In memory of my beloved wife

Daniels, C.S. [Charles Skinner] Mar. 10, 1820 Oct. 28, 1892

Age 72 yrs.

Daniels, T.W. [Thomas William] [June 8] 1843 [Apr. 15] 1924  
Additional information from Mary Hayman Kemp:
     Charles Skinner Daniels (1820-1892), son of Thomas Daniels & Sarah T. Rollins, was born in Wanchese.  He married Elizabeth Basnight (1816-1886) who was born in East Lake, Tyrrell Co.
     1) Thomas William Daniels
     2) Sarah Elizabeth Daniels
     3) Sabra Ann Daniels
     4) Caroline W. Daniels
     5) Charles Bailey Daniels
     6) Ezekiel Rollins Daniels



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