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Daniels Cemetery

This cemetery is located in Wanchese, Dare County, North Carolina.  From Hwy. 345 in Wanchese, take Old Wharf Rd. (SR 1168), then turn left onto School House Road (SR 1145) and go about 250 feet.  The cemetery is on the left about 150 feet from the road.  Click on underlined names for a picture of the tombstone.  Google Maps for this cemetery.

4 infant graves [no dates] [no dates] [no markings on any of the stones]
Daniel, Mary A. Sept. 4, 1844 Aug. 8, 1875

Wife of B.T. Daniel

Daniels, B.T. Aug. 25, 1846 June 14, 1911 Close-up photo
At Rest
Woodmen of the World emblem
FLT (Friendship, Love, Truth - Independent Order of the Odd Fellows)
Daniels, Carmitchael June 10, 1924 May 1, 1988 Father; "Mickey"
[double with Edith Benton Daniels]
Daniels, Edith Benton May 17, 1926 [no date] Mother; "Eda"
[double with Carmitchael Daniels]
Daniels, Edna S. July 10, 1904 [no date] [double with Ivey E. Daniels]
Daniels, Ivey E. July 18, 1901 Feb. 8, 1965 [double with Edna S. Daniels]
Daniels, Sarah F. June 22, 1857 Oct. 27, 1943 Mother; At Rest
Daniels, Willie Ethelbert March 6, 1923 April 24, 2007 "Gert"; We Love And Miss you Dad
Photo of W.E. Daniels inset into the headstone
Girl (a dog) Feb. 18, 1976 Sept. 7, 1990  
Simpson, A. Norman March 17, 1900 August 29, 1969  
Simpson, Algertie D. Mar. 8, 1871 Oct. 25, 1965 [double with Willie C. Simpson]
Simpson, W.C. Dec. 5, 1871 Oct. 24, 1911 In My Fathers House Are Many Mansions
[has 2 separate headstones in this cemetery--see below]
Simpson, Willie C. Dec. 5, 1871 Oct. 24, 1911 [double with Algertie D. Simpson]
[has 2 separate headstones in this cemetery--see above]
Tiger (a cat) June 1976 July 26, 1996  

Photographs of headstones in this cemetery were taken in May 2008 by Marla Beasley.  Cemetery directions are taken from Sacred to Their Memory by Lois Johnson Meekins and Amy Midgett Gamiel.  No part of this document may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research.  Images are for personal use only, not for redistribution.



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