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Baum Cemetery

This cemetery is located in Wanchese, Dare County, North Carolina.  From Hwy. 345 in Wanchese, take Baumtown Rd. and go about 1/2 mile.  The cemetery is on the right about 500 feet from the road.  Click on underlined names for a picture of the tombstone.  Google Maps for this cemetery.

Baum, Bettie E.
[Mary Elizabeth McDaniel Midyett Baum]
May 17, 1867 April 21, 1929

Wife of Samuel Baum - Asleep in Jesus

Baum, Clarence T. Mch. 27, 1902 Jan. 3, 1903 Son of T. & L.J. Baum - A precious one from us has gone; A voice we loved is stilled;  [rest of epitaph is underground]
Baum, Edith Davis "Granny" Dec. 8, 1894 Mar. 19, 1984 Pure in heart
Baum, Esther Oct. 18, 1785 Oct. 18, 1862 In Memory Of
Baum, Esther Sept. 27, 1892 July 18, 1893 Asleep in Jesus, Blessed sleep.
Baum, Geo. W. [Washington] Baum Feb. 8, 1857 Sept. 24, 1891 In Memory Of - Farewell my brothers and sisters dear.  I am not dead but sleeping hear [sic].
Baum, George W. [Wolftenden] "Pop" Aug. 3, 1894 Apr. 14, 1982 Farmer, Carpenter, Fisherman  [see obit]
Baum, Josiah July 8, 1879 Feb. 28, 1933 Safe in the arms of Jesus.
Baum, Lillie M. Apr. 7, 1899 June 2, 1905 Daughter of Thos. & Lucy Baum - Asleep in Jesus, Blessed sleep.
Baum, Lillie M. June 24, 1905 August 8, 1905 Asleep in Jesus. Close? to thee.
Baum, Lorena May 17, 1896 Dec. 22, 1899 [Epitaph unreadable]
Baum, Lucy Midgett Dec. 13, 1873 Mar. 11, 1926 Beloved wife of Thomas Baum - Age 52 yrs  [Double with Thomas Baum]
Baum, Mary A. May 1, 1848 Dec. 21, 1921 Wife of Summers C. Baum - Sleep on dear mother and take thy rest, We miss you most who loved you best, God took you home, it was his will, but in our hearts you are living still.
Baum, Mary G. Mar. 26, 1901 July 16, 1901 Asleep in Jesus, Blessed sleep.
Baum, Mittie B. [May 25, 1899] [Sept. 26, 1899?] [No photo available -  A 1992 survey of this cemetery showed this tombstone, however, no stone for Mittie was found in 2012.  Information is taken from Sacred to Their Memory by Lois Johnson Meekins & Amy Midgett Gamiel.]
Baum, Sallie G. Oct. 10, 1831 Nov. 28, 1894 In Memory Of - Dearest mother thou hast left us. Here thy loss we deeply feel.  But tis God that hast bereft us.  He can all our sorrows heal.
Baum, Samuel Jan. 3, 1789 Jan. 1, 1865 Son of Abraham Baum  [This headstone appears to be fairly new.  When the cemetery was surveyed in 1992, Samuel's death date on the old stone was Jan. 18, 1865.]
Baum, Samuel Oct. 20, 1824 Dec, 5, 1882 Sad is the house and lone the hours, Since thy sweet smiles have gone;  But Oh, a brighter home than ours, In Heaven is now thine own.
Baum, Samuel [Warren] Sept. 17, 1865 March 29, 1940 At rest.  [see his will]
Baum, Samuel W. May 3, 1907 July 21, 1907 Asleep in Jesus.  [rest of epitaph is unreadable]
Baum, Sara Ann Feb. 15, 1881 July 28, 1923  
Baum, Summers C. Baum
[Summers Columbus Godfrey Baum]
Oct. 1, 1853 Apr. 17, 1908 Dearest father thou hast left us in this sinful world to roam.  But we hope someday tot meet you in that bright and happy home.
Baum, Thomas [Nov. 29] 1863 [Nov. 5] 1930 [Double with Lucy Midgett Baum]  [see his will]
Baum, Thomas T. Mch. 18, 1903 Apr. 5, 1903 Infant son of T.H. & L.C. Baum - Darling we miss thee.  We know thou art gone where Jesus is waiting.
Baum, William S. [Summers] Feb. 19, 1873 July 29, 1927  
Daniels, Bernard Afton Sep. 8, 1914 Apr. 7, 1991 RM2 - US Navy - World War II
Daniels, Gertrude Baum Quidley May 11, 1917 Feb. 27, 1999 Mimmie - Daughter of Edith Gertrude Davis and George W. Baum - Wife of George Hale Quidley and Bernard Afton Daniels - Leaning on the everlasting arms.  [see obit]
Etheridge, Caroline June 8, 1855 Mar. 2, 1900 Wife of C.S. Etheridge
Giordano, Arlene F. Sept. 1, 1948 Oct. 28, 1996 Daughter of Joseph & Evelyn Giordano
Hingerty, Robert H. 1890 1917 [Longshot]
Quidley, Delores Jean May 18, 1954 Sept. 20, 1959 [see obit]
Quidley, George Hale October 5, 1913 November 17, 1963  
Quidley, Harriet Anna Tillett Feb. 17, 1935 Nov. 27, 1999 Mama - Daughter of Viola Estelle Tillett and Marshal Fields Tillett; Wife of Philip Hale Quidley - A virtuous woman whose worth is far above rubies.  [see obit]
Quidley, Philip Hale [Sr.] Nov. 30, 1933 [Oct. 11, 2012] Paw Paw - Son of Gertrude Baum and George Hale Quidley - A sinner--forgiven.  [see obit]
Quidley, Philip Hale Jr. Jun. 27, 1956 Apr. 18, 2001 US Army  [see obit]
Ward, Mary E. Feb. 28, 1862 Aug. 28, 1904 Wife of H.B. Ward - Mother thou hast

Photographs of headstones in this cemetery were taken in October 2012 by Marla Beasley.  No part of this document may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research.  Images are for personal use only, not for redistribution.



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