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Baum - Meekins Cemetery - Manteo, NC

Two of these markers were found close to the woods and appeared to be corner markers for the cemetery.

From Hwy. 64/264 in Manteo take Mother Vineyard Rd. and go for about 0.7 mile.  The cemetery will be on the right about 400 feet off the road.  The cemetery was cleared in about 2009 but has since overgrown.  The WPA Records (pg. 65) show that this cemetery was surveyed in 1938 as "Meekins Cemetery".  Lois Meekins & Amy Gamiel surveyed it for their book, Scared To Their Memory in June 1992,  Patrick Patterson surveyed it in 2012 and it can be seen on his Find-A-Grave site.  Judy Brickhouse, her cousin Brenda, and Kay Midgett Sheppard photographed it again on October 20, 2013.

The Daily Advance  (Elizabeth City, NC) - Monday, August 5, 1963
MOTHER VINEYARD AND NEARBY GRAVEYARD by E.O. (Jack) Baum - Editors Note--While on a recent visit to Roanoke Island I became interested in the old grape-vine long known as Mother Vineyard and the old graveyard nearby of the family who owned and cultivated it for over two hundred years.  Due to heavy undergrowth, the records were copied from only about a half of the headstones, the oldest was Abraham Baum (1742-1833).  Peter Baum, who owned more than 250 acres, secured before 1729, of the surrounding land on which this vine thrives today, may have been buried in the same burying ground some seventy or eighty years before his grandson Abraham.
    Many of the old headstones are in remarkably fine state of preservation today and easy to decipher.  Relative to the old scuppernong grape vine, the following information may be of interest:
    The late Dr. William C. Etheridge, native of Roanoke Island and Dean Emeritus of the College of Agriculture of the University of Missouri, has written the following about the vine "....The first title to the land which includes the site of the Mother Vineyard was granted to Peter Baum.  This was previous to 1729....Solomon Baum (1813-1898) often told the father and uncle of the author that the vine had not changed during his life time; that in his old age it looked the same as when he was a boy; that his father, Maurice Baum II (1772-1839) and his grandfather, Abraham Baum, had told him that the trunks were big and old from their earliest recollections and during their lives had not changed...."
    An odd echo of the voice of Abraham is lately quoted by the late John C. Bragaw in the October issue of The State.  He drew from North Carolina Reader (1858) the following reference to Mother Vineyard, by a roving reporter: 'The first vine of this name (Scuppernong) was found near the banks of the Scuppernong some of the party composing of the first Anglo-Saxon settlement on Roanoke small vine was transplanted very soon on Roanoke Island, where, only a few years ago I was told by old Abraham Baum, then 84 years old, that when he was a boy the vine was the largest on the Island.'
    The boyhood of Abraham Baum, born in 1742, was in the late 1740's and early 1750's.  If Mother Vineyard so long ago could have been described in such terms as 'big and old and largest on the Island', it obviously was too far advanced in age to have been set by the earliest of the Baums.  Peter Baum could scarcely obtained his grant before 1715, indeed a later date is likely.  So at most, there was a period of only some 35 years for the trunks to have reached the stage described by Abraham.  If the vine had been planted by the Baums, the old generations of the family would have known it, for the vine was a conspicuous feature of their ancestral homestead.  They didn't know it.  Almost certainly the Baums did not plant Mother Vineyard.  Why was this vine called Mother Vineyard?  The author doesn't know that either; perhaps the name just grew, as names of old things do grow, such as "Father of Waters" for the Mississippi River."
    The exact age of this remarkable vine is unknown but many historians believe it antidates the first attempted settlement by the English on Roanoke Island in July 1587.

Arey, Mary Lavinia July 4, 1878 Jan. 25, 1906 Wife of Capt. E.C. Arey - How many hopes lie buried here.
[Ernest Chester Arey was a seaman who was born in Bristol, Waldo Co., Maine in 1878.  He married Mary Lavinia Midgett in Norfolk, Va. on Nov. 12, 1904.  After Mary's death Ernest married Annie Lee Midgett in Elizabeth City, Pasquotank Co., NC. on July 10, 1909.  Ernest and Annie are buried together in the Manteo Cemetery.
Ashbee, Abel C. [c1828] Sep. 5, 1887 In memory of - Aged 59 years - Rest, dear husband, rest, From all affliction free; Death can part us here, But soon I'll rest with thee.  [Abel married Mary S. (unknown maiden name) between 1860-1870.  Abel left a will in 1886.
Baum, Abraham Oct. 10, 1742 Jan. 25, 1833 In memory of - No trouble that we meet, Shall rob us of our rest, For Jesus makes them all complete in his own righteousness. [Abraham was the son of Maurice & Martha Baum and married Sarah Mann before 1772.]
Baum, Ann A. Feb. 1782 May 1862 In memory of - My children whom I love Prepare to meet my god? above.  [Daughter of Solomon Ashbee and wife of Morris/Maurice Baum.  Anna wrote her will in 1851 and it was probated in 1867.]
Baum, Benjamin [c1803] May 10, 1836 In Memory Of - Aged 33 years 4 mos. 10 days - Weep not for me I am not dead, My gentle spirit is only fled Into my Saviour's arms Where I rejoice in perfect.....   [Son of Maurice/Morris Baum & Ann Ashby and husband of Margaret B. Baum.]
Baum, Joseph [Ashby] Mar. 29, 1807 May 23, 1861 My beloved is gone never to return.  Him will I go and see.  [Married Sarah "Sally" Forbes before 1834.  Left a Currituck will in 1861.]
Baum, Morris [aka Maurice] March 15th 1772 December 14th 1839 In Memory Of - Aged 67 years 9 months and 1 day - There is a rest for pious worth All sacred hope is given Atho' we're parted here on earth We yet shall meet in Heaven.
[Married Ann Ashby before 1800.  Morris wrote his Currituck will in 1834.]
Baum, Sallie Feb. 1, 1809 May 4, 1880 In memory of - wife of Joseph Baum - Our mother here lies under ground, The dearest friend we ever found; But through the Lord's unbounded love, We'll meet again in realms above.  [Sarah Forbes married Joseph Ashby Baum before 1834.]
Baum, Sarah [Dec. 14, 1781] February 17, 1837 aged 55 years 2 months and 3 days  [Sarah "Sally" Midyett married Azariah Baum before 1798.  Sarah was the daughter of Thomas Midyett & Miriam Baum.  "Sally" Baum wrote a Currituck will in 1836.]
Baum, Soloman A. [Ashbee] May 2, 1813 Nov. 19, 1898
[Princess Anne Co., VA]
"Rest for the toiling hand, Rest for the anxious brow, Rest for the weary waysore feet, Rest from all labor now."  [Son of Maurice Baum & Anna Ashbee]
Source: Fisherman & Farmer [Elizabeth City, NC newspaper] - Fri. Nov. 25,1898
Manteo:  Mr. Solomon Baum of Princess Anne County, Virginia, a former resident of this place, was bought here for burial Monday night and was buried in the old family burying ground at Mr. Frank Meekins on Tuesday morning.  He died in the 85th year of his age.
Bliven, G.B. [George Benjamin] February 5, 1834 December 26, 1891 Dearest Father thou hast left us, Here thy loss we deeply feel; But it's God that hath bereft us; He our sorrows all can heal.  [George B. Bliven married Mahala Baum Howard in Currituck Co. on Mar. 10, 1858.]
Bliven, George C. July 28, 1900 Sept. 19, 1900 Infant son of C.F. & A.E. Bliven  [Charles Franklin Bliven (1877-1914) married Ada Elizabeth Chappell (1881-1960.]
Bliven, Mahala B. Nov. 10, 1837 Oct. 12, 1895 Aged 57 yrs. 11 mos. & 2 days - Sad is the house and lonely the hour Since thy bright smiles are gone.  But oh! a brighter home than ours In Heaven is now thine own.   [Wife of George Benjamin Bliven]
Bliven, Martha E. [1873] May 15, 1876 Daughter of G.B. & M.B. Bliven - Aged 3 yrs. & 9 days. - Lifes troubled sea thou hast escaped, No billows round thee near; [remainder of epitaph is underground]
Brinkley, Camille L. Jan. 15, 1885 June 5, 1915 Sister - How many fond hopes lie buried here.  [Camille was the daughter of William T. Brinkley & Levinia Baum.  Camille never married.  She wrote her will in Princess Anne Co., VA on May 13, 1915 and it was probated June 25, 1915.  She left everything to her sister, Susan (Brinkley) Drinkwater. [Footstone]  
Brinkley, J.E. [Joseph] March 11, 1870 Oct. 25, 1906 At Rest - Dearest Brother thou hast left us, Here thy loss we deeply feel; But tis God that hath bereft us; He can all our sorrows heal.  [Footstone]  [Son of William T. Brinkley & Lavinia Baum.]
Brinkley, Lavinia Dec. 24, 1851 Jan. 11, 1900 To the memory of - One precious to our hearts is gone, The voice we loved is stilled, The place made vacant in our home, Can never more be filled. Our Father in his wisdom called, The boon his love had given, And though on earth the body lies, The soul is safe in Heaven.  [Lavinia, daughter of Joseph Ashby Baum & Sarah Forbes, married William T. Brinkley in Currituck Co. on Jan. 5, 1868.]  [Footstone]
Brinkley, William Cephous October 1, 1872 August 17, 1921 We knew no sorrow, knew no grief, till thy bright face was missed.  [Son of William T. Brinkley & Lavinia Baum.]  [Footstone]
Brinkley, W.T. [William] May 1, 1845 Dec. 3, 1886 Why do we mourn departed friends. Or shake at deaths alarms. Tis but the voice that Jesus sends. To call them to his arms.  Masonic Emblem  [Footstone]  [Husband of Lavinia Baum]
Etheridge, A.S. Aug. 5, 1888 Dec. 4, 1888 Son of D.W. & H.C. Etheridge  [Daniel Warren Etheridge married Humantha Chauncey Meekins in Dare Co. on Oct. 27, 1881.]
Etheridge, Fanny [c1784] April the 10th day 1828 Aged forty-three years &11 ms.
Etheridge, H.C. [Humantha Chauncey] Mar. 26, 1859 Sept. 3, 1889 Wife of D.W. Etheridge - The gold is rifled from the coffer, The blade is stolen from the sheath; Life has but one more boon to offer, And that is Death.
Forbes, Caroline Virginia   Aug. 28, 1846 Daughter of Sam'l. T. & Winey Forbes - Age 10 mos. 7 days
Forbes, W.G. [William] Oct. 27, 1856 Mar. 19, 1908 [William G. Forbes married Blanche J. Dough in Dare Co. on May 28, 1883]
Forbes, Winnie Dec. 23, 1817 July 12, 1876 Dearest Mother thou hast left us, Here thy loss we deeply feel; But tis God that hath bereft us; He can all our sorrows heal.  [Daughter of Maurice/Morris Baum & Ann Ashby; wife of Samuel T. Forbes]
Howard, Benjamin February 14th 1795 November 19th 1842 In Memory of - Farewell my wife and children dear, I am not dead but sleeping here; My peace is made my grave you see, Prepare for death and follow me.  [Benjamin married Sarah Ann Baum on Oct. 10, 1825.]
Howard, James L. Nov. 11, 1834 Nov. 29, 1898 Age 64 y'rs. - "The circle is broken-Two seats is forsaken-Two buds from the tree, Of our friendship is shaken."  [James, son of Benjamin Howard & Sarah Ann Baum, never married.  He wrote his will July 23, 1898 and it was probated Dec. 5, 1898.  He left George Bliven and his wife Frances "the place where I now live on Roanoke Island and known as the Howard homeplace containing 100 acres and after their deaths to their youngest child."  He also left George A. Bliven & Charley F. Bliven the rest of his real estate and marsh on the beach.  "I have given to my uncle, Solomon A. Baum, certain personal property he now has and at his death whatever remains goes to George A. & Charley F. Bliven"
Howard, Sarah Ann Mar. 9, 1805 Oct. 30, 1866 In memory of - Aged 61 y'rs. 7 mo's. & 21 days - Dearest Mother thou hast left us, And thy loss we deeply feel; But tis God that hath bereft us; He can all our sorrows heal.  [Daughter of Maurice/Morris Baum & Ann Ashby; wife of Benjamin Howard]
Meekins, B.F. [Benjamin Franklin] April 20, 1850 Oct. 6, 1909 Age 59 yrs. 5 mo. 16 days - We cannot tell who next may fall Beneath Thy chastening rod, One must be first, but let us all, Prepare to meet our God.  [Benjmain Franklin Meekins, son of Isaac Chauncey Meekins & Mahala Baum, married 1st Nancy Midgett in Dare Co. on Aug. 15, 1878 and 2nd Nancy C. Hooker on June 15, 1887.]
Meekins, Elizabeth M. Mar. 8, 1823 Oct. 6, 1897 "How still and peaceful is the grave, When days of grief are past, The silent  solitary house, Receives us all at last."  [Elizabeth was the daughter of Maurice/Morris Baum & Ann Ashby and wife of Francis Asbury Meekins.]
Meekins, Ethel 1888 1896 [Daughter of Benjamin Franklin Meekins and his 2nd wife, Nancy C. Hooker]
Meekins, Humantly 1889 1890 [Daughter of Benjamin Franklin Meekins and his 2nd wife, Nancy C. Hooker]
Meekins, Isaac Chauncey May 15, 1822 March 29, 1885 Sacred to the memory of - A devoted Husband and Father: A good Citizen.  An honest Man. - "And they shall be mine, saith the Lord of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels."  [Isaac was the son of Daniel Meekins (1781-circa May 1828) & Esther Mann (1787-1861) and the husband of Mahala (Baum) Meekins.  See his will here.]
Meekins, Mahala Nov. 16, 1819 Apr. 11, 1892 In memory of - "All is well with me forever, I do not fear to go. My tide is but beginning It's bright eternal flow."  [Mahala was the daughter of Maurice/Morris Baum & Ann Ashby and wife of Isaac Chauncey Meekins.]
Meekins, Nancy Mar. 4, 1858 Feb. 7, 1883 "Ah, when at death we part, How deep, how keen the pain; But we shall still be joined in heart, And hope to meet again."  [Daughter of Morris/Maurice M. Midgett & Mary Thamer Baum and 1st wife of Benjamin Franklin Meekins]
Meekins, Spencer H. 1894 1895 [Son of Benjamin Franklin Meekins and his 2nd wife, Nancy Hooker.]
Midgett, Mary T. Dec. 11, 1838 March 11, 1915 Wife of Morris Midgett - Age 77 yrs 3 mos. - Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep from which none ever wakes to weep. [Daughter of Joseph Ashby Baum & Sarah Forbes] 
Midgett, Morris M. May 7, 1832 May 23, 1888 Thou art gone to the grave; we no longer behold thee, Nor tread the rough paths of the world by thy side; But the wide arms of mercy are spread to enfold thee, And sinners may hope, since the Saviour hath died.  [Maurice/Morris Midgett, son of John Mann Midgett & Nancy Baum, married Mary Thamer Baum, daughter of Joseph Ashby Baum & Sarah Forbes, on Jan. 8, 1857.  Mary's father and Maurice's mother were brother & sister.]
Schiffman, Camille Brinkley Sept. 18, 1909 Aug. 30, 1995 Mother  [double with her daughter also named Camille Brinkley Schiffman]  [see obit]
Schiffman, Camille Brinkley Aug. 19, 1934 Aug. 31, 2008 Daughter [double with her mother also named Camille Brinkley Schiffman]  [see obit]
Styron, Adolphus G. [Gustavus] Aug. 7, 1849 Oct. 12, 1879 In memory of  [Son of Wallace H. Styron & Frances A. Baum; grandson of Morris Baum & Ann Ashbee]  [see 1850 Hyde Co. census; 1860 Beaufort Co. census & 1870 Tyrrell Co. census]
Twine, Margaret [c1803] June 13, 1850 In Memory of - Wife of Rev. Abraham Twine - aged 47 years, 5 mo's & 7 days - Then welcome the kind hour of death, That ends this painful strife. The hand that stops this mortal breath Will give eternal life.  [Abraham Twine married Margaret "Peggy" Baker in Gates Co., NC on Mar. 18, 1824.  After Margaret's death, Abraham married Mary E. Avery in Currituck Co. on Mar. 6, 1851.]
Willis, Hattie Berry July 31, 1906 Aug. 8, 1907 Age 1 yr. 8 d'ys.  [Daughter of George M. Willis & Olive E. Bliven; granddaughter of George Albert Bliven & Sarah Frances Ward; great-granddaughter of George Benjamin Bliven & Mahala Baum Howard.]

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