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Barnette Cemetery (Frisco)

From Hwy. 12 in Frisco turn into Piney Ridge Rd. at the Little Grove United Methodist Church and bear to the left.  The cemetery is about 0.1 mile on the left close to the road   Google Maps for the cemetery.  Photographs were taken January 18, 2014 by Candy Roth.  The cemetery is well maintained.

Barnett, Amelia T. June 6, 1944   [double with Jackie J. Barnett, Sr.]
Barnett, Bertie Mar. 22, 1928 Jan. 6, 1958 At rest  [see obit for Bertie Barnette]
Barnett, Cortney Apr. 4, 1892 Jan. 5, 1948 Asleep in Jesus peaceful rest.
Barnett, Edith W. Dec. 23, 1906 Aug. 3, 2004 Asleep in Jesus  [double with Sherman W. Barnett]  [see obit]
Barnett, Eunice Willis Feb. 14, 1941 July 6, 1977 [double with George Myron Barnett]  [see obit]  [Closeup]
Barnett, George Myron Mar. 22, 1928 Nov. 12, 2005 [double with Eunice Willis Barnett]  [see obit for George Myers Barnett]
Barnett, Jackie J. Sr. June 22, 1933 June 17, 2013 [double with Amelia T. Barnett]  [see obit]
Barnett, Robert Rayle "Bobby" Jan. 22, 1959 July 21, 2008 [see obit]
Barnett, Sherman W. Mar. 29, 1910 Oct. 21, 1990 Asleep in Jesus  [double with Edith W. Barnett]  [see obit]
Barnette, Beatrice P. Apr. 24, 1925 May 2, 2008 In loving memory  [double with Bennie B. Barnette]  [see obit]
Barnette, Bennie B. May 20, 1921 Nov. 20, 1982 In loving memory  [double with Beatrice P. Barnette]  [see obit]
Barnette, O.G. [Orestes Gertrude] Dec. 27, 1881 Oct. 9, 1936 God's finger touched him and he slept.
Farrow, Murray L. Mar. 11, 1927 Dec. 20, 1974 Jesus called, he answered.  [Military Marker]  [see obit]
Hooper, Floyd W. Aug. 3, 1916 July 26, 1982 [double with Janie C. Hooper]  [Flowers are obscuring the epitaph]  [see obit]
Hooper, Janie C. Apr. 28, 1919 [Dec. 5, 2012] [double with Floyd W. Hooper]  [Flowers are obscuring the epitaph]  [see obit]
Williams, Allen B. Feb. 9, 1908 Sept. 18. 1988 Our children: Donnie, Dianne and Ronald  [double with Christine Barnette Williams]  [Masonic Emblem]  [see obit]
Williams, Christine Barnette May 6, 1913 Mar. 8, 1995 Our children: Donnie, Dianne and Ronald  [double with Allen B. Williams]  [see obit]
Williams, Donnie Allen Sept. 1, 1941   Our children - Donnie Jr., Vanniesa and Lynette  [double with Mamie Gaskins Williams]
Williams, Mamie Gaskins June 6, 1946 Jan. 20, 2013 Our children - Donnie Jr., Vanniesa and Lynette  [double with Donnie Allen Williams]  [see obit]



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