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Karl Herman William Baarslag Cemetery (Rodanthe)

Located behind a house on Corbina Dr. West off Hwy. 12 in Rodanthe.  Karl had a fascinating political career and used to own a sizable chunk of real estate in Rodanthe from ocean to sound.  The property is now divided up and houses built but his grave remains.  It had been in a thicket for years until the lot was sold on which it lies.  The new owner took it upon himself to have the grave unearthed and the stone is in fine shape.  When he was buried here the natives remember that there was a contingent of congressmen and political big wigs as well as a full military band.  The "Cookhouse" article seen below does not reflect what the tombstone in Rodanthe indicates. Photographs were taken in 2013 by Candy Roth.

Baarslag, Karl H. Nov. 25, 1900
[Grand Rapids, MI]
Jan. 10, 1984
[Palm Beach, FL]
LCDR US Navy - World War II

The Coastland Times - June 22, 1972; pg. 12-B

Karl Baarslag, author and Ex-Congress Aide
January 14, 1984

Karl Herman William Baarslag, an author and former research director of a Senate subcommittee headed by Joseph R. McCarthy, died of a heart attack Tuesday at the Palm Beach Martin County Hospital. He was 83 years old.

Mr. Baarslag, who lived in Tequesta, Fla., and Cape Hatteras, N.C. was appointed in July 1953 to the Senate Permanent subcommittee on Investigations by Senator McCarthy, the Wisconsin Republican whose controversial career centered on his efforts to suppress Communism.

In 1956 Mr. Baarslag was employed as a consultant by the House Committee on un-American Activities. He was a professional staff member of the Senate Republican Policy Committee at the time of his retirement in 1963.

Earlier, Mr. Baarslag worked for the American legion as research director on subversion and un-American activities, and edited a newsletter called Firing Line.

In World War II, Mr. Baarslag served in the anti-subversive branch of the Office of Naval Intelligence, reaching the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Mr. Baarslag's experiences as a marine radio operator in the 1920's and 30's led to his first book, "SOS to the Rescue," published in 1935. This was followed by "Coast Guard to the Rescue" (1937), "Robbery by Mail" (1938) and "Islands of Adventure" (1940).

He is survived by his wife, Esther Pels; two sons, Karel of Palm Beach, Fla., and Eric of San Francisco, and a grandson.

The Coastland Times - April 15, 2007; pgs. 1 & 6



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