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Jack Austin Cemetery (Hatteras)

From Hwy. 12 in Hatteras, going toward the ferry dock, go 1/2 mile past Fulcher Lane.  The cemetery will be on the right and back of the marina office of "Teach's Lair".  The cemetery is about 200' from Hwy 12 and close to the boat docks.  Where dates could not be read, information in brackets was taken from death certificates and other sources.  Google maps for this cemetery.  Photographs were taken in November 2013 by Candy Roth.

Austin, A.B. [Alpheus Benjamin] [Dec. 31, 1890 [July 27, 1939] [Death certificate states given name as Alfred, however, the 1920 census states Alpheus B. and he signed his draft card as Alph Benjamin Austin.]

[Alpheus was 1st married to Alethia Frances Gaskins on Sept. 24, 1915; 2nd to Margaret "Maggie" Rollinson on Oct. 12, 1920]

Austin, Cynthia Aug. 30, 1868 Dec. 29, 1943 Prepare to meet me in Heaven.  [double with Harmon J. Austin]  [Longshot]

[Cynthia Wade, daughter of Neville C. & Mary H. Wade, married Harmon Jones Austin on July 23, 1885.]

Austin, Dowdy Aug. 6, 1876 June 7, 1942 Forever with the Lord.

[Isaiah Dowdy Austin, son of "Jack" & Parliament Outlaw Austin, married Lavina Jane Wade on April 4, 1900.]

Austin, George L. Aug. 15, 1880 Dec. 12, 1967 At rest  [see obituary]

[George Leffers Austin, son of "Jack" & Parliament (Outlaw) Austin, married Nellie (Dixon) Gaskill, widow of Elijah Gaskill, on Jan. 1, 1909.]

Austin?, H.W. Jan. 11, 1909? Sept. 7, 1909  
Austin, Harmon J. Mar. 9, 1868 [Mar. 20, 1954] [double with Cynthia Austin]  [Epitaph unreadable]  [Longshot]  [see death certificate]
Austin, J. [John S. "Jack"] July 10, 1810 [Sept. 27, 1899] Father  [John S. "Jack" Austin was 1st married to Nancy Farrow before 1830; 2nd to Parliament Outlaw before 1864.]
Austin?, L. Aug. 31, 1900 Sept. 5, 1900  
Austin?, L.G. [Mar. 31, 1888?] [Feb. 3?, 1891]  
Austin, Lavina J. Aug. 27, 1873 Jan. 19, 1947 Our Mother - A tender mother and faithful friend.  [Married Isaiah Dowdy Austin]
Austin. P. [Parliament A. "Parley"] July 4, 1839 Sept. 25, 1916 Mother  [2nd wife of "Jack" Austin]
Austin, R. Dowdy April 9, 1909 July 1, 1957
[Miami, FL]
Safe in the arms of Jesus  [see obituary for Dowdy Austin]
Austin, Richard Dec. 4, 1888 Nov. 19, 1944 Father

[Richard Jones Austin, son of James Whitehurst Austin, Sr. & Sarah Ann (Bailey) Austin, married Eugenia Styron on June 27, 1911.]

Austin, Ronald B. Jr. [Nov. 13] 1962 [Nov. 2] 1998 No matter how tall I get--I'll always look up to my Dad.  /s/ Brandon  [see obituary]
Austin, Rosa B. [May 9] 1918 [Apr. 21] 1999 [see obituary]  [2nd wife of Travis Turner Austin, Sr.]
Austin, Roy H. [Aug. 2, 1923] [Sept. 14, 1988] Pvt. US Army - World War II  [see obituary]
Austin. S.T. [Seth Taylor] [Mar. 10, 1863] [June 24, 1939] [see death certificate]
Austin, Travis T. [May 10, 1916] [June 25, 1988] [no photo available]  [see obituary]

[Travis Turner Austin, Sr., son of George L. Austin & Nellie (Dixon) Gaskill Austin, married 1st Lily Robinson in Carteret Co., NC on Feb, 20, 1937, however, in 1940 when he signed his WWII Draft Card he stated his wife was Mrs. Lily O'Neale Austin.  Travis married 2nd Rosa Blanche Ballance in Carteret Co. on Sept. 30, 1953.]

Gaskins, Mary Aug. 31, 1900 June 20, 1932 Mother - Wife of Loranzy Gaskins - Safe in the arms of Jesus.
Layne, Larry C. Sept. 29, 1945 Apr. 22, 1954 [Safe in the arms of Jesus]
O'Neal, Amos Wade Jan. 4, 1926 Jan. 14, 1986 Husband  [double with Shirley Rollinson O'Neal]  [see obituary]
O'Neal, Daisy S. [Stowe] [Mar. 16] 1924 [Aug. 8] 2013 [see obituary]
O'Neal, [Oliver] Goodwin [Jr.] [May 10] 1936 [Apr. 21] 1951 My mansion next door to Jesus  [see obituary]
O'Neal, Norwood [Feb. 9, 1891] [May 10, 1966] [no photo available]  [see death certificate]  [see obituary]
O'Neal, Shirley Rollinson June 17, 1927 Feb. 25, 2001 Wife - Born East Boston, Mass.  [double with Amos Wade O'Neal]  [see obituary]
O'Neal, Thelma July 13, 1918 July 20, 1918 Baby
O'Neal, Zelphia March 1874 Dec. 1904  
O'Neale, Letha J. Dec. 4, 1895 July 15, 1932 Wife of Norwood O'Neale  [Epitaph unreadable]
Stowe, Ira Samuel May 1, 1892 July 16, 1957 Father  [double with Minnie O'Neal Stowe]  [see obituary]
Stowe, Minnie O'Neal Feb. 2, 1894 Aug. 5, 1923 Mother  [double with Ira Samuel Stowe]
Stowe, Zilpha [Oct. 27, 1919] [Nov. 1, 1919] [no photo available]  [see death certificate]
unknown     [nothing can be read on this stone]

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