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Sarah Matilda (Mann) Midgett Twiford Bible

Thanks to digital imaging, this Bible brought forth information that could hardly be seen with the naked eye.  By blowing up some of the pages and making negatives of them, I was able to see handwriting that was almost obscure.  I was especially thrilled to find one piece of information that I had been looking for for years.  Sarah Matilda Mann was the last child born to Lewis Washington Mann and his first wife, Esther A. (Sawyer) Mann. Sarah was born in 1861 in Manns Harbor, NC and died in 1931 in Elizabeth City, NC.  Sarah was 1st married to William Monroe Midgett who died in the 1880s and then she married Benjamin Litchfield Twiford.  This Bible was passed to Nellie (Mann) Hayes, Sarah's half-sister.  The date on the Bible is 1857 and there were several different handwritings in it. I had to make the images large enough so you could make out some of the words.  You will probably have to scroll across the page to see different portions.  Some writing was upside down or vertical and some was just simply unreadable to me, even blown up.  This Bible is currently owned by Dewey E. Mann, III.

Matilda Mann
 her Book
[There is writing above and below this entry but I could not make it out.]

Isaac Hayes (upside down writing) see larger image
Aunt A_____ Rodgers? (far right written vertically) see larger image
[could be Affie Elizabeth Mann who married Leonard Rogers]
Larger image of writing I could not decipher--maybe you can

July 22 1886        18 1886
[I could not read any writing above this entry so I don't know who it alludes to.]
Alesander D Mann was born November 27 1868
[other records show Alexander Ephraim]
Elexiner L Mann September 18 1870
[Alexina Mann]
Nela J Mann Dember 2 1872
[Nellie Jane Mann]
Lether C Mann febuary 14 1875
[Aletha Mann]
Delphien A Mann Marrch 8 1879 (should be 1877)
Dosha L Mann octobor 3 1882
Lewis Mann May 19 1823
Mattie P Hayes Was born August 12 1894
Isaac C Hayes and Nellie Mann was Maried August 27 1893

Mattie p Hayes was

Lewis Mann was born Mary 19 in the year of 18                  1823
E Esther A Mann was born October the 10 in the year 1825
[appears to be a line where the writer changed their mind and wrote on the next line]
Dosha L Mann was born July the 9? 1848
Mattie Pearl Hayes born August 12, 1894


William? Alonzo Mann was born September the 26 1867
Sarah M. Mann?
(or Marrid?)
[this line unreadable - see larger image]
Miss Sarah M. Mann her Book
Esther S. Mann
Esther Ann? Sawyer
- see larger image
& Dosha

[At the bottom written upside down]
Presented to her fathers first wife by her pastor

Columbus Leandfear Mann Was Bornd febuary the 16th 18757
I Sarah M. Mann was born August the 13 1861

[in the left-hand margin]
$  7.50 for the hogs
$  5.10
$12.60 for hominy

C.L. Mann [probably Charles Lewis Mann, Sarah Matilda Mann's oldest brother]
S.M. Mann   1877
[probably Sarah Matilda Mann- I don't know what 1877 alludes to]


Lewis Mann    1823

I?/J?    Nela J. Mann

[I have no idea what the 1889 date alludes to except that Lewis Mann was age 66 in 1889 and Nellie Jane Mann was 17 in 1889]


D.A. Mann [this is probably Delphine A. Mann]
H.D. Swain [Hezekiah D. Swain married Delphine A. Mann]
Henry Lewis Taff Son of Missouri F. Mann [Missouri married John R. Taft]

Lewis Mann is? the Son of Solomon Mann and Eli [rest is unreadable]
see larger image

Most of you Mann researchers probably already knew that Lewis was the son of Solomon but I did not so this was my big find!!  For years I had speculated who Lewis' parents were and I did know that Solomon Mann [Jr.] married Elizabeth Mason in Tyrrell Co., NC on Feb. 20, 1817 but I never had proof of who Solomon's children were.  Now I at least know that Solomon had one child named Lewis!

This Bible is part of the Nell Wise Wechter Private Collection.  No part of these records may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research



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