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Currituck County Wills

John H. Woodhouse
Oct. 26, 1891 - Dec. 21, 1891

I John H. WOODHOUSE of the County of Currituck and State of fore Said do make and ordain this to be my last will and testament in maner and form following viz.  I give and bequeath To my dear beloved wife Caroline WOODHOUSE of my Estate the land from a ditch beginning from Mahaley WILLIAMS line north and running South down to the line of the land [of] Mahaley WILLIAMS including the house east of the ditch to the main road except the kitchen to her as long as she remains My widow And if she marrys then it goes to my beloved daughter Rachel SNOWDEN or her heirs.  And the kitchen excepted is my daughters Rachel SNOWDENs and the residue of my Estate I give and bequeath to my daughter Rachel SNOWDEN to hold as long as She lives and Said Rachel not to sign any instrument untill her youngest Child becomes of age.  I also give the fence north of the road running from the house to the main road to Rachel Whom I nominate Constitute and appoint Sole executrix of this my last Will and testament hereby revokeing all other and former Wills by me at any time heretofore made.  In witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal this the 26th day October in the year [of] our Lord 1891
    /s/ John  H. [x] WOODHOUSE

[written in the right margin in very small words]: Also my widow Shall have the privilege to my Swamp land for wood and building fence posts.

Sign, Seal Published and declared by the Said testator John H. WOODHOUSE as and for his last Will and testament In the presence of us who have Subscribed our names as witnesses thereto in the presence of the Said testator
    Joseph A. SIMMONS
    Robt. GOODEN
[last name unreadable]


State of North Carolina}    In the Superior Court
     Currituck County    }    In the matter of the last will of John H. WOODHOUSE, dec'd.
    It appearing to the Court by the oath and examination of Joseph A. SIMMONS and Robert GOODEN the subscribing witnesses thereto, that the paper writing propounded by the Executrix therein named, is the last will and testament of John H. WOODHOUSE and that the same was duly executed by said John H. WOODHOUSE in the presence of said witnesses and that at the time of signing the same the said John H. WOODHOUSE was of sound mind.  It is thereupon adjudged that the said paper writing be admitted to probate as the last will and testament of the said John H. WOODHOUSE and the Executor therein named qualify as such.  This the 21st day of December 1891.
    /s/ H.B. ANSELL, Clerk Superior Court


State of North Carolina}    SS.  In the Superior Court
    Currituck County     }
    I, Rachel SNOWDEN do solemnly swear or (affirm) that I believe this writing to be and contain the last Will and Testament of John H. WOODHOUSE deceased; and that I will well and truly execute the same by first paying her debts and then her legacies, as far as the said estate shall extend, or the law will charge me; and that I will well and faithfully execute the office of an executor agreeable to the trust and confidence reposed in me, and according to law, so help me God.
    /s/ Rachel SNOWDEN

Sworn and subscribed before me, this 21st day of December 1891
    /s/ H.B. ANSELL, Clerk Superior Court

[Source: Microfilm G.030.1548672 - Currituck Co., NC Wills (original) 1841-1924; Vol. Ansell-Woodhouse]

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