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Currituck County Wills

June 27, 1810 - Nov. 26, 1810
Currituck Co. Will Book 3, p. 1

North Carolina
Currituck County

This being my Last Will and Testament and now being in my health and perfect senses and know I gav unto my Son Maxey TAYLOR after my death property as follows two beds and all the furniture thereunto belonging to them one hand mill and materials thereunto belonging. I gav my horse cart, one cow and calf and all the hogs that I leave at my decease and my chast and chears one table one pot rack, two iron pots, one pair fire dogs, I gav my axes and plows such as I leav at my dec. and one loom and all the wearing gear all these things I gave to my Son Maxey TAYLOR and to his heirs forever. This the 27th day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundredd and ten. This is my Will and signment witness my hand and seal.
    /s/ Reuben [His x mark] TAYLOR seal


Recorded and examined the (blank) day of (blank)

[Note: Probate date is from Currituck County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions minutes. Nov. 26, 1810--"Ordered that Reuben TAYLOR SENR. be appointed Admr. ad colligenitum* (sic) to collect & receive into his possession all the personal property of Reuben TAYLOR decd. until the question is determined as to the will of said decd..."

*Ad colligendum bona. When a person dies and there is no apparent executor or administrator, a person can be appointed by Court order and for the limited and sole purpose of collecting, taking an inventory of, and preserving the assets of the deceased until an appropriate administrator can be found or appointed. Known then as an administrator ad colligendum, this person is an agent of the Court and does not have the true or full authority of an administrator of an estate].

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