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Currituck County Wills

George Stow
July 30, 1849 - 1850
Currituck Co. Will Book 4 ; pg. 156-157
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A paper writing dated July 30th 1849 purporting to be signed by George STOW and to be witnessed by Bannister H. JARVIS and Elizabeth JARVIS is produced in open court and its due and formal execution as a Last Will and Testament is proven by Bannister H. JARVIS one of the witnesses to the same who proved said STOW signed published and declared said paper as his last will and testament, that said Banister & Elizabeth JARVIS signed the same as witnesses in the testators presence and at his request and at the time thereof said testator was of sound mind and disposing memory.  Ordered & adjudged the said paper writing be and is hereby admitted to probate as a will passing both real & personal estate.

State of North Carolina Currituck County I George STOW being in good health of sound mind and memory do in these present make this to be my Last will and Testament in the name of God Amen.

   I first give my body to the dust an resign my spirit to God who gave it.

   Item 1st I lend to my wife Anna STOW all my estate real & personal her natural life or widowhood.

   Item 2d At the death of my beloved wife Anna STOW I give to Leuidca ETHERIDGE first choice of beds 1 choice of tables one clock one set of chairs 1st choice of the rocking chairs befat.

   Item 3d I give and bequeath to Caroline HARRIS 2d choice of beds 1 her 2d choice of tables.

   Item 4th I give and bequeath unto Polly TRIP one bed 3d choice.

   Item 5th I give and bequeath to Ann Churchville TRIP one bed 4th choice also leave Ann Churchville TRIP one half of all the ballance of my estate after all my just debts is paid the other half to be divided the above heirs that is to say Leudica ETHERIDGE, CAROLINE Harris, Polly TRIP after taking out one bed and furniture which I give and bequeath to Francis Ann GORDON.  I leave and nominate my beloved wife Anna STOW to be my executrix to this my last will.  Signed & sealed in the presence of this July 30 1849.

    /s/ George STOW seal

Bannister H. JARVIS jurat
Elizabeth JARVIS

Examined & recorded this 20th Dec 1850

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