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William Stafford of Albemarle Co.
Feb. 17, 1727/8 - Apr. 9, 1728

The testator left off most of the "e's" at the end of a lot of words which made them appear to be other words.  For instance, the word "one" was spelled "on" in all cases. The researcher will have to use a little imagination with this will! 

In The Name of god amen the Sevententh day of febreuarey 1727/8 I Wiliam STAFFORD of of the presint of Curretuck in the County albremal in the Provance of north Carolinay wherof being verey Sick and weak of bodey but of perfect mind and memorey thanks be unto the almighty god for it and Caling unto mind the mortalety of my Lif and knowing it is apointed all men onc to dye do make and orden this my Last will and testment that is to say prinseplay and finlay first of all I give and recomend my sowl into the hands of god that give it and my body I recomend to the Earth to be bured in desant maner & as Christan ought to be at the discreshon of my Exeuter nothing douting but at the genral Resurection I shal recve the Same agaen by the mighty power of god and as touching Such worldly Estate wherwith it hath pleased god to bles me in this Life I give devies and Dispose of the Sam [same] in the folowing maner and form ---

Itam I give my Son Wiliam SAFORD the plantashion wheron I now live with thre hundred and twenty acers of Land therunto belonging with thre cows and Calves and ther femal Incres for Ever on [one] of the Said Cows Caled prittymad--and on witbak and on Caled brndey and tou yues ann lams and tou puter basens on dish thre plats and on Iron tot [pot?] holding tou galons on paer of potrakes [torn] and on Chest.

Itam I give to my Daughter ann STA[F]ORD tou Cows and Calvs with ther femal Incres for Ever on of the Saed Cows name good Luke and on prity tou yous and Lambs on Large puter dish thre basens thre plats and on Smal dish on new Chest on fetherbed on rug on blanket on bedsed and on Iranpot holding 12 galons and on paer of potraks only the Saed pot not to have In her owen poseshan duering her mothers Life.

Itam I giv to my daughter frances STAFORD tou Cows and Calvs with ther femal Incres for Ever on Cow Caled bidey and on Caled browny tou yous and Lambs tou new peuter dishes on iron pot holding tou galons on fetherbed and on paer of blankets on framed tabel on iron spit?.

Itam I give to my Son Samuel STAFORD thre hundred acers of Land the Remaner par of the trakt which I gave to my Son Wiliam tou Cows and Calvs and ther femal Incres for Ever tou yous and Lambs on Iron pot holding aeght galons tou puetr dishes on paer of stilerds on new table on Couch on Chest and on paer of milstons only Reserving the yous of the Said [cut off] to my Son Wiliam duering his natoral lif.

Itam I give to my daughter maray STAFORD and my daughter Jan STAFORD Each of them five pounds Curant money of north Carolina.

Likways my wil and pleshar is that my Son Wiliam and Samuel STAFORD Shal note [not] Sel nor despos of any part nor parsel of Land whatsoever which I give them in this will but to deseend from Ear [heir] to Ear for Ever.

Itam I give to wel belove my wil and pleshar is that my Sons Shal be fre [free] at aeghten years of age and my daughers at Sixten exep [except?] my wif Live til the [they] be of age.

Itam I give to my wel beloved wife Jaen [Jane] STAFORD all the part of my Estat both within dors and without that is not mentioned in this will to her Self to be frely posesed with and Injoyed to whom I constitut on [one] on [sic] of my Executers Joyning with philoph NORTHAN to be whol and Sol Executers to this my Last will and testemen Revocking and disallowing all former wills by me made as witnes my hand and Seal this Sevententh day of febrewarey 1727/8.
    /s/ William [his x mark] STAFORD        Seal

Signed Sealed and delevered in the presants of ous
    Maray [her M marke] JOHNS
    George POWERS 

The Last will And Testament of Capt Willm STAFFORD Deceasd was produced in In [sic] Court by Mrs Jane STAFFORD & __ Phillip NORTHERN Executors Therein Named And Was proved In Lawful Manner the 9th Day of Aprill 1728 by the Oaths of Mary JOHNS and [cut off] POWERS And was Ordd to be Sent to the Sectys office for probate.
    Test J. MARTYN Clk Cort

[On the back of the will is written: Wm Staffords Will; Letrs granted Augt 3d 1728; Recorded]

[Source: North Carolina State Archives - MARS ID: (folder)]

This will was contributed by Kay Midgett Sheppard. No part of this document may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research. If you find anything in these records that pertains to your families, it is strongly suggested that you look at the original record on your own to check for errors or possibly other additional and helpful information. Thank you!




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