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Currituck County Wills

Dec. 7, 1800 - Sept. 24, 1801
Currituck Co. Will Book 2, p. 193

State of N. Carolina Currituck County December the 7th day 1800 Edward SCARBOROUGH Last Will and Testament

I give and bequeath unto my Sister Nancy the house and plantation untill my Brother Williams Son Joseph doth come of age.

I give unto my Brother George a certain tract or parcel of land begining at the little Cutar Creek and runing east across my land to the line from thence with the line untill that wet slash bears west then to the slash from thence to the sound thence to the first station.

I give unto my Sister Nancys Son James to be put to school and the expense of my property to pay for it.

I give unto James the one fourth of my sheep all my land then to be divided between my Brother William deceased Sons Joseph and Edward William to be equally divided between them.

I give unto the same three boys three cows and calves to the same three boys three horse kind to the same three boys the remainder of my sheep my old horse to be sold and the hogs to be equally divided between Nancy and George and Fanny SCARBOROUGH.

to Joseph one bed and furniture

to my Brother George the one half of my canoe

to my Brother Ignatious one sadle

to James one gun that W. STAUN hath got

property to Edward and Joseph and William, all my pewter except one bason that to Nancy to Joseph and Edward and William one piece of white linnen to be equally divided.

this my Last Will and Testament
    /s/ Edward [his mark] SCARBOROUGH     seal

in presence of us
    William GRAY
    Ezekiel HOOPER

Cordicial annexed to the above will of said deceased Two sows to George one cow to be killed and divided betwext all Brothers and Sisters and children, one stear to be divided betwixt Sister Nancy and Fanny William SCARBOROUGH and my drag net to be sold and the money left to Fanny three bow and Nancy James.

Hezekiah FARROW executor of my Last Will and Testament.

Recorded and examined this 24th day of September 1801

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