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Denis Riordane of Albemarle Co.
Jan. 18, 1723/4 - July 14, 1724

In The Name of God Amen I Denis RIORDANE of of the prect of Corotuck in the County of Albemarle and in ye Province of North Carolina Being Sick and Weak of Body But of Perfect mind and Memory Blessed Be God for itt and Calling to Mind that It is appoynted for Man once to Die Do Therfore Make this my Last Will and Testemt in Manner and forme following, ffirst I Recomend My Soul to the hands of almighty God that Gave itt Hopeing by the Mercies of Jesus Christ to Receive forgiveness for all My Sins that I have Committed in this Wicked World Secondly My Body to the Earth from whence it was Taken to be Buried in Such Christian Manner as My Executrix Heir after Named and as for My worldly Goods which God of his mercy hath Bestowed upon Me I Give and Bestow in Manner and forme following My will and Meaning is that My Loveing Wife Sarah RIORDANE have and possess all my Lands in this Govermt that is to Say Dureing her Naturall Life that is to Say Not Debaring My Daughter Angilica RIORDANE If She Marry from takeing on any part of my Said Land Dureing her Mothers Life Not Disterbing My Said wife Dureing her Naturall Life afore Said and at my Said wives Decease I Give all my Lands afore Said to my Said Daughter Angilica RIORDANE and ye heirs of her body Lawfully Begotten If any but If none My Will & Meaning is that My Said Lands Desend and Come to Thomas VINCE and Wm VINCE and to the heirs of there Bodys Lawfully Begotten If any but If they Die with out any Such heirs as afore Said My will and Meaning is that all Land Desend and be to and for the maintaining Three of the Poress [poorest] Men in the Parish and So to Desend and be from age to age for Ever.  ffarther my will and Meaning is that If My Wife Die and Depart this Life Before My Daughter Angelica RIORDANE Come or attain to ye full age of Sixteen or Married that My friend Luke WHITE have her and her Estate in his Ceare to Bring up my Said Daughter till She Come to ye afore Said age of Sixteen or marry but live [next 4 or 5 words unreadable] Possessions.  Also My Will and Meaning is that all the Rest of my Movable Estate Both within Dores and With out Excepting one Small Gon [Gun] to be Equally Devided Between My Loveing Wife Sarah RIORDANE and My Daughter Angelica RIORDANE but Not to be Devided by appraismt but by Two Members of ye Court Chosen for that purpose to Make ye Devision afore Said but If My Said Daughter Should Die and Depart this Life Without Lawful Isue of her Body Begotten my Will and Meaning is that My Said Daughter part Desend and Com to Tho. VINCE and Wm VINCE and to there heirs for Ever and that my Wives part Come and Desend to them If She and My Daughter Die without Lawfull Isue afore Said and that Luke WHITE have it in his possehion Till They Come or attain to full age But If they Die without Lawfull Isue then In Such Case all my Howshold Goods and Stock to be upon the plantation and to be for the Poor from age to age for Ever.  I Give the Gon afore Said to Tho. VINCE to be left in ye hands of Luke WHITE Till he Come to age.  I make ordaine Constitute and appoynt My Loveing Wife Sarah RIORDANE My Whole and Sole Executrix of this My Last Will Will [sic] and Testemt as Witnis My Hand and Seal the 18th Day of July 1723/4.
    /s/ Denis RIORDANE        Seal

Signd Seald in Presents of
    David [his DL marke] LEGGETT
    Jos WICKER
    Samuell SIMMONS
[her ANN marke] IRELAND

    This within will was proved in open Court by the oathes of Samuel SIMMONS and David LEGGATT Evidences thereunto Subscribed and ordered to be Sent to Secys office to be Recorded.
    Test Henry SWANN Clk Curt
July 14th 1724

[Source: North Carolina State Archives - MARS ID: (folder)]

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