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Currituck County Wills

Sandford Powers
March 7, 1859 - May Term 1859

Currituck County - March 7th 1859

I Sandford POWERS Do in the name of god make and ordain this my Last will and Testament in the form following to wit: I Leave all the Lands on the Eastward Side of main road where on I now reside to be rented out durind [during] the Life of my wife then I give her the money yearly and Every year.  I also leave girl Ellen and boy Edgar to be hired out during her life.  I also give her the money yearly and Every year that Said land and negroes above mentioned rents and hires out for.  I also Lend to my wife 2 beds of her choice during her life and at her deceased I give one the first choice to my Daughter Sobrina.  I give the second choice to my daughter an Eliza.  I also give to my wife 1 her choice of the cows and calves.  I also give her 1 Sow and pigs of her choice and 4 driy? hogs.  I leave one barrel of Pork to be sold.  I also give to my Daughter Sobrina the 1 cow & calf of the second choice.  I also leave all the rest of my live stock of hogs and cattle to be sold.  I leave 50 lbs of Lard to be sold.  I also give the ballance of my pork and lard to my wife.  I leave give all the corn to my wife Except 10 bbls that I leave to be sold.  I give her 1 chest of her choice.  I lend her all my kitchen furniture her life.  I also lend all the land on the Eastward Side of the road beforementioned to my Daughter Mary at the death of my wife and if she dies with out a lawfully begotten heir I give the Same to my son Samuel Abner.  I also lend boy Edgar to my daughter Sobrina at the death of my wife During her life and at her Death I give the Same to her Issue or issues and if she Should marry her husband Shall be bonded with good Security before he can take said boy in posesion for Double the value of said boy.  I lend to my Son Samuel Abner all the Lands on the west Side of main road including the third that Polly POWERS now holds at her death I give the Same to his lawfull heirs.  I also give him my mare 4 years old and cart and harness and plough and harness by him paying twenty five dollars of my debts.  I also leave girl Ellen to be sold at the Death of my wife and all her increas if any.  I also give the money that said girl brings to be Equally devided between my daughters Abiah and Anlizer and I Leave all the rest and residue of my Estate in doors and out doors to be sold and if there is not Enough left to be sold to pay my Just debts I Leave my wife to pay them out of her porion [portion] that I have left her.  I leave the crop to be continured for the present year.  In witness where of I have here unto set my hand and seal the day and year above named.  I also Leave Philip NORTHERN Executor to my Estate.
    /s/ Sandford [his x mark] POWERS    Seal



Currituck County Court May Term 1859
    The foregoing paper writing purporting to be the last will and Testament of Sandford POWERS Decd. is exhibited for probate in open Court by Philip NORTHERN the exor therein named and the due execution thereof by the said Sandford POWERS as proved by the oaths & examination of Cary ETHERIDGE Duren E. GARRETT & Andrew McPHERSON the subscribing witnesses thereto.
    It is therefore considered by the court that the said Paper writing and every part thereof is the last will and testament of the said  Sandford  POWERS & the same is ordered to be recorded & filed.  And thereupon the said Philip NORTHERN Executor as aforesaid duly qualifies as such by taking the oath required by law
    Test J.W. BAXTER CCC

Recorded in Book No. 4 Page 231
    /s/ J.W. BAXTER C.C.C.

[Source: Microfilm G.030.1548672 - Currituck Co., NC Wills (original) 1841-1924; Vol. Ansell-Woodhouse]

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