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Isbell Powers
Nov. 23, 1757 - Dec. 20, 1757

In the Name of God Amen.  This 23th Day of Nothember in the Year of Christ 1757

I Isbel POWERS of the county of  Curicetuck Being Very Sick & Weak of Body but of Sound and perfect Mind and Memory Thanks Be Given God thirefore calling to Mind  the Mortarlity of My Body knowing it is Appointed for all Women once to Die do Make ordaine & appoint this to be My Last Will and Testament

First & principelly I give and recommend My Soul into the hand of Allmighty God that Gave it me Hoping to Be Saved thro his Merces and the Merits of the Death and pasion of our Blessed Lord and Saviorur Jesus Christ and My Body I Commend to the Earth to be Decently Burried at the Deseresion [of] My Excetor Not in the Lest Douting but at the General Resurrection Shall Receve the Same again by the Mighty power of God to Inherit Ever Lasting Life.

and for the Worldy Estate where with it hath pleased God to Bless Me I Give Dispose and Devis of the Same in the following Maner and from that to Say

First I will and ordaine that all thoues Debts that I Do owe to any person  be fuly  contented and paid in Convenent Time after My Deseace by [my] Excetor hear after Named.

Inprimis  I make ordaine and appoint My Beloved Son William POWERS and My Beloved Son Caleb POWERS to Be My two Sole Excetors of this My Last Will [and] Testament.

Item  I give and Bequeath to My Beloved Son William POWERS two pound ten Shiling Virgena Money to him and his ares for Ever.

Item  Give and Bequeath to My Beloved  son Caleb the feather Bed I Lie one [sic] and all the furniture that Be Longs to it and Large Dish one Galion Basen half a Dozen of puter plates I give to him and his ares for Ever and a Sixten Galion Iyron pot to him for Ever.

Item  I give and Bequeath to my Beloved Dafter Isbell BRITE a Newe fether Bed and Boulster & piler one Blanket Two sheats to her and one Chest to her and her ares for Ever.

Item  I Give and Bequeath to My Dafter Marey ETHEREDGE one Bed and Bead Sted one Boulster a Bead quilt and two sheats to her and her ares for Ever.

Item  I Give and Bequeath to My Beloved Dafter Jeane ETHEREDGE thirten pound of feathers one Boulster one Rougg one Blanket and  Sheats to her and her ares for Ever.

Item  I give and Bequeath to My Soun Caleb POWERS one Large Chest and Square Table to him and his ares for Ever.

Item  I give and Bequeath to My granson James ETHEREDGE one Cowe and Calf at My Deses to him and his ares for Ever.

Item  I give and Bequeath to My  Beloved Dafter Jeane ETHEREDGE one Mare Coltt Cald flour to her and her ares for Ever.

Item  I give and Bequeath to Beloved Son Caleb POWERS two pound ten Shiling Virgena Money to him and his ares for Ever.

Item  I Give and Bequeath to my Beloved Dafter Abbegall PINER on Gallion Basen  and half a Duzen of of [sic] plats to her and her ares  for Ever.

Item  I Give and Bequeath to My Beloved  Son George POWERS one Mare Cald Fliy to him and his ares for Ever.

Item  I Give and Bequeath all the Rest of My Estatte With in and with oute Stock and Block to Be Divied Equledy amonst all My Children to them and thire ares for Ever.

And I Do hereby Revoke & Disanull all former Wills Testaments Made by Me heartofore and Do confirm This and No other to be My Last Will and Testament.
/s/ Isbell [her | mark] POWERS

Signed Sealed and Declared to be the Last Will and Testament of Isbell POWERS in presents of Us
    Elizabeth MARSHAL 
Thos RICHARDS        Jurat

     North Carolina  }    At a Court held for the said [no word inserted] at the Courthouse
   Currituck County }    for the Said County 20th day of December Anno Dom 1757

Present his Majesty's Justices
    These may Certifie Elizabeth MARSHAL & Thomas RICHARDS two of the subscribing Evidences to the within Will appeared in open Court and made Oath on the holy Evangelist of [smudge] that they were present and saw Isobel POWERS sign seal publish pronounce & declare the within to be & contain her last will and Testament And that the said Isobel POWERS was then & at that Time of sound & disposing Memory And that they also saw Willis ETHERIDGE the other Subscribing Evidence Sign his Name thereto at the Same Time.
    Then also appeared Caleb POWERS one of the Executors appointed in & by the within Will in open Court and took the Executors oath in due Form of Law.
    Ordered that the Honbl. Richard [smudge] Secretary of this Province have [rest of sentence is smudged]

    W. MEARNS Cl. Curt

[On the back of this will is written: The last Will & Testament of Isobel Powers deceased; Currituck ___ May 1758; Recorded in the Secrys Office in Lib No 9, Page 233 &c.]

[Source: North Carolina State Archives - MARS ID: (folder)]

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