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Daniell Phillips
will not dated - July Court 1726

In the name of god Amen.

I Daniell PHILLIPS now in Corotuck in north Carolina being weke In body butt of Sound and parfect mind and memory Doe make This my will and Testement in maner and forme following---

Item I give and bequef unto my Son Mitchell PHILLIPS one shilling shilling [sic] money besides what I formorly gave him to him and His heirs for Ever Except fifty acres of Land I bought of one John BOONE lying on the Cliftes? in maryland which I gave to my Son James PHILIPS to him and his heires for Ever and all the Cattele belonging and being on the Sayd plantation which I formorly gave to him the sd James PHILLIPS by word of muth [mouth].

Item I give to my Daugter Marey DUK twenty Shillings be Sides what I formorly gave hir.

Item I give to my Son James PHILLIPS two negroes Parker and James by names.

Item I give to my Son Daniell PHILLIPS two negroes Owing? and Corotuck by names.  I Like ways give him the Sd Daniell PHILLIPS all my now Dweling plantation whereon I now live which I bought of Samuell JONES to him and his heires for Ever only my wife to have halfe the Horese [horses?] and halfe the lames [lambs?] During hir widowhood.

Item I give to my Daugter Margritt PHILLIPS two negroes Doll and Benn by names to hir and the heires of hir body.

Item I give to my Son Benjaman PHILLIPS one negrow Carolina by name hir and hir Increse for Ever.

Item I give my wife two negroes Tomb and Debroah by names and halfe my plantation the Sayd halfe of the plat? plantation to be During hir widowhood the negroes for Ever and after shed marrye my will Is that my Son Daniell have all the whole plantation home and land to him and his heires for Ever.  I Like ways give to my Son Daniell one feather bed Boulster and Rugg.

Item I give to my Son Samuell PHILLIPS one negrow Angulas by name.

Item I give my negrow woman Grace to my Son Daniell PHILLIPS butt all hir In Crese Se___ Angulas I give to my wife Abygall Chilldrin be gotten by me Like ways my will and Desere Is that my Son James live with my wife tell he Com to age of one and twenty and that his negrowes be with hir the Same time tell he Come att age and Likways my will Is that my Daugther Margrett Remayn with my wife tell She Com to ye age of sixteen yeares.

Item I give to my wife one father bead boulster and Rugg to my Son Daniell the Like to my Son James the Like to my Daugter Margett the Like.

Item I give to my Son Benjamin one Cow and youe.  I Like ways give to my Son Samuell one Cow and one youe and all the rest of my parsonell Estate to be Equaley Devided to Daniell James Margett Benjamin and Samuell and my wife Lastly I make and Constite my wife my whole and sole exectrix of this my will and testement In Testemoney hereof I have fixed my Seall and Sett my hand.  [cut off]emed ye word Son and the word Sole Interlind before Sind and be Itt remembd that ym will Is writen on two Sides of a Sheet of paper.
    /s/ Daniell PHILLIPS        Seal

Sined & Sealled in the presence of us
    John [his I mark] MASHELL
[his x mark] SCOTT
    Andw DUKE

Att a Court Held for the Prect of Currotk ye 12 day of July Anno Dom: 1726 -- The Court Sitting

The Last Will & Testamt of Mr Daniel PHILLIPS was provd In open Court by the Oaths of Mr Jno MARSHALL Mr Wm SCOTT & Mr Andw DUKE being presented to this Court by Mrs Abigall PHILLIPS Exetrx Withing Mentioned who hath Taken the Secrys Oath and Given Security to perform all ye Articles withing Mentioned.
     Copy Test J. MARTYN Clk Cort

[On the back of this page is written: Letrs grantd 27th Octr 1726]

[Source: North Carolina State Archives - MARS ID: (folder)]

This will was contributed by Kay Midgett Sheppard. No part of this document may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research. If you find anything in these records that pertains to your families, it is strongly suggested that you look at the original record on your own to check for errors or possibly other additional and helpful information. Thank you!




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